10 Best Dialer Apps for Android

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Dialer Apps for Android

Android phones have been renowned for their versatile features and functions to make your life more meaningful. And yet it cannot be denied that texting and calling are two primary features that cannot be ditched from this device. While standard dialer on Android is less interesting, you may want to get a different feeling when dialing numbers.

How to make your dialing experience on Android more engaging? Surely you need third-party apps that deliver a sizable selection of features. Best dialer apps for Android are available on Play Store and you can get them for free. Since only a few of them are really worthy, you need to be picky when choosing a good dialer.

Best Dialer Apps for Android

Android dialer apps offer tons of features to give you an attractive dial. Some apps give more functionalities by providing additional features such as built-in theme and contact management. Check the following recommendation and choose your favorite Android dialer.

1. Dialer, Phone, Call Block & Contacts by Simpler

Dialer, Phone, Call Block & Contacts by Simpler

This app does come with a quite long name and it also offers a long list of features. Developed by Simpler, it wraps a lot of functionalities in a versatile app. Aside from providing you with dialer, this app is powered by caller ID, caller blocker, contact manager, address book, and many others.

You can get rid of spam caller and block unwanted calls, thanks to spam blocker and caller blocker features. It also has a T9 dialer that enables you to search contact quickly by name and numbers. With this app, you can easily find frequently used contact for faster reach. Not to mention it offers clean and intuitive design with over 40 themes.

Simpler dialer app supports 15 different languages, making it a favorite application throughout the world. You can enjoy the app in English, Italian, Deutsch, and so much more.

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2. Truecaller

Best Dialer Apps for Android: Truecaller

Truecaller is one of the most popular and best dialer apps for Android and it also one of the best caller ID apps for Android. It works great to help you identify unknown calls, block spam callers, as well as record important calls. If you are looking for a dialer app that keeps your privacy, Truecaller can be a good choice.

This app has been downloaded over 500,000,000 times with millions of active users around the globe. It helps facilitate your communication and filters unwanted calls or SMS. Make your communication more efficient and safe with Truecaller.

It features smart messaging that enables you to chat with friends. It also features unknown SMS identification and automatically blocks telemarketing SMS. Supposing that you need more access, you can upgrade to Truecaller Premium with more features such as record phone calls and find out who viewed your profile.

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3. Contacts+


Contacts+ can be a good pick if you are looking for a versatile dialer app with more functionalities. This app boasts dialer, SMS, spam block, and caller ID in one place. It is not a surprise that Contacts+ has been used by millions of users worldwide.

With Contacts+, you can easily connect with friends and family. Also, you can get rid of annoying people and block unwanted calls and SMS from telemarketers or spam caller. Let’s say that Contacts+ help make your life more peaceful.

Change the theme and make your dialer app look more beautiful. Contacts+ comes with dark and white themes to improve your experience. It also features fast dialer search, smart contacts sort, and birthday reminders. All the versatile functions are wrapped in one app.

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4. Drupe


Drupe is another best dialer app for Android that is worth your thought. It is powered by some other features including call recorder, spam block, contacts, and phone book, and caller ID. This app also features a call screen that allows you to see spam indications right from your screen.

Drupe is used by over 20 million active users around the globe. It offers a more attractive call screen so that you can get rid of the standard and boring call screen. In addition, Drupe makes your contacts more accessible with its modern phone book feature.

What makes it better? It’s surely the animated GIFs that can be added to your outgoing calls. It also helps manage your missed calls, thanks to missed calls manager that allows you to contact the callers. Drupe supports several languages including Deutsch, English, Spain, and many more.

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5. Dialer +

Best Dialer Apps for Android: Dialer +

Are you looking for a dialer app with a beautiful appearance? Dialer + comes to meet your preferences. This app is developed by the Contacts Plus team so you will find many similarities between them. With Dialer +, you can enjoy easy phone dialing as well as fast contact search.

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As with other similar apps, Dialer + comes with additional features aside from dialer. It allows you to benefit from caller ID and blocker and control who can connect with you. Moreover, this app can protect your contact with advanced backup and sync. Never lose your contact, messages, and call logs again.

If the standard dialer makes you bored, Dialer + lets you change the themes and choose one that suits you best. This app offers a variety of themes so you can choose one that suits you best. In addition, Dialer + provides dedicated launchers for a better experience.

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6. Smart Notify

Smart Notify

This best dialer app for Android is presented by Milan Vyšata. This app combines dialer, contacts, SMS, calls, reminders, and events all in one place. Despite it comes with a number of features, it is not intended to fully replace your messaging application.

Smart Notify delivers T9 search for easier and faster search. It also features color change of phone LED that is different from other applications. The app also enables you to quickly reply with a popup window for any applications that support Smart Notify.

Now you can display pending SMS and calls with this app. In addition, it helps block unwanted calls and SMS as with other dialer apps on Play Store. Smart Notify is now used by thousands of active users worldwide. You can join them and enjoy its versatile features.

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7. Phone + Contacts and Calls

Phone + Contacts and Calls

One of the best dialer apps is here. Supporting 2 SIM cards, this app works amazingly to personalize your incoming and outgoing calls. It delivers tons of features for engaging dial experience. No more boring call screen as you can customize the screen with Phone+.

Aside from more attractive calls, this app also ensures your contact security. It boasts integrated system synchronization and backup to protect your contacts as well as call history. Never lose your contacts and call logs!

Phone + comes with additional features that make it an extraordinary app to download. It comes with ID subscriber, fast action with calls, photo contacts on screen, video greeting, and so much more. Upgrade your phone dial with Phone +.

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8. Hangouts Dialer

Hangouts Dialer

Hangouts Dialer is presented by Google LLC and is among popular dialer apps worldwide. With Hangouts Dialer, you can call any number throughout the world. Especially in the US and Canada, you can place a call for free!

Hangouts is an amazing app that enables you to make phone calls and access voice calling features from your mobile phone. You can call any number over data so you don’t need to worry about roaming. Also, it allows you to use an outbound caller ID which makes your number visible.

For professional use, you can connect with Google Voice and enjoy making VOIP calls. Thankfully, the newest version comes with improved usability and a new user interface for a better experience.

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9. Facetocall


Enjoy large contact images from your dialer with Facetocall. The best dialer app for Android delivers a unique interface with big buttons and contact images. Not to mention it also offers large dialer keypad and contact management.

Facetocall is developed by Gazman and delivers a lot of functionalities. It supports 2 SIM cards and features one-click actions for sending the email, SMS, WhatsApp, and calling a contact. Supposing that you want to get rid of unwanted contacts, simply block the numbers.

Facetocall delivers simple dialer and address book. You can easily find your favorite contacts, thanks to a small algorithm that helps sort out the frequently used contacts. Seeing call logs is also easier with this amazing app. If you have special contacts and don’t want to miss their calls, use VIP contacts. It will make your phone ring to maximum volume when they call.

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10. Prodialer


Prodialer is a recommended dialer app to show its great performance on your Android phone. This smart tool allows you to make calls or search for contacts quickly. If you want to upgrade your dial experience, Prodialer is nice to pick.

This app supports full contact management. Though it offers fewer features than the previous apps, Prodialer is still a good choice to ensure your convenience. It enables you to access contacts, groups, and recent calls. It also helps you get rid of unnecessary elements to give more space to your memory. Developed by Headious Group, Prodialer is used by thousands of users worldwide.

Download on Google Play

What do you expect from the best dialer app for Android? Tons of features are offered to improve your experience. Pick one that meets your preferences and enjoy a different dialing experience.

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