9 Best Plant Identification Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Plant Identification Apps

Whether you are an occasional gardener or avid plant enthusiast, there is a chance that you find strange plants you fail to identify. When this happens, there is nothing you can do but ask for help from the best plant identification apps.

Most plant identification apps have the ability to identify plants, fruits, flowers, and vegetation from the traits or images. Some of them require you to input information like the number of petals or colors while some others only need you to take a picture.

Best Plant Identification Apps for Android and iOS

Are you looking for trusted apps to help identify unknown plants around you? You’ve come to the right place. You will find the top 9 plant identification apps that work well for Android and/or iOS. Here they are.

1. LeafSnap


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LeafSnap is one of the best plant identification apps, the simple and well-designed app is a must-have for every hobbyist. When you spot an unknown flower or unusual plant, LeafSnap helps figure it out with ease. You don’t need to ask gardener friends or browse through the internet as the app makes everything easier for you. Thanks to powerful plant identification that allows you to recognize plants by taking a snap.

This app boasts up to 90% recognition of all species of plants, which means it covers most species around the world. LeafSnap features artificial intelligence that enables instant identification for thousands of plants, trees, and fruits. It also has a vast database of vegetation that allows the app to identify unknown plant species and provide further information about it.

How to use this app? Once you spot a strange plant or flower, simply run the app and take a snap with your camera. Wait for a few seconds and you will get the result. This app provides not only the name of the plant but also all the information related to it. Besides, it enables you to build your own plant collection on a mobile device.

2. PlantSnap


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This plant identifier is reliable to recognize almost all kinds of plants, including trees, mushrooms, flowers, cacti, succulent, and many more. With the support of a huge database up to 625,000 plants, chances are you can easily figure out the weird-looking shrub or wildflower you find in the park.

PlantSnap adopts social network platforms that allows you to connect with plant enthusiasts from all over the world. If you notice a new plant and think it is worth-sharing, simply tap on the share button and your fellow plant hobbyists in more than 200 countries will be able to see it.

This app comes with a number of highlight features aside from plant identification. For instance, you can share photos and discoveries and see incredible posts from other users. You can also ask advice from the expert and share tips with friends related to plants or plant care. Are you interested to join millions of users worldwide? Download this app for free or purchase subscription.

3. PictureThis


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With a boast of more than 1 million of plant identifications every day, PictureThis becomes one of the most used plant identifier apps around the globe. Its accuracy is claimed 98% better than most human experts, so avid plant enthusiasts must try this app. With the support of the global community, you can ask anything and get it answered.

PictureThis comes packed with a set of key features that include plant identification with artificial intelligence, keep notes, and record plant growth. If you have problems with plants, this app helps diagnose the problem and enables you to get treatment suggestions. In addition, it offers plant guides that assist you to choose and grow plants.

If you are more into plant photography, this plant identifier has a bonus for you. Thanks to an intuitive interface that allows you to take better photographs of unknown plants. The simple and easy app has been used in more than 100 countries, so you might want to join the community. Simply download the app for free on Android and iOS devices.

4. PlantNet


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This is an application that helps you learn more about plants. Not only can it identify unknown flowers, plants or shrubs, but it also provides you with important information related to the plant. You can figure out its habitats, characteristics and more. All you have to do is take a snap and wait for the result. Currently, this app is able to recognize more than 20,000 plant species from all over the world.

Besides plant identification, PlantNet offers many other features like the ability to filter plant species by family or genus. You can also select favorite plants for easier and quicker access to them. Since the plants you snapped are analyzed by scientists around the globe, there is a chance of re-identification of shared observations.

If you are interested to dive deeper in this field, PlantNet app allows you to join the community that will review your observation. You can contribute and improve plant species in its database to reach 360,000 species on earth. Do you like what it offers? This plant identifier can be downloaded for free without in-app purchases.

5. iNaturalist


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Unlike other recognition apps that focus on plants and vegetation, iNaturalist offers a plant-animal combo. This means you can identify not only plants but also animals around you. With the support of the scientist and naturalist community, this is a great app to learn more about nature. Join more than 400,000 scientists around the globe and be a plant expert in your neighborhood.

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What’s more about iNaturalist? Aside from discovering unknown plants and animals, this app lets you record your observations and share them with the global community. From the shared observation, you may receive suggestions from fellow nature enthusiasts or naturalists. And the best part, you can discuss or help others identify their discoveries.

Do you like challenges? With this app, you can follow projects performed by citizen scientists or small communities with the same passion. This is a free ticket to realize your dream—be a great naturalist. This amazing app is available free of charge for Android and iOS.

6. Plants Identifier

Plants Identifier

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All you need to identify strange plants is a camera. With Plant Identifier, simply aim our camera at the flower of the plant and make sure the image is clear. Once it is focused, the app will identify the plant and display the name at the bottom of your screen. You don’t need to take a photograph as Plants Identifier only needs to scan.

This Android plant recognition app is great for beginners who need to know the name of plants around them. You can begin with any plants that you know and move to unknown flowers or weird trees. This app is supported by augmented reality camera for higher accuracy, allowing you to get accurate plant identification on mobile device.

The best part of all, Plant Identifier can work offline. This means you can identify plants without internet connection, so you can go anywhere you want and stay informed. What if the app doesn’t work? In case the app fails to identify the plants, bring the camera closer to the fruit or leaves and wait for a few seconds.

7. Plant Lens

Plant Lens

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Identify plants around you with Plant Lens. This smart app comes in handy for beginners who want to know more about names of plants. If you find a wildflower on the sidewalk or you see a peculiar plant with unique leaves, simply take a snap and let this app tell you anything about the plant. This is a great plant identifier that serves as your personal botanist.

What makes Plant Lens so powerful? It is a huge database that contains up to 60,000 plant species. With a boast of up to 92% of better accuracy than expert botanists, this app identifies plant species through visual information like petals, leaves, and other traits. Observing plants is getting easier with this plant recognition app.

In this tool, you can find other features like a personal collection of your own where you can keep track of trees, flowers, and plants you have observed. There is also plant map that is created from your photos. In addition, Plant Lens provides you with mobile encyclopedia to enrich your knowledge about plants. Whether you need to identify flowers, succulents, cacti, or mushrooms, this app will do best.

8. FindPlant


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If you often fail to identify trees, flowers, shrubs, or plants, FindPlant is the only app that you need. This plant recognition tool helps you discover strange wildflowers or beautiful plants you have never known before. It makes you feel like having a personal botanist everywhere you go. Without the need of asking gardener friends or browsing through the internet, you will always have the answer.

FindPlant offers ease-of-use features to identify plants. With the ability to recognize 95% of plant species, you can identify most plants, fruits, flowers, and trees. Thanks to advanced artificial intelligence and the vast plant database that comes with it. Besides, it enables you to learn more about plants from all over the world with plant search feature.

Never lose track of plants you discovered. This app has plant history feature that shows the list of plants you have found, so you can re-view new plants you have learned recently. Do you like what it brings? Simply download the app on your Android and iOS device, free of charge. With 4.9 ratings on the App Store, this app is surely worth installing.

9. Plant Identification ++

Plant Identification ++

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iPhone users can identify plants in a snap with Plant Identification ++. This powerful app uses the iPhone’s camera or photo from the library to recognize plant, thanks to the help of advanced artificial intelligence that makes everything happen. Identifying unknown plants is never this easy and fast. Whether you spot beautiful flowers in the park or on the sidewalk, give it a snap and figure out its name.

Tons of key features are ready to improve your plant recognition experience. Let’s mention instant identification for thousands of plants, leaves, trees, and flowers. The large database allows you to recognize most plant species on earth. Another feature to enjoy is a simple and well-designed interface that makes it easy to use for any user.

What’s more? This plant identification app features details about observed plant that allows you to learn more about it. If you want to check plants you have observed, simply go to plant history and you will be able to view a list of observed plants. And if you want to share plant pictures and details with friends, just do it with Plant Identification ++.

Learn more about plants with the best plant identification apps. Whether you want to identify wildflowers or unique-looking trees, these apps have everything you need. And the best part of identifying plants is that you can appreciate every single living thing, especially plant around you.

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