11 Best DJ Apps For Android

DJ Apps For Android

When talking about DJ-ing, our mind will turn into the traditional DJ set that we know. But what about having all the DJ set functions on your phone? Rather than going for traditional way, you can tap on your flat-screen instead. There are several best DJ apps for Android that you have to try. Thus, you can play as a DJ through your Android phone.

Don’t get the wrong idea and thinking that those apps came to disgrace the traditional DJ set. But you have to think of it as a simpler way in learning in mixing music, especially for an amateur. Thus, there is no reason not to take a look at the list below of 11 best apps for DJ-in through your Android:

  1. Music Maker JAM

Music Maker JAM

One of the best DJ apps for Android that you can get in the Play Store is Music Maker JAM. This app placed at the top in the popular list. This is that Music Maker JAM has almost throughout function like the traditional DJ set. Because with this app, you can create beats, vocal recording, adding effect, and even there are many sound packs you can choose.

Although the basic service is free, you have to upgrade by purchasing for premium if you want more advanced function. But the good news is that this app is not solely for DJ-ing. This is that even if you are in the general music path, you can record your original composition with this app.

  1. djay 2

djay 2

Actually, at first djay 2 created for iOS users. But as it went popular, the developer made the Android version and it didn’t need a long time to make this app popular as well. The main reason is that this app has Spotify integration function. Thus, you will have many songs choice to mix.

Not to mention, it also came with the basic DJ function stuff such as auto-mixing, effects, looping, pitch blend, cue point, and many more. For that reason, if you wish to live up a casual get together feels like a party, djay 2 is the right app for you to use.

  1. Edjing Mix

Edjing Mix

Another pick for the best DJ apps for Android that we shouldn’t forget to put in this list is Edjing Max. If you went further with this app and purchase the premium one, you can have more advantages. Aside from the basic features, you can also more in-app purchase in feeding you DJ soul.

The highlights from Edjing Mix that become favorite, is the Deezer support for your local library with 16 samples. You can use these samples to sync two tracks and for looping. Not to mention, you can access SoundCloud from this app. Aside from these two, there also turn-table, crossfader, and also you can directly upload your music work from this app.

  1. DJ Studio 5

DJ Studio 5

If you are looking for a DJ app with comprehensive features, then you can take a look into DJ Studio 5. Moreover, the developer promised the basic free app has no limitation and free from watermark! For the free features, you will get 8 sound effects, 10 sample pads, live mix recording, equalizer, and many more.

But if you haven’t satisfied with the free features yet, you can also add in-purchase additional features. Last but not least, this app supported by Spotify. Also, if you wish for a more prominent working environment, you can install the hardware controller to work with this app.

  1. Cross DJ

Cross DJ

Some people mentioned that Cross DJ took first place in the best DJ apps for Android list. This is that the app is accurate in detecting the BPM. Not to mention, this app has the usual features such as tracks sync and beat grid editing. Moreover, Cross DJ completed with five levels of pitch bending (4, 8, 16, 32, and 100%).

You also can get more detailed features by purchasing in the app. Sample tracks, auto mixer, and external mixer supports are several features you have to purchase before using. Also, by purchasing you can get rid of the annoying ads and can access more features. Many said that this app is a solid one to help you in pursuing your DJ soul.

  1. Party Mixer

Party Mixer

One more pick of best DJ apps for Android you have to consider in installing if you are an amateur DJ is Party Mixer. Because you can start with zero knowledge over DJ-ing stuff and start to operate this app right away. This is that the app is friendly for new users.

For that reason, anyone with various DJ background degrees can try to create music with this app. The popular features you can try through this app such as crossfade, pitch changing, tempo changes, and even adding for some effects.

  1. Hindi Best DJ Remix

Hindi Best DJ Remix

From its name, everyone knew that the developer of this app came from India. But don’t get the wrong impression, since you can create and remix any song with this app. Not to mention, the app carried a variation of songs and they are free for you to remix and add with special effects.

Also, the cool factor from this app is that it contained fanmade DJ music with various genres. You can easily find house music, Trance, house, progressive, Dubstep, Remix, Techno, and many more EDM genres. Another plus point is designed for fast speed and minimum bandwidth.

  1. DiscDj 3D Music Player

DiscDj 3D Music Player

With more than 5 million downloads, we have to put DiscDj 3D Music Player in the list of best DJ apps for Android. Many prefer this app because it minimizes the DJ set in one portable device with complete features. Thus, you don’t have to carry around for the heavy set but only one small gadget and ready to perform anytime and anywhere.

By using this app you can import sound files and mix them with the built-in interface and tools in the apps. Although the interface is harder for an amateur to operate DiscDj 3D Music Player, as time went by, you surely can master this app.

  1. DJ Lobo

DJ Lobo

Although DJ Lobo has lower users than DJ Basic, it has a better rating. To answer your question, yes this app named after the very own DJ Lobo himself. Thus, by installing this app you can have the advantage to listen to the busy man’s music work for free.

The difference of this app that the others are that this app is more like a music app than DJ-ing stuff. Because even though you will get DJ Lobo’s work on a regular basis, you can’t create your music through this app. But if you only after some cool mix and music, then this app is good to go.

  1. DJ Mix Pads 2

DJ Mix Pads 2

DJ Mix Pads 2 have to be in this list of best DJ apps for Android because of its convenience. The reason is that anyone can play with this app and try to mix some sounds as one altogether. Thus, even a small curious kid can pretend to be a world-class DJ with this app.

For that reason, even if you don’t have any basic with music, you can still have fun in creating new stuff with this app. Either you will start with creating a new sound or take a shortcut by mixing some sounds, the app is suitable for the task. Further, since the app purpose is for amateur use, just figure your way with the app and start to create some sound.

  1. WeDJ


Developed by Pioneer DJ, WeDJ built with the club-standard DJ equipment features. Thus, if you wish for the ultimate DJ experience, you should install this app. By using this app, you can play and mix the music you stored on the phone. Then, with performance features and FX, you can make your sound.

Aside from that, there are some other features, such as 2-channel layout, beat sync, pre-cueing, and a crossfader. Also, to play the track you can choose between playing on loop or to play based on the hot cue. Not to mention, you can automix and record your music to listen to or even share it with others.

Some best DJ apps for Android on the list above require basic knowledge in music, and some others purely for amateur use. Just pick your preference and start right away in experiencing becoming a DJ. By the apps above, either you are going to help you in pursuing a DJ career or as simply for lighting up the mood in a get-together.

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