16 Best Journal Apps for Android and iOS

by Haya Barnard

Best Journal Apps

Sometimes, we have a terrible day and are hard to talk about. How to deal with it? You can write what you feel in a journal. You don’t need to worry about bringing many books in your bag because you can find your journal on your gadget. The 16 best journal apps for your daily activity will significantly help

Best Journal Apps to Write Anything on Your Mind

Journaling your daily activity on an app is popular now. Many journal apps allow you to write anything in your mind. Let’s check out the 16 best journal apps for you.

1. DayOne


One of the best journal apps is DayOne. It can run on Android and iOS with a package of helpful features for a journal app. Some of the best parts of this app are location description and uploading photos and videos that help you remember anything you write with pictures and videos.

You also can mark the most critical journal on the app. It is perfect as a diary app to keep all of your memories. The user interface of this diary app has a soft color that looks good on your screen.

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2. Diarium


The second best journal app on this list is Diarium. It has the best rating on the App Store, but it also can run on Windows and Android, which helps record users’ daily activities. So, this app is highly recommended for people with many activities.

The features offered by this application are interesting, such as writing without typing. Just with the voice commanded, it will automatically write itself. Apart from that, it also provides standard features with audio and video. You can connect the Diarium application to OneDrive, which can export various document formats.

It is perfect as a digital diary app to keep all the daily activities you want to remember for a long time.

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3. Write.as


Some journal apps always force users to create an account. Accounts can sync to various digital platforms, but you may need an app without charge to keep your privacy. Write. as can be a daily journal application that doesn’t need to register without attaching personal data.

This application is quite good at storing data on a local smartphone. Write also supports chrome extensions. The important thing about this app is that the journal doesn’t have to see the old one because the app will lose the cache data. Write. as is a form of self-expression tool to keep all of your memories.

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4. Journey


The journey is one of the best journal apps with excellent features, such as uploading sound and video, connecting to Google Drive, and recording location history while in a place. We can install it on various operating systems, such as Windows, iOS, and Android.

The Journey is similar to Dayone, so the users don’t need to bother when switching to the Journey application. Journey can be an option for writing daily journals because its attractive features and appearance make your journal look more aesthetic. It makes Journey also the best digital journal app.  

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5. Daylio


Following best journal app on this list is Daylio. If the user does not like to write a lot of things and prefers to write something short. The Daylio application can be the right choice because it doesn’t need long notes. The Daylio application is free; users can get additional features from the premium version.

Daylio is also equipped with a reminder, pin, and storage connected to Google Drive. Users can also express themselves in every journal by writing in the form of 5 mood expressions. Users can still change the words and write down the current activity.

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6. Offline Diary

Offline Diary

Like the name, this journal application is an offline diary application that you can write without needing an internet connection. Offline Diary has a minimalistic appearance with practical features. This diary app will provide a simple and unobtrusive UI and even comes with a password.

Offline Diary will only give you an application to record journals. This app is free but has ads in it. The pro version costs only USD 1 but is ad-free and unobtrusive. This is one of the best journal apps that you can access offline.

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7. Personal Diary


The next of the best journal apps in this list is Personal Diary. This is an android note application. But Personal Diary is nothing like the other similar apps because this application is equipped with export backup files to Google Drive and Dropbox, mood tracking to dark mode.

This diary application is an application that is equipped with a fingerprint feature for a password replacement function. Apart from that, you can also use this application as a diet application, travel or even a dream journal. You can also add photos or images to the application.

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8. Memoires


Do you want to write any memories on your gadget? This app will be perfect for you. Even though in appearance this application is not the best, Memoires is an Android diary application with an exciting feature called “follow up”. This feature allows users to add additional impressions and messages besides the leading journal.

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As with other diary applications, Memories can add photos, voice recordings, locations, add tags, search for different memories, and more. You can also share it with others by adding people to the note.

But if you want to add friends, you must download the Memoirs Contact Note application for USD 1.06.

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9. Daygram


DayGram is a minimalist application with a beautiful appearance. When you open the application, Daygram will show a view like a timeline. If you create a new diary entry, the user will have the option to add that entry anywhere.

This one of the best journal apps is also equipped with various themes such as dark, light, lake, and others. You can also change the entire appearance of this application from the piece to the font used. Like the others, DayGram is also equipped with password features, reminders and even Dropbox backups.

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10.  Moment Diary

Moment Diary

Moment Diary Tale is the most suitable diary application for those who like to write on the diary app,  especially young girls. This app has a pink color design and an easy-to-use layout. There are special standard features here.

For example, it can add timestamps, count the number of words in each note, show a calendar, and allows you to add photos on each page. You can also export messages to email, backup, and restore from a PC or Mac.

Don’t worry. This free diary is very secure with a 4-digit password making Moment Diary one of the best journal apps in this list.

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11.  Momento


Momento is an intelligent personal journal app. It can help you to collect all the moments and memories. With this app, you can not only write down moments but also automatically capture daily activities, post and insert photos from social networks, and also connect them to other apps and devices.

Every post is automatically organized into a personal journal with a beautiful layout. Of course, you don’t need to worry about security because this app is completed with a password or password that is safe and secure. The best part of Momento, this is a free journal app that you can use on iOS. Also, there is a paid or pro version available.

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12.  Penzu


Are you looking for a digital diary app with a web browser version? Penzu can be the best choice for you. Penzu is a famous free diary, journal and notepad. The app allows writing entries in a single journal, setting reminders, and locking notes with a password or PIN code.

This application also has a web-based version. So, you can access your diary from any web browser and other devices. Penzu is a free journal app, but you can also access a Pro or paid version to get various exclusive features.

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13. Dream Ultimate Journal

Dream Ultimate Journal

Dream Journal Ultimate is oriented explicitly towards saving people’s dreams. This app has a Dream Wall feature where you can read, comment, and like your own notes. But don’t worry! It is also perfect as a digital diary app that you can use to write anything about your day,

It also can help you remember to write entries every day, you can use a feature called Dream Journal Reminder. Dream Ultimate Journal is one of the best journal apps because it is secure with a password and syncs your dreams on other devices. This app is free for all Android users.

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14.  Wave


Looking for a journal app for your business? Wave can be the best journal app for business. The Wave application is a journal application from the United States. Wave comes with various exclusive features. This application has financial recording features, sending invoices, making online receipts, etc.

The Wave application is highly recommended for those interested in trying out a journal application without installing a program. However, this application has a drawback: an inventory and stock feature is absent.

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15. Evernote


Discuss the digital diary apps and agendas. Surely you know the Evernote application. This app is quite a popular note-taking app with its elephant icon on a green background. 

The features it has are also very complete. The Evernote app is available on any operating system on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and the web so that you can access it anywhere.

Evernote supports a variety of text, photo, PDF and other document formats, audio clips, videos, to scanned handwritten notes that you can save in your Evernote notebook. You can subscribe to the Plus plan for ($3.99/month) or the Premium ($7.99/month). 

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16. Blooming Diary

Blooming Diary

The Blooming Diary application has an attractive and elegant interface design.

You can write down all the events in your life, be they experiences, activities, thoughts, or ideas. You will get an enjoyable experience when using this application.

The editor feature of this application gives you various text performance features. The Blooming Diary app turns your diary into a chapter in a book, so you can quickly move between chapters. You can also add location details to photos and posts.

Blooming Diary also has a search feature that helps you to find notes easily. It makes Blooming Diary the best journal app on this list. 

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So that’s all the best journal apps you can try as your digital diary app. Just try some until you find the perfect diary app for yourself. May this information help you!

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