11 Best Photo Sticker Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Photo Frames Apps

Photo editing brings a lot of fun as you can improve pics to your heart’s content. There are so many things you can do with the photos, including adding stickers to make it more meaningful. If you prefer adding stickers than doing other kinds of improvement, simply get the best photo sticker apps.

There are plenty of photo editing apps that come with this feature. Some applications are specially designed to add stickers, meanwhile others have an extensive range of features to enhance photos. Or if you want to make unique stickers with your own photos, there are several apps to download 

Best Photo Sticker Apps for iOS and Android

Photo sticker apps typically offer tons of stickers from various themes so you can easily pick ones that suit your photos. Interestingly, most of them offer seasonal stickers that make your pics fit every moment such as Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and many more.

1. Picsart


Add stickers to photos instantly with Picsart. The widely used photo editor app has tons of features to improve your pictures from applying effects and filters to adding text and removing unwanted objects. You can even erase the backgrounds and replace it with new ones.

Adding stickers to photos is one of the main highlights on Picsart. It has more than 60 million attractive stickers to customize your pics and bring it to the next level. All Picsart stickers are free to download and you can use it easily.

But if you can’t find the right one or you have unique photos, this app gives you the option to make your own stickers. Create your own clipart and custom stickers that represent your personality and instantly add to your photos to make it speak louder.

This best photo sticker app has many other functions to enhance your photos, such as collage maker, drawing tool, and video editor. Picsart is free to use, but you can subscribe to Picsart Gold for exclusive features.

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2. Polish

Photo Editor Pro

Personalize your pics with stickers on Polish. Designed as a powerful photo editor app, you can do a lot of things, including attaching stickers. It has a vast collection of fun stickers that will level up your photos in a matter of seconds.

Editing your pics with stickers is simple with Polish. Whether you want to simply add stickers to photos or use it as a finishing touch after creating photo collage, this app has got you covered. Choose stickers of your favorite and let it adorn your beautiful pics.

Polish is an all-in-one photo editing app that has everything you need to enhance photos. Besides adding stickers, you can create photo collage, remove background, and apply filters. Or if you have unique pictures, use it to make stickers.

If you are looking for the best photo sticker app that is fun, easy to use, and offers an extensive range of functions, Polish is surely for you. Polish is free to download and use, but you can get some extra features with in-app purchases.

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3. Sticker Maker

Sticker Maker

How about creating your own stickers to make WhatsApp conversation more fun? Sticker Maker is an awesome app that will help you achieve the goal. Using this app, you can create unique sticker photo WhatsApp and share it with friends.

It is completely simple to make your own stickers for WhatsApp. It works with your photos, memes, or any pictures on your phone. Simply choose name for your sticker pack, add stickers, and cut with your fingers. Publish the sticker pack once you’ve finished.

With more than 100M+ downloads on Google Play alone, Sticker Maker is one of the best photo sticker apps to have fun with stickers on WhatsApp. Be sure to update your chat app so you can add stickers to it.

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4. Kawaii Photo Editor Stickers

Kawaii Photo Editor Stickers

Kawaii is a fascinating photo editor to add stickers to your pictures. There are more than 3,000 stickers from various themes, such as unicorns, parties, kawaii animals, kawaii food, emoji, and others. You can also find hundreds of frames, dozens of layouts, and tons of background patterns.

Using this app, you can put stickers on your pics effortlessly. Choose a photo you want to edit, add kawaii stickers, and save your creation. It also allows you to put photo frames, create attractive collages, and apply beautiful patterns to the background.

This photo editor has everything you need to have fun with pictures. Things that make it more interesting are nice styles and rich formatting, allowing you to transform your photos into a masterpiece without too much effort.

Everything you find on Kawaii Photo Editor Stickers is free to use. If you want to unlock exclusive items, it provides you with in-app purchases.

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5. Thug Life Stickers

Thug Life Sticker Photo Edito

How about making hilarious memes from your photos? Thug Life Stickers is one of the best free photo sticker apps to transform your pics into memes with iconic thug-life themed stickers. From sunglasses to hats and shades, you can find fun stickers for your photos.

This photo editor and meme maker app is easy to use. Start with choosing a photo and add various stickers from glasses to jewelry and hats. If you are done, post your pics on your favorite social media like TikTok and Instagram or chat apps.

No more boring photos if you have Thug Life Stickers on your phone. You can transform any photo into a hilarious meme or funny pictures by adding stickers. It also lets you add text and quotes to speak what’s on your mind.

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Thug Life Stickers has got over 10M+ downloads and is still counting. No subscription is needed to enjoy all features, which means you can download and use it for free.

Download on Google Play

6. Emoji Photo Sticker Maker Pro

Emoji Photo Sticker Maker Pro

Try the best photo sticker app to put emoji on your photo. With Emoji Photo Sticker Maker Pro, you can find tons of emojis and smileys to retouch boring pics. Save edited photos and share with your friends on social media.

This app won’t give you a headache. Once downloaded, open your gallery by tapping the Emoji cam button. Choose a photo to edit and pick emoji you want to use. Adjust the size and position to make it look good on your pic. Next, add filters or custom text if needed.

What’s interesting, it has four kinds of emoji that will match different skin tones. There are some popular emoji to select, such as winking face, grinning face, smiling face, and many more. Let your photos speak louder with the right emoji. However, this fun app is only available on Android. 

Download on Google Play

7. Crown Heart Photo Editor

Crown Heart Photo Editor

Adding a heart crown makes your photo look cute. Crown Heart Photo Editor is the best photo sticker app that lets you put heart crown effect and many other cute stickers from flower crown to cats and emoticons.

Take a picture or select a photo from your gallery. Choose a heart crown or other stickers to place in your photo and you are done. Plus, there are several filters to choose from like rainbow, Coachella, and curves that will make your pics look more fun.

When using this best photo sticker app, feel free to adjust stickers by resizing and repositioning. It also provides you with preview mode simply by touching the available stickers. Add different styles of text with different fonts to personalize your photos.

This free app gives you the chance to save photos with HD quality. Send it via instant messaging app or social networking and share the happiness.

Download on Google Play

8. Face Camera: Live Stickers

Face Camera: Live Stickers

Use Face Camera to take selfies with funny stickers from your mobile device. This is a unique sticker app that works differently—rather than adding cute stickers on captured photos, it allows you to snap a selfie or take a video with stickers.

It has more than 2800 cute animal-themed stickers to apply on your face. There are also tattoo stickers, beard stickers, and vocation stickers that will make selfie a lot more fun. Whether you want to take a selfie or wefie, this is a great app to have fun together.

In addition to stickers, Face Camera features face filters for amazing selfies. Among the most favorite face filters are smoothen skin, V-shape face, and makeup filter. With just a tap, you can have a perfect selfie with cute stickers.

This app also promises easy sharing for photos and videos. Whenever you are done, share your creation to popular social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Download on Google Play

9. Love & Romantic Photo Stickers

Love & Romantic Photo Stickers

Are you falling in love? Do you want to show your appreciation to someone? Get this best photo sticker app and craft your picture. As the name suggests, this is a photo sticker app that is loaded with hearts and romantic stickers to make your selfies special.

This app has a series of romantic stickers to customize your pictures. They are divided into several categories like hearts, valentines, kisses and lips, and love. Every sticker is made to personalize your picture so you can easily show your appreciation or deep feeling.

Featuring a simple interface, this app is completely easy to use. Launch this app and take a selfie or choose a pic from your gallery. Choose your favorite stickers from the gallery and reposition or resize. If you are good enough, save it to your device or share with friends.

One thing you’ll love about this app is the small download size. Despite the many stickers it has, this app doesn’t consume memory on your phone, which means it does not degrade your phone performance.

Download on Google Play

10. Photo Stickers & Photo Editor

Photo Sticker & Photo Editor

Here’s a versatile photo sticker app to improve your photos. This app is loaded with stickers that are completely easy to use, not to mention they are free. With simple operation, personalizing your pics is only a matter of seconds.

Some outstanding features to find on this app include 200+ photo stickers with various themes, photo editor tools, and 50+ colorful filters to improve your photos. What’s interesting, the sticker stocks are always updated to meet the new trends.

When you are ready to share, it provides you with a built-in share feature. With just a tap on your screen, you can post it on any social platform.

This app has a user-friendly interface. Putting stickers on pictures won’t give you a headache as you only need to select a photo, choose stickers, and you are done. The best thing of this app is that you can use all stickers for free. New stickers are constantly updated to improve your experience.

Download on Google Play

11. Love Photo Frames & Stickers

Love Photo Frames & Stickers

iPhone and iPad users can use this app to put stickers on their photos. Featuring love theme, you can show your affection and love with romantic frames and stickers. There is a vast collection of frame designs and photo stickers that will personalize your pictures.

Convert your boring photo into a fascinating love picture with just a few simple steps. Choose your photo from the phone gallery or take a pic. Choose photo stickers and adjust to make it suitable for the picture. Save it to your device or share on social networking like Facebook or Instagram.

Besides adding photo stickers, you can put photo filters and quotes. It also gives you the chance to edit the image with basic editing tools including crop, scale, rotate, and zoom. With all these features, you can level up every photo in a matter of seconds.

Are you into heart frame? Or do you prefer big heart stickers on your photo? No matter your preferences, this app has unique and fun stickers to create amazing pictures from your basic photos.

Download on the App Store

Putting stickers on photo is the easiest personalization you can make. This is a basic editing trick to improve pictures, thanks to the best photo sticker apps that provide tons of pre-loaded stickers. Whether you want to make WhatsApp sticker images or unique photos, they got you covered.

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