How To Appear Offline On Steam Easily

How To Appear Offline On Steam

Initially, Steam is a digital distribution media for games made by Valve. And now, Steam’s function as digital distribution has developed into social media for video games. However, sometimes you need privacy when you access Steam. That’s why you should know about how to appear offline on Steam.

This feature allows you to look offline although you are online. So, you will get privacy and nothing to disturb when you play. Before knowing how to appear offline on Steam, you should know more about Steam. Let’s jump in about Steam in this article:

What Is Steam?

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In 2005, other developers and publishers began selling their games through Steam. Then, many users use Steam to get discounts when buying an original game. Steam is also popular because it can be useful as a library to compile your digital game collection.

Now Steam is a social media for video games that has many features. These features are chat, library, Steam cloud, and so on. So, you can now chat with your friends and also show the progress of the game that you are playing.

Unlike other social media, if you succeed in increasing your level on Steam, you will get special features. For example, you can add the maximum number of friends. Besides, you can also increase the number of showcases that you can display on your profile.

Account Status Appearance On Steam

Steam users can display 1 of 5 statuses in the Steam profile. The status is Online, Offline, Away, In-Game, and Invisible. You can also see the status of a friend, whether he is active, offline, is AFK, or is playing a game.

If you are new to Steam, surely you are a little confused with these terms, right? However, if you are confused, you can find an explanation of the various statuses on Steam through this article.

If the Profile shows Online Status, that means you are online or you are opening a Steam account. Meanwhile, if the profile shows Offline status, you are not online on Steam. However, even if you are online, you can still change your profile status to offline.

For example, when you want to play a game or open Steam without anyone bothering you. If you want to know how to appear offline on Steam, you can find out through the article below.

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In addition to the Online and Offline status, there is also the Away status. Away Status means the user is leaving the computer or laptop temporarily. If you see In-Game status, it means that the Steam user is playing a game.

Meanwhile, when you change your status to Invisible, you are online but you look offline. However, your friends can still chat with you if you change the status to invisible.

2 Ways on How To Appear Offline On Steam

There are two ways on how to appear offline on Steam you can easily do. You can do this through the Tab Friends and Chat and Friends Tab. Moreover, you can choose one of these methods that you think is easy for you to do. So, here are two ways to change your status to offline on Steam:

1. Through the Friends and Chat Tab

You can change the account status appearance on Steam through the Friends and Chat Tab. On the Steam desktop application, click the Friends & Chat button. This button is located at the bottom right of the Steam application channel.

Then, a new window will appear containing the list of friends and account settings. On the Friends and Chat page, which is next to your account name, click the dropdown logo. Then, you will see various options regarding account status appearance or the status of your activities on Steam.

Change the Account Status Appearance Through the Friends and Chat Tab

How to appear offline on Steam is an easy thing for you to do. It is because when you click the dropdown logo, you can change it to Offline. After you set your account status appearance, the changes will immediately be applied.

2. Through the Friends Tab

This is the easiest way to change the status of your account status appearance on Steam. Open your Steam account and in the top left corner, you will see a menu and click the Friends tab. You can choose the status you want to appear on your profile.

Change the Account Status Appearance Via the Friends Tab

If you want to change it to offline, you can click Offline on your status. After clicking Offline, your profile status will now change to Offline even though you are online. So, now you can access your Steam account without being interrupted by other users.

That’s a complete article about Steam, various status profiles on Steam and how to appear offline on Steam. If you like playing games, using Steam might benefit you. You can buy official games cheaply and add friendship through Steam.

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