14 Best Piano Tuner Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Piano Tuner Apps

Tuning is a great way to make sure your instruments sound correct, which means the pitch is not too low or too high. The same is true for piano. When it comes to piano tuning, there’s a list of the best piano tuner apps to work with.

As the name suggests, piano tuner apps are designed to help you check if the pitches are correct. Thus, it’s much easier to identify if there’s something wrong with your instrument. However, please note that these apps can’t replace professional tuners or piano tuning services.

Best Piano Tuner Apps for Android and iOS

If you’re looking to download the best piano tuner for your smartphone, chances are that you get overwhelmed with the many choices out there. If you need help, we provide you with handpicked piano tuner apps that really work.

1. Pano Tuner

Pano Tuner

Pano Tuner is a chromatic tuner to get your music instruments tuned. From guitar to piano, this particular app allows you to tune instrument in a few seconds. Listen to the sound and make sure your instrument doesn’t have potential pitch problems.

As for features, it highlights quick and sensitive response for accurate tuning. It also offers a wide range of pitch sensor to suit your instruments. As it uses your phone’s microphone, the sensor range may vary depending on your microphone specs.

Additionally, Pano Tuner offers a lot of customization, from changing the sensitivity for accurate piano tuning, non-standard tuning option to create your own harmony, and more. Not to mention it supports a wide variety of instruments like trumpets, guitars, and even piccolos.

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2. Tuner & Metronome

Tuner & Metronome

With over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store alone, Tuner & Metronome is an easy-to-use app to help you with piano tuning. It consists of two modes, including chromatic tuner and pitchfork mode for tuning different instruments.

Through this app, you can easily start/stop the metronome, record your playing, turn on tuner, and select rhythm patterns. It also enables you to upload your sheet music through the app, allowing you to practice while watching uploaded sheet music.

On top of that, this piano tuning app features flash light metronome mode. This is especially useful when you can’t clearly hear the sound of metronome. Using this mode, you can feel the beat from the flashes of light.

What’s great about Tuner & Metronome is that it supports all instruments, including guitar, piano, violin, harmonica, and many more. Featuring large and simple button, starting and stopping this metronome is so much easier.

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3. Tuner – Pitched!

Tuner – Pitched!

Brought to you by Stonekick, this tuner app is made by musician for musicians. It allows you to easily tune a wide variety of instruments, from piano to guitar, from violin to ukulele. Thanks to clear visuals and easy controls, this app is completely easy for beginners.

Using this tool, you can vary the tuning pitch from 440Hz to your desired preference. It also provides you with dark and light themes for convenient use at day and night. Not to mention it enables you to adjust volume sensitivity for noisy or quiet environments or instruments.

Tuner has been trusted by millions of musicians from all over the globe. With a complete set of features, user-friendly interface, and professional-level accuracy, this free app is made to help tune your piano and other instruments.

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4. CarlTune


If you’re looking for the best piano tuner app that features chromatic tuning then CarlTune is worth the thought. Using your phone’s microphone, it captures the sound and analyzes it before displaying the pitch. That’s how you can see the frequency of the analyzed pitch.

The tuner highlights easy tuning for a wide range of instruments, including piano, bass, and guitar. Thanks to the pitch pipe feature, it produces accurately calculated frequency tone. Piano keyboard interface comes in handy to help you understand music and sounds.

Additionally, CarlTune features a wide selection of colors to improve the user’s experience. It also supports notation from different countries, including US, Japan, Europe, Korea, and Thailand. Enjoy these features for free and easily tune your instruments.

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5. BOSS Tuner

BOSS Tuner

From Roland Corporation, BOSS Tuner is a trusted chromatic tuner app for Android- and iOS-based devices. This mobile app is free to download, and yet it has a lot of convenient features for tuning a wide range of instruments.

Among main features brought to your table is an audible reference pitch function that will help you tune by ear. But if you’re more into chromatic tuning, it uses the microphone in your device to check the pitch of the instruments with high accuracy.

For your convenience, this best free piano tuner app supports horizontal screen for a larger meter view. With simple control and clear interface, using this app won’t get you overwhelmed.

Do you need updated information from BOSS? This tool supports newsfeed for the latest information about BOSS. Not only can you tune your instruments, but you can also stay updated.

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6. PianoMeter


Transform your device into a professional electronic piano tuner with PianoMeter. This free app lets you tune piano notes between C3 and C5—buy in-app purchase to tune your entire piano.

This is not just an ordinary chromatic tuning app. Instead, it actively measures the characteristics of each tone and calculates the ideal offset or stretch from the equal temperament. Thus, it’s suitable for custom tuning for your piano.

The free version has much to offer, such as mid-range tuning functionality, automatic note detection, live frequency spectrum, and note measurement. Additionally, you can also tune the entire piano, tune to frequency standard, and custom tuning with in-app purchases.

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7. Entropy Piano Tuner

Entropy Piano Tuner

Entropy is a new method to tune your piano in which it takes each characteristic of your instrument into account. Designed based on entropy, this best piano tuner app can be a great option to detect potential problem in your instrument.

Using this tool, the tuning process is performed in three main steps including recording the entire keys of your piano, calculating the optimal tuning automatically, and tune your piano using the integrated tuner. Thus, it is much easier to find out if there’s a problem with your piano.

Featuring clear visuals with big buttons, this tuner app is completely easy to use while playing your piano. It also supports landscape mode for a better view on your Android or iOS device screen.

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8. Piano Designer

Piano Designer

Here’s another app to tune piano. Developed by Roland Corporation, Piano Designer supports a wide range of piano models—it’s important to make sure your Roland piano is supported by the system. Thus, it can work properly to tune your instrument.

Piano Designer is a great app to personalize the sound of your piano and adjust sound elements just like experienced technician. The used parameters include volume, pitch, tonal characteristics, and state of resonance.

With Piano Designer, you can control these elements from your smartphone. It also includes pre-loaded settings that allow you to take advantage of custom sounds made by piano technicians. Enjoy playing your piano with fine tune with Piano Designer.

You will also love its sleek and simple interface that makes it easy to use. Available for Android and iOS, this is a must-have app for Roland piano owners.

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9. Airyware Tuner

Airyware Tuner

Initially made for Windows phone, Airyware Tuner is highly recognized by professional musicians from all over the world. This tuner app works not only for guitars but also hundreds of other instruments like piano, trumpet, clarinet, violin, and more.

Whether you’re performing on stage, at home, or on the street, this tuner app is reliable. There’s a long list of features to find in this app, such as high accuracy up to 0.1 cent, ambient noise reduction, high contrast display, and strobe tuning mode.

Airyware Tuner has been trusted by professional piano tuners and musicians to get the best sound. The trial version is free to download. After the period ends and you’re happy with it, you can purchase the full version and enjoy the app without limitations.

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10. Instrument Tuner

Instrument Tuner

Designed for Android, this is one of the best piano tuner apps to tune any musical instruments. This tool promises high accuracy up to 1 cent as well as a wide range of detection from A0 to C8. With a simple visual, Instrument Tuner is completely easy to use.

When it comes to features, this app has tone generator that allows you to generate tones in a full range. It is also loaded with tuning modes that enable you to set particular modes for specific instruments. Special tuning features are also available for a better user’s experience.

If you need additional features, the developer provides you with Pro version. Upgrade to this version to enjoy tempering mode and stretching 4 modes.

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11. Musician


Musician is a tuner and metronome app that is designed to be simple and functional. Meticulously created for musicians of any level, it keeps your piano stay in tune without having to purchase an expensive piano tuner. Thanks to easy to read indicator and easy to use tools.

As a metronome, it helps sharpen your beat accuracy through training. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned musician, you’ll find this app useful for improving your skills.

Developed by Scarlett, Musician is completely free to download. One of the best thing about this best piano tuner app is that you won’t be interrupted by pesky ads or unsightly banners.

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12. PiaTune


If you’re looking to tune your piano but you haven’t found the right app, PiaTune is worth your consideration. Designed for piano tuners, this tool helps transform your iOS device into a professional tuning tool that works just like an aural tuner. 

Just like most piano tuner apps, how PiaTune works is very simple. Play your music and let this app do the job. As you tune, this app measures the partial and then sets the temperament. Once you get the result, you can save the data and use it later.

This app comes packed with a lot of features, including high accuracy, automatic data saving, automatic note change, and optional indicator smoothing. Plus, it doesn’t require initial measurement so you can get directly to the tuning.

Do you need additional features? PiaTune paid version comes loaded with advanced features, such as a wide range of tuning from A0 to C8, custom tuning, file manager, device calibration, and selected historical temperaments.

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13. iTuner


This is a professional chromatic tuner that comes packed with tone generator. Suitable for violin, guitar, and piano, this app promises high accuracy and a wide range of tune. It is also equipped with frequency meter that will be useful during your instrument tuning.

Made for musicians, iTuner has a user-friendly interface that helps beginners use it without problem. With easy to use tools, you can check the health of your instrument without purchasing an expensive electronic tuner.

iTuner is free to download. But if you want to enjoy more features, it comes packed with in-app purchases.

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14. Piano Tuner

Piano Tuner

Last but not least, Piano Tuner helps you check if the pitches of your piano are correct. Use this app to make sure of the condition of your instrument, either before performance or simply for daily use. Without having to call a professional piano tuner, you can get the job done easily.

How to use this application is quite simple, thanks to clear visual and simple control. This app offers 3-day trial that allows you to tune every key. If you want to continue using this app, upgrade to a paid version for additional features.

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Tuning your piano and other instruments made simple with the best piano tuner apps. Without having to purchase an electronic tuner or call a professional, you can easily detect pitch problem from your smartphone. Get an app that meets your preference and enjoy your best performance.

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