15 Best Apps Like PicsArt for Android and iOS

by Haya Barnard

Best Apps Like PicsArt

Apps like PicsArt have become popular from time to time. The need to create a stunning photo and a unique picture for social media is getting higher, which makes the presence of a photo editing app more desirable.

In this article, you will find a series of recommendations when it comes to alternative apps to PicsArt. Many of them are free with ads and the rest may require signing up for a paid plan to use the features.

What is PicsArt?

PicsArt is a photo editing tool that allows you to manipulate a picture depending on what you like. This app is available both on the Play Store and App store while the features are available for free. Several things you would love from PicsArt may include:

  • Useful editing tools for novices.
  • Lots of filters, special effects, stickers, and customizable collages.
  • Straightforward UI design yet comes with a set of powerful tools.
  • A live camera is available.

You can say that PicsArt is a combination of fun, creativity, and simplicity. It seems like you can edit your pictures as much as you like with this app effortlessly. 

Other than that, you may join the trend to make your photo moves with animation effects. However, the free version only offers basic functions. All advanced features come with a somewhat expensive price tag. 

Besides, there are no options for sky replacement, light rays, and other exciting editing tools.

Best Photo Editing Apps Like PicsArt for Android and iOS

Generally, PicsArt has delivered excellent work. However, you may want to know the alternatives or other options you have out there. Besides, PicsArt is not the only app that could create stunning pictures for your Instagram Feed.

Regardless of your purposes, here is a list of good editing apps like PicsArt that might be worth a while.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

Talking about PicsArt similar apps that boost functionalities and fun at the same time, it is unfair to not include Adobe Photoshop Express. You may have heard of how powerful Photoshop is.

Today, you can enjoy those powerful tools on your smartphone, both iOS and Android. Other than creating collages, you can also edit the photos directly on your phone.

Just like any other photo editing tool, Photoshop Express will help you to create astonishing pictures for your social media. The good news is that you don’t need to invest lots of effort because the system will take care of that.

So, you should give Photoshop Express a try. It is a good addition for those who’ve been using Photoshop on PC.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

2. Lightroom


It is possible to do lots of edits by using Adobe Lightroom. Even though it is not exactly like PicsArt, you can give personal touches to your picture effortlessly with this app.

Other than editing by using its tools, you can use the in-built camera to take a perfect shot. The editing tools are robust and you can adjust every single element in the picture with no hassle.

As one of those excellent apps like PicsArt for Android and iOS, Lightroom comes with both free and paid plans. By paying USD 4.99 per month, you will get all features and functions in hand as well as cloud storage.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

3. Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro

When it comes to apps just like PicsArt, Photo Editor Pro developed by InShot Inc. deserves a place on the list too. It is a lightweight app and you can use all of the filters and photo editing tools for free.

Whether you want to post it on social media or share the photos with friends, this app will help take care of the editing. Other than creating a collage with 18 pictures, Photo Editor Pro provides a tool to make you look slimmer or taller.

As mentioned earlier, this app is free but ads will appear. So, you better consider signing up for its premium plan if you want to use Photo Editor Pro in the long run.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

4. Snapseed


Several apps similar to PicsArt are available for both iOS and Android. Snapseed is one of those apps that is worth a try. This app comes with at least 30 editing tools. Editing pictures will be way easier with filters and preset through one-tap editing.

More than anything, Snapseed is a tool that allows you to edit photos with such a fun vibe. It is compact, powerful, and will awe everyone who uses it. The wide array of options may overwhelm beginners, especially first-time users.

However, Snapseed is one of the best editing tools out there for users who have been editing pictures for a while. It’s free to download and use yet in-app purchases are available.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

5. Koda Cam

Koda Cam

Meanwhile, if you are into a photo editing tool that allows you to turn anything into a retro-looking photo then Koda Cam is worth considering. Any picture you own in your phone can look somewhat retro through a few taps by using Koda Cam.

It comes with scratches and dust that create a retro-looking vibe on every picture you want. However, Koda Cam is currently available on the Play Store only. Since it is lightweight and easy to use, you should consider this app as an alternative to PicsArt for sure.

Download on Google Play

6. BeautyPlus


BeautyPlus is not necessarily part of the photo editing apps like PicsArt, considering it comes with a sophisticated camera to create a perfect look on your photo. Other than taking live pictures, some editing tools will help you to achieve your desired look without using any makeup in the first place.

Just like most photo editing apps on the list, BeautyPlus also provides special effects and interesting filters to create an astonishing Instagram Feed. Adding texts and stickers is also possible since it has a wide array of add-on collections.

BeautyPlus is generally free yet premium features are only available if you pay for a subscription in the first place.

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7. Photo Studio

Photo Studio

Photo Studio is one of those similar apps like PicsArt you can consider. Since it is available both on the App Store and Play Store then everyone can use it freely.

You can produce stunning pictures out of this app but you better prepare an adequate space for the storage – this app is not one of the lightweight types. Yet, the result is stunning and high quality.

Despite the huge size and sophisticated features to edit pictures, Photo Studio is actually a free app. So, you may give it a go as long as you have the space to deal with the app’s size.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

8. Photo Editor by BeFunky

Photo Editor by BeFunky

There is a photo editing app that provides free services and won’t annoy you with ads here and there. This app is called Photo Editor by BeFunky.

Even though this app is free and has no ads, it doesn’t mean that the service sucks. On the contrary, BeFunky is committed to providing a robust app with a series of powerful tools to edit and produce high-quality pictures.

Other than editing pictures in general, you can manage collages, add pictures, and many more. Since BeFunky is free, why don’t you try this app now?

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

9. Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma is one of those other apps like PicsArt that delivers exciting features and robust tools. Despite the lightweight size, this app is quite powerful when it comes to editing photos.

Other than putting effects and stickers, Prisma also allows you to turn a photo into a painting. Interesting, right? Besides, it comes with more than 300 painting styles you can choose from.

Many users use this app for fun. So, if you are looking for something like PicsArt but more about fun then Prisma Photo Editor is a perfect candidate.

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10. Afterlight


Afterlight might not be one of those free apps like PicsArt but you definitely will love the features and functions offered by this app. Afterlight, on the other hand, is available for both iOS and Android phones but the latter might not be as advanced.

More than anything, this app is designed to edit the visual of your photos. From color and compositions to structures and other add-ons, you will get lots of options in Afterlight.

It comes with a series of fun stickers too. It costs USD 2.99 per month or USD 35.99 for a one-time payment. You should consider using this editing app if you don’t mind the subscription plan in the first place.

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11. Pixlr


If you are looking for apps exactly like PicsArt then you should consider Pixlr. According to users, this app will suit those who look for a simple app that serves lots of functions regarding photo editors.

Even though the tool options are varied, new users won’t find it overwhelming at all. On the other hand, Pixlr comes up with useful basic tools, filters, and overlays that will enhance your photo.

This app is free to download and use but you need to deal with ads, after all. Of course, you can upgrade the features by signing up for its premium plan. The premium version offers more comprehensive tools and options to edit your photos.

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12. Werble


Werble is a photo editor app that promotes simplicity over anything else. Even though it boasts simplicity in the first place, you will love the visual effects of its library.

This app also has a series of useful presets for animation. It will be much more exciting because you can use layers to put unique animation on board.

More than anything, Werble is a perfect candidate to edit your photos before posting them to Instagram. The tools are beginner-friendly while providing bizarre results.

Download on the App Store

13. PhotoGrid


On the other hand, PhotoGrid is one of the apps like PicsArt for iPhone you better consider using. This app is free to download and use, as long as you are fine with ads here and there. Other than that, it has a watermark if you save the result

More than anything, PhotoGrid is an excellent free app for editing pictures. You can even create memes by using this app. Other than editing pictures, you can combine images and videos along with live stickers – you will love the sticker collections.

If you are into free apps that provide excellent services then PhotoGrid is worth considering in many ways.

Download on the App Store

14. Cupslice Photo Editor

Cupslice Photo Editor

Cupslice is one of those apps like PicsArt with stickers that will bring fun and joy to your Instagram Feed. It comes with an intuitive UI design while the tools are professionals.

Other than giving touch ups to your photos, this app also allows you to add various decorative elements to the pictures. For now, Cupslice Photo Editor is only available on the Play Store. Thus, android users should consider trying this editing tool, for sure.

Download on Google Play

15. PicLab


Are you looking for some apps like PicsArt but free? Well, PicLab is an interesting alternative you should take a look at. Other than adding artwork and typography, this app allows you to use various photo effects and filters.

There are tons of things you can add to your photos for free. Besides, the output can be directly uploaded to Instagram and other social media platforms.

Other than providing lots of filters and special effects, you can use the preset to crop your picture. More than anything, PicLab is a great tool to edit pictures, just like PicsArt but a bit different.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Final Thoughts

When it comes to photo editing apps that serve like PicsArt, you may find a bunch of options both on the App Store and Play Store. However, not all those apps are free.

Of course, the alternatives mentioned on the list above are not totally free too. Some of them even require the users to sign up for subscription plans. It shows how important it is to know what you look for from a photo editing app.

Photoshop Express and Lightroom might be great choices for those who have been using Adobe products for a while. However, for those who prefer simplicity over anything the Pixlr is a perfect consideration.

All in all, those apps like PicsArt curated above to deliver the job excellently. Once you know what to look for, you will find the perfect app for the job.

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