9 Best Auto-tune Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Auto-tune Apps

Whoever wants to improve their singing talent must have the best auto-tune app on the mobile device. This kind of mobile application is specifically designed for automatic voice tuning that will help develop your singing skill. Thankfully, Google Play Store and App Store are now flooded with these apps.

The question now lies in which app is good to download. With a multitude of options on the internet, choosing the best one can be overwhelming. If you need a little help, keep on reading this!

Top 9 Best Auto-tune Apps for Android and iOS

In order to support your singing skills, these auto-tune apps commonly feature pitch correction, automatic tuning, presets, and many more. Most apps below are free to download unless it is said differently. Here’s a closer look at the best auto-tune apps for Android and iOS.

1. Voloco


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Join millions of users worldwide and improve your singing skill with Voloco it’s one of the best auto-tune apps available for Android and iOS. This voice processing app combines several functionalities like automatic tuning, vocoding, and harmony in one place. To start using this app, simply choose a track from Voloco’s library or your music collection. The tool will figure out the track key and tune your voice.

Voloco features a beat library that allows you to select a beat to sing. There is also a Top Tracks feature that lets you check out professional-quality tracks made by other users. Additionally, this auto-tune app offers dozens of presets, such as starter, modern rap, T Pain, 8 Bit Chip, and Daft Punk. Choose a vocal effect preset that suits you best.

If you want to share with friends, record your performance in the form of audio or video for easier sharing on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Or if you want to polish the record with another app, export your vocals and finish your mix in any other app. Voloco is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. The developer offers in-app purchases for additional features.

2. StarMaker


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StarMaker helps discover your singing talent. This is one of the most popular karaoke apps that come with loads of features to enhance your singing skill. Whether you are into pop, rock, folk, or other genres, its vast library allows you to pick favorite songs and sing along. Enjoy the impressive quality backing music and select voice effects that you like the most.

In this app, you can find a bunch of features like record your karaoke with various effects, edit your music video with filters, and sing the best part of your songs. And, you should not miss the pitch correction feature for a higher quality sound. Or, if you covet to duet with top singers, StarMaker offers a Live feature that allows you to broadcast your concert.

As a bonus, you can share with a community that has the same music tastes as you. Join the StarMaker community from all over the world, make new friends, and share anything you like. Are you interested to enjoy the features? Download the app for free on Android and iOS.

3. RapChat


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Are you more into hip-hop? This auto-tune app is surely for you. RapChat is basically a content-creating app that enables you to create and record your own lyrics. But if you can’t create perfect lyrics, simply use the existing one. Recording your own hip-hop song is more exciting, thanks to a wide selection of beats and auto vocal tune feature that lets you sound like a professional rapper.

RapChat offers a handful of features to have fun. Aside from auto vocal tune, it offers more than 20,000 free beats. The app supports mobile recording studio, providing you with a lot of convenience to record your own songs. Not to mention it offers exclusive contests with attractive prizes. Make yourself discovered and win the prize!

What’s more about RapChat? This app has Near Me feature, a function to find talented rappers in your area. And, it lets you share rap songs on various social media platforms like Soundcloud, Instagram, and Snapchat. Do you want to sound like T Pain, Cardi B, or Eminem? Whoever top rapper you want to be, this is a perfect app to download.

4. AutoRap by Smule

AutoRap by Smule

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AutoRap by Smule lets you enjoy the beat. Hip-hop lovers must have this app on their mobile devices for it has a bunch of features to make raps more fun. AutoRap supports not only auto-tuning but also song recording as well as engaging the community. Whether you admire top rappers like Kendrick, Drake, or Dr.Dre, this app has more than 100 beats of them.

How about trying talk mode? AutoRap features talk mode that offers a lot of fun as you can talk to the mic and watch how this app transforms your speech into rap. Thanks to beat matching and auto-tune features that come with it. You can also practice raps on various beats to improve your skill. There are three beats available every week, so you will never lose interest in this app.

It doesn’t stop there. With AutoRap, you can enjoy rap mode that allows you to practice your freestyle rhymes. Or, if you are confident enough with your skill, rap battle is a great feature to show off what you have got. Challenge your community and be the best rapper. If not, simply meet new friends and share stories about your music tastes.

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5. Tune Me

Tune Me

Download On Google Play

Upgrade your hip-hop and R&B recording to the next level. Tune Me lets you record track with high-quality sound, thanks to hundreds of auto-pitch effects that it has. This app comes with a number of features, including fast processing for an engaging sound recording experience. It also features calibration that boasts automatic sync between vocals and beat.

Tune Me enables you to set auto-pitch effect as desired, allowing you to produce voice just like professional rappers. But when you are singing too loud, the clip light feature will let you know! Whether you want to set to full strength or lower, this is a convenient app that gives more on your table.

Do you like to share with friends? This one of the best auto-tune apps allows you to share tracks on SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, and other social network platforms. The best of all, this app is completely free to download. In case you want to enjoy more features, upgrade to Pro version and find multitrack recording as well as extra audio effects.

6. Super Voice Editor

Super Voice Editor

Download On Google Play

This app is brought to you by Soul Apps Studio. Super Voice Editor is a great tool that offers a wide selection of sound effects to make your day. It works well to change your voice into alien, child, superhero, and many more. Whether you want to prank your friends or simply need to have fun, this voice changer brings lots of excitement.

With this app, you can record voice from anywhere and at any time. It also features audio editor that allows you to edit any kind of favorite music in different formats, for free! Among the best features is ringtone maker that enables you to create your own ringtone. Cut from any voice, combine into a nice track, and your very own ringtone is ready to use.

Super Voice Editor also comes with audio tuner. You can use a bunch of interesting scenes to improve your voice with this functionality. Last but not least, its messenger voice changer feature allows you to send funny voice to your friends. Now you can prank your family or friends with this powerful and smart app.

7. Auto-Tune Mobile

Auto-Tune Mobile

Download On The App Store

Antares Audio Technologies develops a professional auto-tune app dubbed as Auto-Tune Mobile. This tool comes with an ability to correct your vocal pitch for a better vocal performance. Featuring world’s class auto-tune technology by Antares, this app brings a new definition of mobile recording studio. No matter who you are: beginners, local performers, or even expert singers, this app is surely for you.

How does it work? This powerful auto-tune app detects your voice and correct your pitch according to the notes you select on the screen. With the ability to deliver corrected vocals through the speakers, it makes you feel like having a personal vocal coach. Just make sure to connect the app with your sound system, unless you won’t be able to hear the feedback.

Auto-Tune Mobile boasts more other features, including compatible with Audiobus apps, specifically designed for musicians, and it has been tested with professional microphone audio interfaces. You can also enjoy the auto-tune effect that helps retune your pitch. If you like what it offers, simply download it on the App Store. This app is available at $4.99.

8. VocaLive


Download On The App Store

This is another fantastic app for iOS users who need to discover their singing talent. VocaLive helps you practice and improve, thanks to 12 real-time vocal effects it brings. These effects can be combined, so you can create your own presets. But if you want to use default presets, this app offers 55 different choices to upgrade your voice.

There are many things VocaLive can do. Not only can you sing along to any favorite songs, you can also enjoy microphone emulation that gives more control over your tone. And if you are good enough at singing, this app provides you with Live Mode that can be used for a live concert. Additionally, it supports Core MIDi that makes it compatible with third-party interfaces.

VocaLive comes packed with a set of features, including recording app, real-time vocal processor, vocal effects, and metronome. Not to mention it boasts auto-freeze and multi-track recording. To feel the best experience, install VocaLive on your iPhone along with in-app purchases.

9. Voice Synth

Voice Synth

Download On The App Store

Are you looking for a professional music synthesizer? Voice Synth is a recommended app that will give you the best experience of voice processing. This app comes with a set of tools like auto pitch, vocoder, and speed-shift sampling. With these tools, you are allowed to sing like T-Pain or Daft Punk.

If you want to have fun with a funny voice, this auto-tune app lets you choose between animals, evil, weird voice, and many more. And interestingly, Voice Synth enables you to play by voice. For example, you need to scream or hum to play rock guitar or church organ.

Whether you are a voice artist, sound designer, or musician, this is a must-have app on your mobile device. To enjoy all the features, you need to pay $11.99.

Playing with sound brings a lot of fun! Moreover, if you can find the best auto-tune apps that meets your preference, you can do many things like auto-tuning, playing with voice effects, and much more. Now that you know recommended auto tune apps on Google Play and App Store, choosing the best one is way easier.

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