9 Best Photo Collage Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Photo Collage Apps for Android and iOS

Making a photo collage is one of the best ways to appreciate your precious moments with friends and family. There are tons of photo collage apps that allow you to create beautiful photo albums and upload them on social media. Unluckily, choosing the best photo collage app can be tricky as each of them offers highlight features.

Do you need help? If you are among people who don’t like to install random apps on your smartphone, you have to check this out. You will find shortlisted photo collage apps that work great to make creative photo albums. They also offer functional features so you won’t waste time when using these apps. Keep scrolling through the page and find your favorite!

Best Photo Collage Apps to Download

Finding reliable photo collage apps takes more time than choosing random apps with ‘photo collage’ title on it. You need to make sure the app can help you with the project. Besides, it should be user-friendly so you won’t spend much time learning how to use it. Can’t wait for the best recommendation for photo collage apps? Here they are.

1. Moldiv

Best Photo Collage Apps: Moldiv

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To begin with, there is Moldiv that boasts a lot of features to improve your photo-editing experience. This app comes with a beauty editor, selfie specialty, as well as motion graphics video camera. Combined with a beauty camera, you will look fresh with a smooth screen for the best appearance. And most importantly, it lets you create amazing collages that are one of a kind.

Things just get better as it features particle effects, animated stickers, and live filters on the video camera. The app also provides you with 199 filters and 13 different themes. That means you can make thousands of unique collages with different combinations.

Moldiv comes with text capabilities that let you add text to the collages and photos. It has 300 fonts with more than 310 frames and 500 stickers for the best photo layout. This app is available on the Play Store and App Store.

2. PicCollage


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PicCollage is a free photo collage app that is suitable for beginners. Thanks to a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. It has many things to offer such as free fonts, instant photo grids, and greeting cards. Unlike Moldiv that allows you to take pictures and record videos from the app, PicCollage lets you import photos from the gallery, Google Photos, or Facebook.

Once the photo is imported, you can do a lot of things. Your creativity is the limit, thanks to thousands of sticker selections and backgrounds that let you create epic collages. Not to mention it has pre-designed frames and templates for quick collage creation.

Don’t enjoy the amazing collages by yourself. Share with your family and friends through social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Pic Collage also lets you print the photos and make it a homemade greeting card or phone case. The app works well on Android and iOS.

 3. PhotoGrid

PhotoGridDownload On Google Play Download On The App Store

Are you looking for a full-featured collage app? PhotoGrid should be taken into consideration. This collage maker has a lot of things to upgrade your photo-editing skills. It allows you to create video presentations, memes, and GIFs from still images. If you want to make a unique greeting card or scrapbook, this app can be your best project partner.

PhotoGrid comes with basic editing tools such as rotation, crop, adjust brightness, and resize. It also provides you with fonts, stickers, emoji, and collage templates for more creative photos. Additionally, the app offers pre-designed backgrounds and filter effects to satisfy your wildest imagination.

It doesn’t stop there. PhotoGrid features video control that lets you apply slow-motion effects, transitions, filters, and many more. Good news for Android and iOS users, you can easily download this app on the Play Store and App Store then enjoys the excitement.

4. PicsArt


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Everybody knows PicsArt. This free collage app and photo editor has been used by millions of users worldwide. It offers an easy-to-use package with a user-friendly interface that helps beginners upgrade their photo-editing and collage-making skills. Interestingly, PicsArt has a large community that facilitates the members to share their creations.

If your purpose is not only to edit photos but also to make friends and followers, PicsArt is a great choice. You can simply make a creation from your own photos or use images uploaded by others. With myriad editing features such as photo filters, templates, and drawing tools, you can explore your creativity for the best photo collages.

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PicsArt also provides basic functionalities such as adjusting brightness, cropping and blending. Whenever you are done with the project, showcase the masterpiece by uploading it to your social media account and community.

5. Pic Stitch

Pic Stitch

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Another best photo collage app for Android and iOS is Pic Stitch. This free application works best to create epic photos and videos. Simply adjust the aspect ratios and background music to make a collage that really describes your feeling.

Using Pic Stitch, you are required to trim each photo and video. You can also add text, filters, stickers, and even watermarks so that nobody can steal your masterpiece. To upgrade your skill, it comes with a text overlay that lets you handle app functions. Beginners may find that Pic Stitch is a little bit difficult to use but it can be your best project companion over time.

Just like many other collage apps, Pic Stitch lets you share your creation on social media. Or, you can save it to the Gallery for limited consumption. This app is basically free but it offers add-on packs that charge up to $1.99.

6. PiZap


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PiZap wraps collage maker, photo editor, and meme generator in a single app. Not only can you fix photos with this app, but you can also create one of a kind collage as well as a poster and greeting card. If you are an avid social media user, PiZap lets you design and make cover art for Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

Since the majority of its users are teenagers, PiZap brings teen-oriented templates and layouts. A variety of themes such as special occasions, holidays, and sentiments are available in this app. Make your photo collages speak louder with texts and symbol memes. Additionally, it features special effects and filters to improve your images. PiZap is available for Android and iOS smartphones.

7. PicPlayPost


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In case this is your first time making a photo collage, PicPlayPost can be your best companion. This collage maker is specifically designed for beginners, thanks to ease-of-use features that enable you to learn more about making photo and video collages. When opening the app, you will see a For You compilation that shows your latest videos and images.

However, that does not mean PicPlayPost is not suitable for experienced users. It has a number of features to explore your creativity such as six aspect ratio and music background. You can also use animated text, choose transitions as well as add Live photos.

Overall, PicPlayPost is a great app for beginners and experienced collage makers. This app is available for free on Play Store and App Store. But if you want to upgrade yourself and enjoy pro editing features, this app costs between $1.99 and $24.99.

8. Pro Photo Mosaic Creator

Pro Photo Mosaic Creator

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Among the best collage makers, Pro Photo Mosaic Creator offers something distinctive. This app enables you to create your own collages with photos or videos. It supports various sources ranging from Camera roll to social media accounts such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Flickr. To personalize the collage, you can zoom the details and customize the images.

More interestingly, Pro Photo Mosaic Creator lets you download the video in HD and 4K resolutions. The ability to analyze shapes and colors makes this app dependable to create a mosaic quickly. Whenever your masterpiece is ready, you can save to gallery or share on social media accounts.

This cross-platform app is compatible with Android and iOS. If you want to enjoy a different experience in collage-making, Pro Photo Mosaic Creator is available on Play Store and App Store.

9. Layout


Download On Google Play Download On The App Store

Layout from Instagram is one of the best collage makers, thanks to dozens of features that come along with this app. It allows you to use built-in templates to remix photos. Though it is from Instagram, you can choose the photos from wherever you are. Simply choose up to 9 photos from your gallery or camera roll and let this app do the job.

Layout has a wide array of functionalities to create distinctive collages. You can swap, zoom in, stretch, and replace images even if they are already in the templates. This best photo collage app also provides you with an Instagram filter that makes your collage more impressive. Whenever the collage is ready, share with your friends on Instagram or other social networks.

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