10 Best Clock Widgets for Android

Best Clock Widgets for Android

Clock is one of the most customizable widgets to improve your Android interface. A ton of choices are available, allowing you to spruce up the phone effortlessly. As more developers launch their clock widgets with different functionalities, it becomes a little harder to choose the best clock widget for Android. Having that said, it should not drive you insane.

Choosing the best clock widget can be simple, as long as you know what you need. It can be minimalist text, large size, full-featured, and many others. In case you need good references, the following clock widgets should be taken into consideration. Be prepared!

Best Clock Widgets for Android

Clock widgets are more functional than you thought. Not only can the widget help you keep a track of time, but it also gives an aesthetic touch to your mobile phone. Some others also provide weather features that enable you to get accurate information about today’s weather as well as forecast. Take a look at these best clock widgets for Android. Give them a try and makeover your Android device.

1. Digital Clock Widget Xperia

Digital Clock Widget Xperia

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Coming with the Sony Xperia look, this digital clock widget is simple yet highly customizable. Give a different feel to your Android smartphone and enjoy features such as adjustable color, semi-transparent backplate, and adjustable font size and color. Whether you have a wide or small screen, the Xperia-inspired widget can be resized. It offers three different sizes: tall (2×2), big (4×2), and small (2×1).

This clock widget features brief weather information. If you demand a weather forecast, simply tap the widget and you’ll get the weather forecast that you need. Moreover, the digital clock widget features an option to launch the calendar app, alarm app, or any other apps which can be customized as required.

Do you need more features? Simply unlock the Premium version and Digital Clock Widget Xperia can give you more. Unlocking the Premium version allows you to remove ads, show battery level, and show current time in various locations.

2. Digital Clock Widget

Digital Clock Widget

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This is a clock widget that gives you an iPhone feel. Digital Clock is a simple widget that delivers a ton of customizations to improve your Android interface. Adopting the iPhone’s home screen, this clock widget becomes one of the most favorite choices among users.

The widget is friendly for all Android devices, both smartphones, and tablets. It supports widget resizing, allowing you to resize the clock at any time. Additionally, it supports various time and date formats as well as app pickers to open any app that you want.

Thanks to the material design UI that makes this clock widget friendly. It also lets you personalize the date and time by selecting millions of colors provided by the widget.

3. Retro Clock Widget

Retro Clock Widget

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Now you can personalize the Android interface with Retro Clock Widget. Delivering customizable style and shortcuts, this free widget is developed based on the classical flipping clock. This is what you need to upgrade your home screen look.

Retro Clock Widget provides shortcuts to alarm and calendar app, giving you easier access to both apps. It features a customizable look and feel by offering a lot of options to adjust transparency, color, and set shortcut apps. Besides, the widget is resizable so you can set the size as needed.

To use this widget, simply press the long empty area on your home screen. Choose widgets and select Retro Clock. Now you can keep a track of time and date as well as get a new look.

4. Minimal Clock

Minimal Clock

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Minimal Clock is another widget that enables you to make it look the way you want. The attractive-looking widget can enhance your home screen, thanks to customizable size and color. This digital clock is easy to use and lightweight and comes with a simple design.

Tons of features are ready to enhance your Android interface. It displays hour, day of week, and battery status. It also supports customizable color for face border and face fill. Thanks to the high-resolution display that lets you enjoy its beautiful appearance. And yet, it may drain your battery.

The minimalist clock gives easy access to settings. Optional tap is included to help you launch the selected app faster. Not to mention it has an adjustable line and text thickness to meet your preferences.

5. Analog Clock Widget

Analog Clock Widget

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Personalize your home screen with this Analog Clock. This widget looks simple, beautiful and exceptionally useful to track the time. All the convenience is at your fingertips, simply tap on the widget and you can select one of 5 clock designs that suit your home screen.

Analog Clock comes in two different sizes: 2×2 and 3×3 sizes. It lets you adjust the right size based on the screen size. Inspired by classic analog clocks, this widget brings aesthetic touch to your screen. Analog Clock is free but it does not have ads. You can enjoy the screen without ads that keep popping up.

6. Cute Clock Widget

Cute Clock Widget

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This is a widget that will suit your sweet and cheerful personality. Cute Clock comes with a pink-nuanced floral and natural theme, allowing you to unleash the princess’s side of you. This widget supports a lot of features to make a statement. It provides 3 different sizes to fit your screen size.

The widget also contains up to 25 different designs, allowing you to change the design every day. Besides the clock feature, this widget enables you to launch a calendar and alarm. Simply tap on the date for the calendar and time for the alarm. If you want to use a browser, simply tap on the bottom right of this widget.

7. 3D Clock Widget

3D Clock Widget

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3D Clock is another best clock widget for Android to revamp your phone interface. This widget looks simple yet elegant with a customizable backplate (transparency and color). The 3D clock comes with a silver style that makes your phone look more adorable.

The widget is specially developed to track the time. Additionally, it enhances the beauty of your phone interface. You can easily change the size as the widget provides 4 different sizes: Small (1×1), Medium (2×2), Large (3×3), and Huge (4×4). Your home screen is now personalized.

This clock widget is so practical. Once installed, long-press your home screen to release the widget. Choose the transparency level as desired and select your favorite color. If you want to make it look like a real analog clock, enable the second hand. 

8. BobClockD3


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This customizable digital clock is what you need to revamp the home screen. Inspired by the Cowon D3 clock, BobClockD3 comes with an attractive look that catches your attention. Thanks to customizable color and date size that makes this widget more interesting.

BobClockD3 widget offers a handful of features. Match the widget and phone theme by changing the color. Providing lowercase and uppercase mode, this widget gives everything you need to improve the interface. Additionally, it allows you to launch a clock app right from the widget with a simple setup.

Do you have a small or widescreen? Simply adjust the date size to make it look harmonious with your home screen. Choose between 12 hour or 24-hour modes as desired for the best screen appearance.

9. Super Clock Widget

Super Clock Widget

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Super Clock is one of the best clock widgets for Android available on Google Play, it is a super widget to inform you about time, date, and weather. It features weather information that allows you to keep track of current weather. Some other information such as alarm clock, time zone, and the calendar is also available.

The analog clock widget comes with a black backplate that matches any theme and home screen. Not only can it display time and date, but it also shows battery status. This teal-themed clock widget comes with a battery indicator that will change color automatically according to your battery level.

What’s more? Weather features come with details such as sunrise, sunset, pressure, and wind. You can also check the temperature in the metric or imperial unit. Interestingly, it offers a full version. When you purchase this version, you will get customized background, more themes, as well as more weather icons to personalize your screen.

10. Flip Clock & Weather Widget

Flip Clock & Weather Widget

Download On Google Play

If you need a full-featured widget that gives all the information about time, weather, temperature, and more, Flip Clock & Weather Widget will serve you well. This digital clock is specially designed as a highly customizable widget that provides not only time but also weather forecast. Now you will not forget to bring an umbrella, thanks to the accurate weather information it brings.

This widget adopts a flip clock style that makes your home screen look attractive. Coming with attractive design and layout, this is what you need to spruce up the interface. When it comes to weather features, it has live weather background wallpaper. Whenever severe weather comes, this widget will send you alerts and warnings. Interestingly, the clock and weather widget provides hourly and 7-day weather forecasts.

While most clock widget only works on the home screen, Flip Clock & Weather comes into your lock screen. Whenever you need to check the time and weather, no need to unlock the screen as everything will be displayed on the lock screen.

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