14 Best Songwriting Apps for Android and iOS

by Haya Barnard

Best Songwriting Apps

Every musician knows how random their thoughts can be. Sometimes a good song lyric just pops into their head and when they get a paper and pen, it disappears. To get rid of this super annoying feeling, the best songwriting apps can help you catch random ideas that come into your mind.

Songwriting apps can be a great tool to write song lyrics, guitar riff, or music scores when you’re away from your desk. Using these apps, you can jot down all the lyrics and rhymes before it’s gone. What choices are available out there? Check them out.

Best Songwriting Apps for Android and iOS

Both Android-based and iOS-based apps are available on the market. We’ve put together top-rated apps to help you with songwriting anywhere, anytime. Get one of these apps on your device and deal with your unpredictable thoughts.

1. Songwriter’s Pad

Songwriter’s Pad

Writing a good song made simple with Songwriter’s Pad. This app is created to help you write a hit song in a matter of minutes. Whenever a brilliant idea sparks into your mind, get your smartphone, open this app, and jot them down.

But wait! Songwriter’s Pad is more than an app to keep your ideas—it’s also a great app containing a powerful tool to generate ideas for cool music. Writing lyrics has never been this easy! Whether you’re feeling happy or blue, feel free to generate words that reflect your mood.

What’s more, it has the ability to find words that rhyme (internet connection required). Not to mention it includes a dictionary and thesaurus to help you define words or find similar words. And if you used to have problems with scattered music sheets and songs, this app helps you keep them in one place.

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2. Tully


Made for songwriters and artists, Tully is a decent app to not only to write and record ideas but also store and manage them in a single place. Designed with a simple and clear interface, working with your creative content is completely simple.

This best songwriting app has everything you need to preserve your music ideas. The ability to write lyric is the main star in this app, but you can also find many other features like rhyming suggestions, mixes creator, and cloud server storage for easier access.

There are many other things you can do with this app, such as distributing music to major streaming platforms, create split sheet agreements, and even managing metadata. Overall, this is a versatile songwriting app for every musician.

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3. Lyric Notepad

Lyric Notepad

Either you’re a rapper, songwriter, or poets, Lyric Notepad comes in handy to keep your ideas organized. This application is designed not only to take notes but also find new words and record lyrics, thanks to a built-in recorder.

It also comes loaded with syllable counter with which you can keep track of syllables in your lyric. You will be able to see the syllable count to the left side of your screen. Besides, measure mode is also available to break the lyric into quarter measures.

And if you wish to specify the BPM, this app is equipped with metronome which can be used either in visual and audio reference. You’ll also love its built-in notepad that lets you keep track of stuff related to the lyric.

Overall, Lyric Notepad is an amazing lyric writing app for Android-based devices. Featuring a user-friendly design and a wide range of features, it makes songwriting so much easier from your smartphone.

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4. Maestro


Maestro is a music composer designed to help you write music quickly and easily. With over 1M+ downloads on Google Play, it has helped millions of musicians, songwriters, and students from around the globe.

Using this app, you can write notes, layered notes, and chorded notes in a matter of minutes. You can also measure bar lines, repeat signs, apply transposition, and many more. Not to mention it enables you to change clef, tempo, time signature, and key signature.

Even better, this app supports more than 100 instruments like organ, violin, guitar, drums, and so forth. It also supports fun sound effects like helicopter, seashore, telephone ring, bird tweet, and even scream.

There are many other features and functionality to find in this app, such as export to print sheet music, export to audio file, and even listen to your creation. Not surprisingly, it became one of the best free songwriting apps for Android devices.

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5. Write Songs Lite

Write Songs Lite

Either you have a problem with unorganized lyrics or you always forget good rhymes, this app offers a brilliant solution to solve the issue. This feature-rich app allows you to store and share lyrics, check on rhyming dictionary, record your creation, and many more.

Not only can musicians and songwriters organize their lyrics, but they can also manage playlists manually. It also has the ability to generate song ideas, just in case you’re running out of inspiration.

What makes it more interesting is that you can express songwriting in different fonts and emojis. It also comes loaded with a backup feature, making it possible to backup songs to SD card and cloud—even you can protect your creation with password.

Overall, Write Songs Lite is a great app for songwriters, musicians, or students who need to build their own songs from scratch.

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6. RoadWriter Lite

RoadWriter Lite

As the name suggests, RoadWriter Lite is an app to write song when you’re traveling. This tool is ideal for musicians, recording artists, or anyone who needs to remain productive and creative even when they’re away from their working nook.

This app comes packed with two modes, including Rehearse Mode and Perform Mode. While Rehearse mode allows you to select your songs with song structure, Perform Mode provides you with a full screen of finished song.

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There are abundant features brought to you by RoadWriter Lite, such as simple and effective song formulation, auto replay, skip back and skip forward (5 seconds), and delete multiple song. You will also love its automatic progress save when you’re receiving a call.

Do you want to share with friends or clients? This app has a share option that allows you to send lyrics via email, Dropbox, text, and more. It also comes packed with a backup/restore feature for easier recovery.

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7. Lyrics Writer with Chords

Lyrics Writer with Chords

If you’re looking for a simple tool to write songs then Lyrics Writer with Chords is worth the thought. Writing your own lyrics made simple, thanks to easy to use tools and simple interface. Using this app, you can make your own song lyrics or paste your favorite one.

This songwriting app has a number of features, including auto scrolling lyrics, clear visuals, abundant font types, and auto text highlights. It also supports offline mode, so internet connection has nothing to do with your creativity.

Using this app is easy as pie. To add lyrics, simply tap + button to the right of the screen and start writing your lyric. You can edit or delete the lyric at your convenience.

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8. Songwriting Wizard

Songwriting Wizard

Created for Android devices, Songwriting Wizard is the perfect tool to help you make your own song. It uses an algorithm that helps you make a song that has never existed before. Even if you have a little knowledge about music, this app has got your back.

There’s a long list of features to enjoy, including song attributes that allow you to edit tempo, tonality, and genre of the music. It also has a theme which automatically generates melody and chord progression for each verse and chorus.

Additionally, Songwriting Wizard helps you with the arrangement of your song by specifying the order of each part. It also lets you select a pattern of accompaniment for drums, keyboard, or bass—there’s a wide variety of patterns to choose from.

If you’re done with the music, feel free to export your song to sheet music (as image) or MIDI file. This best songwriting app also has a sharing option that enables you to share the creation with your friends. 

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9. Simple Songwriter

Simple Songwriter

Either you’re beginner or advanced musicians, Simple Songwriter could be the best option to get your song done. This cool app helps you create music in a fun way, thanks to a simple interface and easy to use tools brought to the table.

This songwriter app lets you do a lot of things from generating song ideas to recording your own song. Finding chords is also possible, allowing you to create a song that sound great. Not to mention you can easily identify the key of the song.

What if you find out that the key doesn’t sound so good? Simple Songwriter lets you change the key and test chord progression at a time.

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10. Songwriter Pro

Songwriter Pro

Thousands of songs have been written using Songwriter Pro, making it one of the most trusted songwriter apps among iOS users. Featuring a complete set of tools, this is an app that helps improve your productivity and creative process.

There’s a long list of features to take advantage of this best songwriting app, including rhyme search and phrase search to create decent lyrics even if you run out of ideas. It also supports word search with which you can find words based on our moods.

Audio recording comes standard, alongside audio importing to import instruments while writing. Export feature is also available to bring your songs to cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud.

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12. Write Song

Write Song

Everyone with a little musical knowledge can write their own song with the Write Song app. If you’re interested in joining the crowd, get this app and see how it helps you out.

This songwriting app is completely simple to use, making it accessible to everyone. Once downloaded on your iOS-based device, there are so many things you can do with it. For instance, you can record the lyrics and audio in a single app.

What’s more, it provides music instrument tuning to help you set up instruments correctly. Thanks to the accurate chromatic tuner it has. For additional convenience, it comes packed with auto-scrolling text so you can sing without interruption.

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13. Song Memo

Song Memo

Song Memo comes in handy to take notes of your lyric ideas. This best songwriting app is created to help you organize your songs and write chord progressions without hassle. This app will automatically detect chords while you’re taking a note.

In addition to writing song and detecting chord, this app supports key transposition and song synchronization across iOS devices. Plus, you can import songs from clouds and edit using this application before sharing with your friends. 

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14. iSongwriter


If you want to be a songwriter but you have few musical knowledge, iSongwriter is a fantastic app to download. Using this app, you can easily generate and edit chord progressions suitable for part A to C. It also helps generate a melody that’s suitable for your chord progression.

On top of that, this app features song properties with which you can edit time signature, tempo, tonality, and key. Music instruments accompaniment is also available to generate accompaniment pattern.

For easier sharing, this best songwriting app comes loaded with built-in sharing and projecting feature. And if you love to interact with other apps, this tool supports audio bus to record and mix song with other apps.

Download on the App Store

14. Song-Writer Lite

Song-Writer Lite

Here’s Song-Writer Lite, a simple and easy to use songwriting app to jot down your ideas. Writing song on the go made simple with this app, thanks to a bunch of features offered to you. While lyric writing and audio recording comes standard, you can easily insert chords with a chord picker.

What’s more, this app is loaded with chord diagrams that include more than 1,000 chords from different instruments like bass, guitar, banjo, and anything you want. Easily export your songs to PDFs or MySongbook Files and save for later.

Download on the App Store

To sum up, the best songwriting apps offer a huge help to keep your songs organized. Write every idea popping into your mind and make your creative process more fun with songwriting apps.

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