Telegram vs WhatsApp, Which One Is Safer & Better?

by Hashir Zuniga

Telegram vs WhatsApp

Telegram vs WhatsApp is something people tend to compare today. Besides, both of them have their benefits and weaknesses. Before comparison turns into a never-ending debate, it is better to look into their differences. Eventually, the decision of which one is better depends on the user’s needs.

Telegram vs WhatsApp: What Makes Them Different

These two are similar but still have differences. We all know that they are BFF but even a best friend used to disagree on something. Here are some differences between the two most loved chat app in the world:

1. Synchronize

WhatsApp is adorable but you cannot open it on a different device at the same time. Even though WhatsApp web allows users to use it on smartphones and PC, you can only do it on the same device. It means if you cannot open the WhatsApp web on two PCs because you have to log out from one of your PCs to do it.

Meanwhile, Telegram is a cloud basis. So, it allows users to log in from different devices at once such as PC, tablet, and smartphone. In this case, it is better than what WhatsApp can do. That is why users love to use it, especially the one that has multiple devices.

2. Member Number

A war of Telegram vs WhatsApp continues in terms of the member number. Both of them are capable of creating a group. But, Telegram can create a group with members up to 200.000. Surely, you can have the whole neighborhood inside the Telegram group.

WhatsApp seems to be less generous about group members with a capacity of only 250 each group. There is no specific reason why WhatsApp has a limitation regarding member number. But, since its launch, WhatsApp continues to increase member number limit.

3. Type and Size of Deliverable File

Once again, Telegram proves its generosity by allowing users to share or send any type of file. Any type of file means you can send pictures, videos, zip files, PDF, etc. Moreover, Telegram is able to send up to 1,5 GB size of the file. No wonder why today’s people who tend to share anything love this app.

Meanwhile, our beloved WhatsApp is only able to send a file up to 100 MB. WhatsApp users must use google drive if they want to share a bigger size file. Though, users can send any type of file including documents in zipping, PDF, pictures, and video.

4. Storage

Since Telegram is a cloud basis, it allows users to save files in the cloud. It means more storage for your file. Meanwhile, the benefit of saving a file in the cloud is that you can free your phone from files. So, it maximizes smartphone performance such as avoiding legging and full of storage.

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Telegram vs WhatsApp Storage

When Telegram uses Cloud as storage WhatsApp still counts on smartphone storage. Sometimes, storage in the smartphone is full because of unused pictures sent from the WhatsApp group. It takes time to delete and free the storage. In some cases, full storage can cause legging and lower smartphone performance.

5. Encryption

It is known that Telegram has a secret chat feature and it is a kind of end to end encryption. When users think that they don’t need a secret chat, they can just delete it by activating a self destruct timer. Moreover, the user account will automatically disappear when they are not logged in a specific time.

Telegram vs WhatsApp Encryption

This secret chat is somehow hated by the government around the globe. The main reason is always related to national security and above all terrorism activity. As we all know, most terrorist organizations use Telegram as their communication tool.

WhatsApp also has an end to end encryption. While Telegram end to end encryption is applicable only when secret chat is activated, WhatsApp is better. WhatsApp uses it everywhere. So, every chat and file sending is encrypted.

Security of Whatsapp vs Telegram

When we are using a chat application, security is the first thing that always comes to mind. Additionally, the anxiety of how safe our data or our conversation always emerge. We have a feeling that someone is always watching, which is normal.

Is WhatsApp Safe

Telegram vs WhatsApp is the most compared chat app in terms of security. Users can now cheer for Telegram since it is claimed by the expert that is more secure than WhatsApp. Telegram is an MTProto basis and builds on a time-tested algorithm. Moreover, MTProto protocol is very useful in encrypting user data.

Secret chat is a distinguishing feature of Telegram that allows users to send a file or just chat securely. A three-layer encryption system makes Telegram one step ahead than any other chat app. In some countries, the secret chat comes under fire. But still, it is secure because no one can see or hack the conversation and files that have been sent.

Telegram Security

Meanwhile, WhatsApp also offers an acceptable security level though in some cases, the third party can block or hack it. Meanwhile, to protect user data, WhatsApp uses two-factor authentication. Yet this is optional but the user should activate it to protect their account. A passcode will be needed when there is any attempt to verify the phone number.

WhatsApp also provides a security-code to make sure that chat is encrypted. Meanwhile, this code may change when the user changes the device or install and uninstall it. Furthermore, the user will get an alert if the contact security code has changed.

Telegram vs WhatsApp comparison always stresses on security. Until today, Telegram is the most secure chat app in the world. But, WhatsApp is still very popular because it’s easy to use and also offers a reasonable security system. Thus, which one to prefer?

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