Is WhatsApp Safe? All You Need to Know About Its Security

by Hashir Zuniga

Is WhatsApp Safe

WhatsApp is a messenger service that is used by many people around the world. However, even though many people use WhatsApp, there are still many who ask, is WhatsApp safe? In addition, WhatsApp also has a variety of features, but it is still questionable whether the feature is sufficient to protect the data and user privacy.

The security of messaging service is very important in the modern era because now there are many cybercriminals. Moreover, WhatsApp has a large number of users that WhatsApp security needs to be questioned. Here is the discussion about the security of WhatsApp that you need to know.

How Safe Is WhatsApp?

Some people believe that WhatsApp is safe for them to use, but some people still ask is WhatsApp safe. WhatsApp is safe to use but the main problem is how users can maintain their privacy on WhatsApp. Moreover, WhatsApp has privacy options that allow users to hide when you last accessed WhatsApp.

How Safe Is WhatsApp?

However, your profile picture is still possible to be tracked. Therefore, the encryption key is the main error of the WhatsApp service because malicious people can take this encryption key. In addition, they can also copy encryption and use it to access your WhatsApp account.

In fact, hackers can also use WhatsApp and send messages to you that you think are messages from your family. Whereas, the message sent by the hacker is dangerous Malware. To avoid this happening, make sure every chat on WhatsApp is encrypted.

You can check the encryption code manually by opening the profile of the person you are talking to. Users can enter the Encryption menu where there are 40 numeric codes and QR codes. In the second chats, the user will have 40 codes and the same QR code. This shows that the chat content is encrypted safely.

Therefore, if you ask is WhatsApp safe, the answer is yes, WhatsApp is safe for you to use. However, you need to know what kind of content you should send using WhatsApp. For example, avoid sending bank account details or passwords to all your accounts via WhatsApp.

Then, you also need to change your WhatsApp settings more privacy to be more secure. Then, if you still question is WhatsApp safe, you can find out security issues on WhatsApp. The following are reviews of WhatsApp security issues that you should know about.

5 WhatsApp’s Security Issues

Now you have the answers to questions about is WhatsApp safe? WhatsApp tends to be safe for you to use but there are a number of security issues you should know about. Knowing security issues on WhatsApp will make you more alert when using WhatsApp. The following are WhatsApp security issues that you need to know about:

1. WhatsApp Web Malware

Many people access WhatsApp so hackers use WhatsApp to commit cybercriminals. They usually trap WhatsApp users by creating WhatsApp desktop applications. If you are not careful, you can download the application and if you install it on your computer, your computer will be in danger.

Or, they can also create phishing websites that can trick you so they get your personal information. Some of these applications or sites are disguised as WhatsApp Web. Therefore, if you already know the question is WhatsApp safe, you need to use the application from an official source.

2. Unencrypted Backups

The messages you send via WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted so that only you and the recipient can decode your message. However, this feature does not secure your message after it is encrypted on your device. This is because after the message is encrypted, it will be stored in the storage on your device.

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For example, the message will be stored in iCloud or Google Drive. Then, this becomes an ‘opportunity’ for those who want to steal your message via WhatsApp, which is accessing messages stored on your device. Therefore, you should be aware of unencrypted backups that are on your device.

3. Facebook Data Sharing

In 2016, WhatsApp had a policy of sharing data from WhatsApp to Facebook. For example, your usage data, or your telephone number. So, your WhatsApp message is very risky because of this policy. Then, a few years later the company removed this policy so users could be more secure using WhatsApp.

Facebook Data Sharing With WhatsApp

However, some experts talk about the plans for an integrated infrastructure between WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. So, when a user sends a message, the message will be sent on the same network. If this is really happening, are you still asking about is WhatsApp safe?

4. Hoaxes and Fake News

The next WhatsApp security issues are hoaxes and fake news. In fact, hoaxes and fake news can also lead to crime. WhatsApp is now trying to limit the ‘Forward’ feature so that hoaxes and fake news can be minimized. You can only forward a maximum of 5 WhatsApp groups and WhatsApp removes this feature in some countries.

5. WhatsApp Status

You should secure all your conversations on WhatsApp including your status. In addition, you can control anyone who can see your WhatsApp status. You need to do this so that the information you share is safe. Moreover, you also know who can see your WhatsApp status.

6 WhatsApp Security Tips

Now that you know what the security issues are on WhatsApp, this is the time to find out the security tips on WhatsApp. These security tips are very useful for protecting your privacy and your important data. The following are 6 WhatsApp security tips that are useful for you:

1. Turn On Security Notifications

When a new device accesses chat on your WhatsApp, a new security code is created. WhatsApp will send the notification to you so you can check the encryption with your friends through different messengers to ensure security. Therefore, it is important for you to always turn on security notifications.

Turn On Security Notifications

To activate security notifications, go to WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Security > Show security notifications and flip the toggle to green.

2. Beware of Common Scams

If you ask is WhatsApp safe, the answer is, of course, yes as long as you are beware of common scams. There are many scams through WhatsApp but most often you have to pay a few dollars to access your WhatsApp. In fact, the company guarantees that you can access WhatsApp for free.

3. Check Encryption for Sensitive Conversations

Check Encryption for Sensitive Conversations on WhatsApp

You can double-check all the encrypted chat to maintain your security. If you want to verify encryption, you can start a conversation with the contact. You can tap the contact’s name and tap Encryption so that you see a 40-digit pattern as your security code. If you and the contact have 40 codes with the same QR code, your message is encrypted safely.

4. Enable Two-Step Verification

You can use two-factor authentication by periodically adding a passcode on your WhatsApp. You need to do this to ensure others do not access your data. If you enable this feature, other people cannot access your WhatsApp account without your consent.

Enable Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp

To turn on two-step verification, go to Menu > Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable.

5. Protect Your Privacy On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is not a very private messaging service but you can control many things on WhatsApp. You can control who can see your profile photo, Last Seen, status, or even your location. This is very important for those of you who want to privatize your data via WhatsApp.

Protect Your Privacy On WhatsApp

To change privacy settings on your WhatsApp, Go to Settings > Account > Privacy

Many people use the WhatsApp application but some people still question, Is WhatsApp safe? WhatsApp is safe for you to use but does not fully guarantee all your security. You also need to limit your privacy when you use WhatsApp so that your data and privacy are safe.

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