Viber vs Whatsapp, Which One Is Safer & Better?

by Hashir Zuniga

Viber vs Whatsapp

Day by day, instant messaging evolves and transforms itself. Maybe today we are crazy about how secure Telegram is or how friendly WhatsApp is. On the other hand, other instant messaging named Viber seems to gain more followers. Recently, Viber vs WhatsApp has become a talk among users and experts.

While some people are so familiar with WhatsApp some others don’t even know what Viber is. Here are some explanations and overviews related to Viber vs WhatsApp.

General Information of Viber vs WhatsApp

In general, WhatsApp and Viber are similar. Besides, these two apps are widely used and offer similar services and costs. Overall, both WhatsApp and Viber support for Android, macOS, iOS. Moreover, they are also supported for mobile, desktop, as well as web. It means everyone with a smartphone can install both of them and decide which one is better.

Another similarity is that both of the apps are free to download and offer end-to-end encryption. Encryption ensures user security that all the activities such as conversation and file sending cannot be seen or heard by anyone else. Only the user and recipient acknowledge the activity. Another service such as voice, instant messaging, and video call also provided.

Both apps allow a user to send any type of file or document as well as a media file. There is no problem of contact sharing since they both support it. Even though they both provide video and voice calls, Viber delivers better quality than WhatsApp. Furthermore, transfer ongoing calls is supported by Viber.

Network connections play an important role in the quality of voice calls. WhatsApp seems to be more vigorous in re-establish dropped calls. It applies the same for a video call but WhatsApp and Viber seem to be able to deal with it. Both voice and video calls are services users use to have beside chatting.

In 2014, Rakuten decided to acquire Viber and transform it into one of the biggest instant messaging in Asia. Under the new union, Viber has bigger capital and a chance to grow and compete among other chat apps. So far, some innovation such as payment via western union and public chats is available on Viber.

Which One Is Better?

Viber vs WhatsApp, it is quite tricky to decide which one is better. It is simply because some of us see them in general. But, if we know their differences we can decide who is the champion. Below are some references for what makes them different:

1. Viber vs Whatsapp Interface

Even though both WhatsApp and Viber are compatible at platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac, unlike their interface. Viber seems a bit more cluttered because it offers a richer interface. Moreover, something is annoying in Viber, which is stickers that need to be purchased. For users who are not a sticker minder, it would be overwhelming.

Whatsapp Interface

Whatsapp Interface

Viber Interface

Viber Interface

Meanwhile, WhatsApp offers a more simple and user-friendly interface. Most WhatsApp users feel comfortable because they have a feeling that everything is set. No wonder that WhatsApp users choose this app by its function, and that is simply instant messaging. It is proven by gathering users for more than 1,200 million around the globe.

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2. Price

If you think WhatsApp is free then you miss something the whole time. WhatsApp is indeed free but it’s had a policy of sharing data from WhatsApp to Facebook for ad-targeting purposes.

Meanwhile, Viber applies no fee when it comes to Viber to Viber messaging or calls. But, for Viber users who want to call a non-Viber user, there is a charge of about 1 – 99 cents per minute using Viber Out depending on the country. Vibers also cost users nothing when they want to download or install.

3. Feature

The biggest difference Viber vs WhatsApp is that Viber has a secret chat feature while WhatsApp didn’t. It is a bit similar to Telegram but Viber claims that what they have is more secure. Moreover, to avoid secret chat being read by anyone, there is a hide chat feature to make it possible.

Viber Secret Chats

Viber Secret Chats

What makes Viber interesting especially for youth is they have tons of stickers. It seems that their stickers fit for every occasion. Users seem didn’t care about some paid stickers and the clutter it might cause. Furthermore, users can play a game on Viber when it cannot happen in WhatsApp.

Even though both of these apps allow users to create a group, Viber seems to be more generous with its community. Community allows more members that a group can be. As stated above that Viber enables external calls with a cheap cost using Viber-Out. Again, WhatsApp cannot do this but the only app to app calls.

4. Viber vs Whatsapp Security

Both of them applied end-to-end encryption but Viber leads with their secret chat feature. They claim that no one can hack, see or listen to any activity in a secret chat. It is because the message being delivered as random or scramble code that only a receiver device can translate it.

Moreover, by default, the encryption in Viber is always on. It means that users don’t have to turn on the option on the device. This encryption also protects the user from what so-called sell private conversation. It is simply because, in the first place, no one can access them.

Viber vs WhatsApp winning their strong point. For users who love simplicity, WhatsApp is the winner. But for youth and energetic yet like to be a private user, then Viber is the best app for them. However, in some cases, Viber wins the competition.

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