Why Does My Xbox One Turn on by Itself? Here are the Answers

by Hashir Zuniga

Why Does My Xbox One Turn on by Itself

Everything about Xbox One is just great and fine until it turns on and off by itself. Some users are complaining about their gaming device randomly turning itself and the fact that you are coming to this article, you experience the same thing. Why does my Xbox One turn on by itself? Is it a factory defect or is it a sign that you need a new gaming set?

Well, it’s too soon to diagnose that your Xbox One needs a change. Instead, you can try to figure out the culprits behind this issue. There are some reasons that cause the device turns on and off by itself. That said, it’s a little bit tricky to identify the exact reason and fix the problem. Your only choice is knowing all the possibilities, try possible troubleshooting, and find one that works.

What Makes Xbox One Turn on by Itself

When your Xbox randomly turns on all the time, the first thing that you can do is identify the problem. While there are many reasons that cause this issue, it’s necessary to know each of them and try possible methods to fix it. Here, you are about to find the culprits behind Xbox that turns on randomly and how to get rid of it.

1. Check the Xbox power button

Check the Xbox power button

Your Xbox One is designed with a capacitive power button. That means the slightest touch can turn on the device, even when you don’t notice it. Especially if the console is located within reach of kids or pets, chances are that they may touch the power button by mistake and turn it on randomly. Additionally, dust and debris buildup can also affect the sensitivity of the button.

In case of kids and pets causes, the first thing to do is moving the console to a higher place. Make sure to keep it out of the reach of children and pets. If you don’t have children or pets around, dust and debris buildup can be the culprit. Simply wipe the console with a dry microfiber cloth. See if the issue is solved.

2. Take a look at the controller

Take a look at the controller

If you have a wireless controller, it can be another reason why your Xbox One turns on by itself. The wireless controller can turn on and off the Xbox One and chances are that you push the button by mistake, especially when the controller is not in a proper place.

When this happens, you need to make sure the controller is in a suitable place when it’s not in use. Or else, remove the batteries from the controller and check if the problem persists. In case the console keeps turning on randomly, move to the other troubleshoot.

3. Check Kinect or Cortana

Check Kinect or Cortana

Do you have Kinect or Cortana on your Xbox One? Then it may be another culprit that causes the issue. Kinect is designed to detect words or motion related to Xbox One. Anytime you say ‘Xbox’ or ‘hey Cortana’, this voice assistant will automatically turn on the device. Kinect is sensitive and it causes a mess many times. Meanwhile, Cortana may misunderstand the command.

What should you do to fix the problem? Simply disable the feature by disabling the wake up box. You can also unplug the Kinect and get rid of this issue. Now you can check if the Xbox remains turned on randomly.

4. Find HDMI-CEC option

HDMI-CEC option Xbox One

Not many people know that some televisions such as Samsung can automatically turn on the Xbox One. Whenever you turn the TV on, it will automatically turn on the game console as it is equipped with HDMI-CEC. Whenever your console turns on right after you power on the television, chances are the issue is caused by HDMI-CEC.

When it happens, you have to disable the HDMI-CEC option on the TV. It will stop the game console from turning on by itself. How to turn on the features? TV brands have different instructions to turn off the HDMI-CEC, so simply read the user manual of your TV and follow the procedure.

5. Inspect the Instant-On Feature

Xbox One is equipped with an instant-on feature that makes the device enter a low power mode, allowing it to power on more quickly. It also enables you to perform automatic updates or turn on with voice. This advanced feature, however, can make the console turn on randomly even in irrelevant situations.

If you suspect this feature, simply turn it off and check if the issue persists. Follow the instructions below to turn off the instant-on feature:

  • Find the Guide button on your controller and press.
  • Choose System, then navigate to Settings.
  • Select Power & startup and then choose Power mode & startup.

Instant-On Feature on Xbox One

  • Navigate to Power mode, then select Energy saving.
  • Reboot your console.

Once your console is rebooted, check if the Xbox One remains turning on randomly. If this method doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to call for help.

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