13 Best Keycloak Alternatives & Competitors

by Haya Barnard

Best Keycloak Alternatives

Keycloak has been one of the most popular tools that manage Identity and Access Management (IAM) matters. While this platform might serve essential functions, you should take a look at these Keycloak alternatives after all.

Utilizing a well-performing IAM tool is essential, especially if your business relies on the digital appearance a lot. After all, everybody logs in almost every day, right? This is why you have to ensure that everyone’s data is safe in the first place – especially your data.

For those who still wonder what things you will benefit from the best IAM solutions and what tools will work best for you, this list below will give you so much insight.

Best Keycloak Alternatives That Keep Your Network Safe

Keycloak is essentially an open-sourced tool that will manage IAM matters. It helps those businesses that adopt or focus on enterprise stuff.

As a one-stop solution, this platform offers lots of beneficial things for your business – and your network, of course. Several features include:

  • Support various protocols.
  • You can find specific functions for SSO things.
  • This platform comes with admin console features for effortless configurations.
  • Creating users’ databases securely.
  • Identity brokering.
  • Customize all pages effortlessly.

You will find other features enjoyable by giving this platform a try in the first place. However, it also comes with some flaws. While it might not be a big deal, some business owners and IT masters would love to stay out of those issues, such as:

  • There is no enterprise-level guarantee since Keycloak is an open-sourced platform.
  • Other platforms offer similar functions with better performances.
  • No social login feature.
  • It doesn’t support integration with other user data providers.
  • For SSO features, Keycloak is not the best on the market.

Thus, if you are looking for Keycloak alternatives Python or other languages with better performances, below is a list of some interesting names on the market. Some providers offer free services too!

1. Amazon Cognito

Amazon Cognito

The first IAM tool you should take a look at is Amazon Cognito. This program is quite popular and will be a perfect choice if you use Amazon cloud services in the first place.

You would love this platform for various reasons, such as:

  • Easy connection with all applications as long as you have the AWS Amplify module.
  • The system will take care of your needs with its solutions – no need to add other management solutions.
  • All users’ information will directly go to the AWS Cognito cloud.

Keep in mind that Amazon Cognito is not a free solution. Other than that, some aspects are not as user-friendly as other platforms in general. Compared to other solutions on the list, the AWS Amplify module is heavy.

Still, it won’t hurt to give it a try, considering this platform offers free services for the first 50K users.

2. Okta


When it comes to the best Identity and Access Management tools, Okta is obviously one of them. It has been around for a while to provide an effortless approach for your business.

On the other hand, Okta SSO offers solutions that combine IAM and zero trust – the best part is that everything is effortless. Also, the system will track the behaviors of your users. Several interesting features of this platform include:

  • You can pick pro-code, low-code, or no-code options, depending on your needs.
  • Integrated well with third-party apps, especially for better UX and excellent security.
  • Access insights and analyze the data by using one too.
  • Everything is customizable.

This option is suitable for you who put security and privacy on top of your priority. Also, Okta is essential for bigger companies.

3. Auth0


Another popular software like Keycloak on the market is Auth0. It offers lots of essential features when it comes to IAM tools. It generally runs in a public cloud but you can always upgrade the services, after all.

This platform utilizes a freemium scheme. You can use Auth0 for free until it reaches 7K users. As a free version, it is lacking in several advanced functions, such as customized emails, log retention, or as simple as role management.

As mentioned earlier, you can always upgrade your plan. All plans come with similar features and the only thing that makes the price difference is the number of your users. But you have to ask for a quote if you plan to use Auth0 for the enterprise.

4. Ping Identity

Ping Identity

If you are looking for an alternative to Keycloak that comes with a wide range of solutions then Ping Identity is an ideal place to take a look at. Other than being an IAM tool, this platform also comes up with a bunch of essential features,

Ping Identity gets regularly updated by the developers. It also means that you will always get to use the latest technology. Regardless of your business size, this software is such an ideal choice. Some features include:

  • Administering IAM across various users through the PingOne Platform.
  • Providing functions to minor API traffic and any risk signals.
  • Protect your data, resources, and other sensitive actions – it comes as Ping’s basics.
  • Deliver excellent functions and confirms user identities.

Ping Identity, more than anything, is an excellent choice for you who prefer an enterprise-grade IAM solution that comes with other essential features.

5. Gluu


Keycloak vs Gluu is such a popular keyword on search engines. Other than that, Gluu is a self-hosted IAM solution that competes tightly with Keycloak in almost every aspect.

This platform comes up with a few solution options, such as:

  • oxd, for securing certain apps
  • Super Gluu, for mobile apps
  • Glu Casa
  • Gluu Gateway, for authorization and authentication on websites
  • Gluu Server – this one is the main IAM solution.

Since this platform is an open-sourced type, you can customize the platform as much as you like. You should give this software a try, especially if you love customizing things.

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6. IdentityServer


There might be several names of open source Keycloak alternatives out there. But it may take a while to find a good one or at least a close one to Keycloak.

IdentityServer manages to be one of those tools that you should take a look at. However, this platform is putting more effort into the SSO solution instead of an IAM tool in general.

Utilizing this software will allow your users to log in with a set of credentials across various apps. It will be such an excellent feature for your business, especially if you manage more than one website or app in the first place.

The best part is that IdentityServer is a free SSO solution. It will be such an excellent tool to give a try, especially if you want to improve the user experience.

7. IBM


IBM is generally a one-stop place that provides lots of features for network needs. This is why you will realize that there are tons of things you have to provide on your website.

One of those essential things is the IBM IAM solution. While delivering excellent work, this platform comes with a competitive price compared to other similar solutions. IBM’s solutions come with some highlights, such as:

  • Every user gets the right access.
  • Verifying user identities discreetly.
  • Incorporates AI to uncover things that you don’t like.
  • Identify, protect, and take care of privileged accounts; preventing misuse.

Generally, IBM is an excellent choice for enterprise-level business. It comes with a price tag but it will be worth purchasing.

8. Oracle


Oracle is a platform that provides a robust IAM tool and is also one of the best SSO solutions out there. It is a cloud-based and on-premises choice that will fulfill your enterprise needs.

Many users love using this platform due to its ability to integrate with various apps, systems, and servers – even if you have customized apps, you can always use Oracle. Several worth-mentioned features are including:

  • Self-managed IAM serviced, collaborate through the cloud, or using SaaS.
  • Providing features with a cloud-native approach.
  • Ability to migrate your data to and from Azure, GCP, AWS, and many more.

9. Twingate


Twingate might not be part of the best Keycloak alternatives self hosted. However, it suits those who prefer the work of VPNs but with a more modern solution. You can set up the entire thing in under 15 minutes.

Compared to VPNs, Twingate is more maintainable, considering it implements a modern zero-trust network. Other than that, Twingate brands itself as a cloud-based solution, which allows users to co-manage the entire thing.

The best part offered by this platform is the invisibility of the network you are using in the first place. All in all, Twingate is an excellent IAM solution that comes with a high level of security.

10. CyberArk


Implementing the right IAM solution for your business is beyond necessity. Even though there are tons of options out there, all solutions are not made equal.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for an IAM software that works on various lines, CyberArk might be one of those names you want to take a look at. Other than being an IAM tool in general, it also features a robust SSO, MFA, and manages the identity lifecycle across multiple platforms.

Once the system detects anomalous behavior, the tool will take measured action. Of course, you are the one who has control and takes care of the baseline in the first place.

Thus, if you are looking for an IAM tool that comes with adaptive access control then CyberArk is your best bet.

11. OpenIAM


OpenIAM is one of the best open source IAM tools out there that suits enterprise environments. Don’t worry because it comes with both enterprise and community editions – professional commercial supports are available.

As open-source software, this platform offers powerful web access control for various roles, such as identity management, SSP, API integration control, and many more. For better security, you can have multi factor authentication as well.

OpenIAM is one of the best free Keycloak alternatives that allow you to manage your network effortlessly. Be sure to check out this software and see how it works for you.

12. Cisco


Cisco is definitely not the best open source SSO solution out there but you would love its IAM and zero trust solutions offered by this platform. Other than those two magnificent features, this platform also provides micro-segmentation and network access control.

Some worth-mentioning highlights from this platform include:

  • This platform features Identity Services Engine, which enhances policy enforcement automatically.
  • Provides secure network access control in a more simplified way.
  • Supports software-defined access.

You should give Cisco a try if you don’t mind the budget, after all. Feel free to check out its portfolio.

13. Semperis


Meanwhile, if all you need is a robust security tool that works seamlessly across multiple cloud platforms then Semperis is one of those tools you should consider.

Other than that, this platform is exclusively designed for enterprise-level businesses. While protecting against cyberattacks, this tool also speeds up the recovery time up to 90 percent – amazing, right?

Semperis has a huge community that will be happy to help anytime you need guidance. And more than anything, this platform keeps attackers at bay as much as possible. Every vulnerability and risky configuration will be shown up so that you can take proper actions.


Keycloak is quite popular and comes up with useful features for a certain level of business, especially if you are up for open source stuff. And if all you need is a decent tool for Identity and Access Management then Keycloak can be a perfect choice.

As a free platform, you may find this option is such a savior but it comes with several flaws to consider. After reading the IAM tools list above, you might have found the name that will suit your work, right?

Just like choosing any other item in general, make sure that you know what to expect from your choice. It will be easier if you have already decided what things become your priority when it comes to the IAM tool.

Regardless of your choice, these Keycloak alternatives above are worth checking out. The best alternative, of course, will depend on your needs in the first place.

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