How To Hide Online Status On WhatsApp

by Hashir Zuniga

How To Hide Online Status On WhatsApp

Most smartphone users are using WhatsApp as their main chat app. No matter you are the Android or iOS users, this chat platform is very user-friendly. That is why, since it was launched, it became the most downloaded app for chatting. Moreover, as time goes by, WhatsApp keeps improving, including its privacy feature. One of the features discussed by many people is the status feature. It is information for your contact to show the last time of your activity.  However, not all people are happy with this feature. If you are typically that person, then you need to know how to hide online status on WhatsApp now.

Indeed, this status feature is sometimes disturbing and resulting in other problems. For example, you probably have prejudice to your friend once she/he doesn’t reply to your message. It is a common problem occurs. Thus, knowing how to hide online status on WhatsApp is the way to save your privacy. People don’t need to know your last activity because it is like being spied on, even though with your friends.

Simple Steps How to Hide Online Status on WhatsApp

If you get stressed with the stalkers, then just calm down. Because it is easy to avoid them by hiding your WhatsApp status. But, remember, once you do this, you cannot see the others’ status too. You will not know when your friends’ last activity is. You are only able to see if they are online and it goes the same thing on them. On the other hand, if one day you change your mind, you still can return the setting back. Follow the steps below about how to hide online status on WhatsApp first, then feel how it is invisible around your contacts.

1. Open the App

If you want to hide the status on WhatsApp, there is nothing to do at first then access your WhatsApp profile. Also, make sure that you have an internet connection. Because the process will be smooth if the connection is good.

2. Enter the Setting

After you are successfully entering the app, now you have to change the setting. You can find this by tapping the three dots on the upper right corner. Once you tap it, you will see several options, including “Settings”. Tap “Settings” and you will be directed to see more setting details.

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3. Select the Account

Privacy Setting on WhatsApp

There is the “Account” option, so tap on it. You will see the list of account settings. There are Privacy, Security, until Delete My Account. In order to hide your status, enter “Privacy”. Here you will find all things related to your privacy, including the contact you have blocked.

4. Change Last Seen Setting

Last Seen Privacy on WhatsApp

Choose “Last Seen” and WhatsApp will show you three options which are “Everyone”, “My Contacts”, and “Nobody”. If you are really sure to be invisible, then choose “Nobody”. So, after you choose this option, no one is able to see your last activity on WhatsApp.

Note: Your online status still appears when you open WhatsApp.

Other Settings Relates to Your Privacy

As you can see many settings inside the Settings menu, now you know there are lots of things related to your privacy management. Besides, you are able to hide your status, you can also decide who is allowed to see your profile and many others. These are you might need to know to manage your privacy:

1. Profile Photo

It is the setting to decide who can see your profile photo. Just like last seen setting, profile photo setting has three options too which are “Everyone”, “My Contacts”, and “Nobody”. The result of this setting is the same as the last seen setting.

2. About

About is the same as it was last seen and profile photo settings. It has three options and results in the display based on your choice.

3. Status

This setting is as crucial as the last seen status. This status setting is different from the last seen status. If the last seen status shows your last activity online, this status setting relates to the people who can see your status. But, remember, by changing this setting won’t delete the status updates you have sent before.

4. Read Receipts

Besides last seen status that makes you are bombarded by people, read receipts setting is also the same. This setting makes all chat you have read turns out to be blue. But, if you deactivate this setting, the chat will be still in grey. It makes people think you haven’t read their message. By making this setting on, you will be completely invisible.

All features from WhatsApp are actually useful for their users’ convenience. Those make chatting experience more perfect. But, if you are not comfortable with one feature, just manage your account. How to hide online status on WhatsApp above is just one way to keep your privacy safe among your circle.

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