11 Best Site and Apps Like Afterpay: Buy Now, Pay Later

by Emily Barrow

Best Site and Apps Like Afterpay

Afterpay is among buy, now pay later sites and apps that offer a quick and savvy payment solution. Despite it having a range of features, you may want to find some other apps like Afterpay for whatever reason. Fortunately, there are abundant alternatives to find on the market.

Having a similar purpose, these apps help you improve your shopping experience. Most pay later sites or apps come packed with useful features, so you can choose an app that meets your preferences. Get your favorite app and never miss the best deal.

Best Site and Apps Like Afterpay for Android and iOS

Of course, you don’t want to download some random applications and end up dealing with scams on your mobile device. The good news is we have sorted the best sites and apps that work like Afterpay so you can decide which app may suit you the most.

1. Klarna


With more than 10M+ downloads, Klarna is possibly the most used shop now, pay later apps among Android and iOS users. Shopping in Klarna is so convenient that you can split the cost into 4 installments. With smaller, interest-free payments, you can easily get what you want.

It has a bunch of interesting stuff, from new deals daily to $5 worth welcome reward. With this app, you can also get notifications when prices drop. All you have to do is save your favorite item in Collections and stay alerted to get them in the best deal.

Featuring a user-friendly interface, Klarna has helped millions of people to get their favorite items. Feel free to increase your spending limit so you can get more exclusive offers and deals every day. As a bonus, it features hassle-free returns when needed.

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2. Tabby


Make the most out of your shopping experience with Tabby. This is a functional app like Afterpay that allows you to achieve freedom and flexibility in shopping. No need to worry about hidden costs, interests, or fees.

How does it work? Quite much like Afterpay, you will need to visit your favorite store through the app. Scroll through and spot your favorite items. Add to your cart and this is the most important thing—select Tabby at checkout. Wait for a few moments for approval.

Payment split is one of the main highlights in this app. With Tabby, you can split the purchase into 4 smaller, more affordable payments that are billed monthly. Get the best deals and discounts so your budget can be simplified.

What’s interesting, Tabby has an option to track your shopping activity. It allows you to view upcoming bills and change payment methods just in case you make up your mind. To make sure you pay on time, this application features alert and notification.

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3. PayPal


Shopping everywhere around the globe is faster, easier, and safer with PayPal. This popular service is so powerful that you can make online payments without hassle. Thanks to new features, you can link your credit card to your PayPal account for an easier shopping experience.

With this feature, you can buy stuff and pay it through installments. This Afterpay alternative also provides easier checkouts and a lot more features, such as dependable site support, view account activity, and simple money management—even you can track and monitor transaction with a few taps.

Improve your PayPal experience in mobile app with a simple and user-friendly interface. Not to mention it also supports basic PayPal functionality, sending money securely from all over the world. Thanks to secure encryption technology, making transaction with peace of mind is possible with this app.

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4. Affirm


Get whatever you need from your favorite stores and pay later with Affirm. Millions of users have trusted their shop now pay later experience to this app, thanks to convenient features brought to your table. In addition to easy payment as the main highlights, it is also free of hidden costs, penalties, and late fees.

With Affirm, find your favorite store and add items to your cart. Once your cart is filled, choose a payment that meets your budget. This platform will perform a credit check to make sure if you are eligible for installment. When it’s done, your online purchase is completed.

As one of the best apps like Afterpay, it comes with a boast of shop now pay later flexibility at your favorite stores. Whether you are looking to buy a birthday present, wedding gift, or personal stuff then this app has got you covered.

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5. Laybuy


Laybuy is versatile, easy to access, and useful to access tons of retailers from all over the globe. Whether you want to shop online or offline, this app promotes faster and easier checkouts so you don’t have to block the line. Thanks to in-app personalized barcode it has.

Featuring a single login, Laybuy allows you to shop safely at thousands of stores. You will also like payment and budget management to keep your finance healthy. With buy now pay later flexibility, you can get your favorite stuff with the best deal.

Much like Afterpay, it’s essential to keep up to date with upcoming payments so you shouldn’t deal with unwanted debt. It also lets you check in to take a closer look at your credit before making a new purchase.

Best of all, this utility has a wide selection of shop directory which transforms your mobile device into a mall. Get to know the latest trends and don’t miss the best offer with Laybuy.

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6. Perpay


Perpay is another app similar to Afterpay that redefines your shopping experience. The all-in-one shopping application allows you to buy your favorite items from the world’s famous brands and pay later. Highlights $1,000 average spending power, this is a great app for a shopaholic.

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This app offers small payments for your checkouts. Buying your favorite items made fast, simple, and easy to afford with Perpay. Are you concerned about your credit score? No worries. The average increase of credit score is about 39 points.

While some buy now pay later apps charge hidden costs, interests, and penalties, Perpay is an exception. This utility is free of additional fees, interests, hidden costs, and even credit check so everyone can enjoy a convenient shopping.

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7. Nelo


Here’s Nelo, one of the best free apps like Afterpay that lets you shop at favorite stores and split payments. Buying your favorite items at your favorite stores is easy as pie, thanks to the simple design and a wide selection of retailers included in this app.

Get rid of tedious payment as Nelo allows you to split it into 3 installments. Coming with a boast of interest-free, simply pay for the items you bought. Long approval processes are not required—all you have to do is sign up, shop, and choose Nelo at your checkout.

Want to get more discounts? Refer your family and friends to Nelo and earn special discounts upon their signup. Use it for your next purchase and refer more friends for more price off.

To keep you on top of the payment plan, Nelo makes it possible to track your orders. You will also get notification for upcoming payment so you will never miss it.

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8. Sezzle


With Sezzle, stress-free shopping is at your fingertips. The digital payment platform is completely accessible, allowing you to take better control of your financial future. Shop conveniently, split payment, and gain healthier finance.

Before enjoying the flexibility of buy now pay later, you’ll need to sign up for Sezzle. This app like Afterpay lets you discover more than 44,000 brands that bring the latest trends in beauty, home goods, fashion, and much more. Choose your favorite brands and enjoy a convenient shopping.

Purchase control is among the main highlights of this app. With this feature, you can manage existing orders, change payment methods, and get notification for the next payment. Also, you have an option to reschedule your future payment to meet your financial condition.

Exclusive offers are available in Sezzle. You can find the best and latest deals from top brands in the Sezzle network, in addition to sharing new offers and save items at your favorite stores.

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9. Zulily


Discover fresh finds and daily deals in Zulily. This digital shopping app is home to thousands of top brands from around the globe. Find your favorite brands and shop your favorite items with the best deal—even you can enjoy up to 70% off.

 With this site and app, you can save items on favorite brands and get them at the best price. From Martha Stewart to Ann Taylor and from Le Creuset to Melissa & Doug, this is the perfect place to discover unique picks. Be quick! It has limited-time offers that will last in a few hours.

As one of the best alternatives to Afterpay, Zulily features smart payment. With it, you can purchase items from your favorite brands and split payments into two interest-free installments. Just make sure you make more than $35 order.

What’s more, this app like Afterpay allows you to save on shipping for multiple orders. Once you place an order, you will receive free shipping on the next order on the same day. And if you make an order on Friday and Saturday, you will unlock free shipping for that weekend.

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10. Four


With shops now pay later convenience in your smartphone, buying your favorite stuff has never been this simple. This app allows you to buy whatever you want today and split payments into four equal installments every 2 weeks.

Four highlights interest-free payments, so you don’t have to pay more than the actual price of the products. It also supports thousands of retailers and stores, making it possible to buy stuff at your favorite stores today and pay later.

There are plenty of features to find in Four, but you will find that view orders and payments are the most useful. You also have an option to view payment history for easier tracking. Keeping up with your payment plan made simple with this feature.

Additionally, this application allows you to manage the payment method that fits you the most. To make sure you don’t skip any payment, Four delivers notification before the due date.

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

11. Zip


Zip, previously Quadpay, is the perfect application for savvy shoppers who dream of shopping freedom. With the flexibility of buy now pay later, you can buy items with peace of mind as it doesn’t impact your credit score. No credit check, no interest, no worries.

This app like Afterpay allows you to split purchase in 4 smaller payments. Securely pay with your linked accounts in four separate installments for more than 6 weeks and that’s all. You don’t need to cuddle with unwanted debts or deal with tedious application forms.

One of the best parts about Zip is that it can be used anywhere, both in-store and offline. All you need to do is install this application and make seamless payment. If you are enough with credit card or you don’t want to deal with your credit score then Zip is made just for you. 

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

There are so many sites and apps like Afterpay that promise shop now pay later flexibility. Before downloading a random application, the above list can be a good reference for you. Choose a site or app that meets your preference and brings your shopping experience to another level.

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