10 Best Apps Like Discord for Android and iOS

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Best Apps Like Discord

Discord is one of the most popular apps for gamers and those who need to communicate with other teammates. However, there are tons of alternative apps like Discord that may offer a better experience.

While the UI design is quite fancy, some people don’t consider Discord as an app for professional use. Of course, this part depends on your preference in the first place.

Still, if you are looking for something more professional-looking then you should check out the list below. Also, you will find some self-hosted alternatives you can give a try.

10 Best Alternative Apps Like Discord for Better Experience

If you are looking for apps like Discord for gamers and other collaborative works then you should take a look at the list below. You will also find the reasons why the apps on the list offer better options than Discord.

Some of the apps come with a free plan, which you can try before committing to paid features in the first place. More than anything, make sure that you pick an app that supports your work in the best way.

1. Chanty


Talking about the best apps like Discord, you may have your own requirements to call it “the best”. However, according to lots of users out there, Chanty is a worth considering app that can alter Discord in the first place.

Chanty is generally a team chat and task management app. As the description implies, this app allows you to exchange texts and voice chats easily. Other than that, you can run video calls with your teammates with a few taps.

Using this app also allows you to enjoy tons of good things, considering Chanty is integrated with tons of third-party apps, such as Google Drive, Zapier, Github, and many more. Also, you can manage various tasks from a single platform, which is excellent in many ways.

Chanty allows users to enjoy its free plan. However, you can always upgrade your subscription for business use. The paid version allows you to enjoy more sophisticated features. So, why don’t you give this app a try and find out whether this app is for you?

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2. Telegram


So, lots of people prefer to look for Discord alternative open source for reasons. One of them is because open-sourced apps are lighter and cross-platform friendly.

Telegram, on the other hand, is one of the most popular instant messaging apps out there. This app is available on both the Play Store and App Store for free. Even though it is free, users can enjoy a bunch of features offered by this app.

Although Telegram is an open-source app, your data is well encrypted. This app is also part of the free Discord alternatives that have excellent security to enhance your communication with other users.

By using this app, you can share media and chat with no limit. Other than that, this app offers a self-destruct feature so that your message will be automatically deleted, both from your phone and the server.

Also, Telegram is a perfect app to try if you prefer a fast communication platform. So, why don’t you give this app a try?

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3. nTask


Have you ever heard of an app called nTask? This app is touted as one of Discord similar apps that perform excellently as a project management tool. It has a series of communication and chatting features, which are great for collaboration projects.

nTask, on the other hand, is available for PC and smartphones. Other than being excellent software for communication, this app also serves great functions when it comes to time tracking, task management, progress monitoring, and many more.

Thus, if you are looking for a decent app to monitor your project and promote better communication then nTask should be on your consideration list. As a cross-platform communication tool, this app has a lot to offer, such as:

  • Streamlined platform for communication with feedback.
  • For better communication, you can link a meeting with specific tasks to promote better communication.
  • Creating an efficient meeting agenda is possible with nTask.
  • Every note and decision can be written down and added to the nTask meeting.

As one of the best apps like Discord for Android and iOS, nTask offers a free plan with basic features. Meanwhile, if you are ready to upgrade your plan, it starts at USD3 per month.

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4. Wire


For some reason, users prefer self-hosted Discord alternative options in the first place. Self-hosted apps allow them to make the entire thing customizable while maintaining safety in the first place.

Wire, on the other hand, is one of those self-hosted alternatives you can give a try. This app allows you to make video calls and conferences, share files as well as create new groups for various purposes.

Since this option is a self-hosted kind, you can create an encrypted group on your own and then invite your friends to it. Of course, you can enjoy the instant messaging feature in the first place. It is no wonder that people use this app for projects and collaborations with their teams.

However, Wire is not a free app. The plan starts at USD5.83 per month with a bunch of features you can enjoy. Give this app a try by downloading it on the Play Store and App Store.

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5. TeamSpeak


On the other hand, you have to give TeamSpeak app a try when it comes to the best VoIP alternative to Discord. As its name suggests, you can use this app for voice conversations. It allows users to communicate with clear, high-quality sounds – also, it supports cross-platform communications.

This app is also used by lots of teams in esports. TeamSpeak is available to download on its official page. Yet, today, you can grab this app both on the Play Store and App Store.

Many users recommend this app as one of the best talking apps like Discord for robust reasons. It utilizes sophisticated technology that adjusts the microphone automatically. You will also get lag-free communication during any event.

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Other than that, users have the entire control. And if you are signing up for its paid plans then you can enjoy tons of voice packs for a better experience. All in all, TeamSpeak is worth having in many ways.

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6. Slack


If you are working with a team then you surely need an app that promotes better communication. One of the apps just like Discord that will make your communication with the entire team way more seamlessly is Slack.

This app is quite popular among users, especially those who need a faster solution for collaboration. Other than that, Slack is integrated with lots of third-party tools. It is no wonder if this app becomes one of the most favorable tools among team players.

As one of the Discord like apps available for both iOS and Android platforms, Slack offers a series of features. A few of the most interesting features include:

  • Uploading files and attaching them to the cloud so that all members can see and share them.
  • Come up with a mention tool so that everyone is on the same page.
  • The UI design is quite exciting yet intuitive.

Keep in mind that Slack is not a free app but it comes up with tons of good things in the first place. The basic plan costs USD6.67 per month per user. To find out what this app can do for you, feel free to give this app a try.

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7. Flock


On the other hand, if you are looking for an app to alter Discord that offers more than just messaging then you should consider Flock too. This app offers some productivity tools that will enhance your work.

Of course, you can enjoy all the basics of a communication platform, such as video, chat, and voice calls. Yet, this app’s extra features will make you want to make Flock your default communication app.

You can start channel messaging and video conferencing effortlessly with this app. Other than that, Flock allows you to send voice notes for easier communication.

This app, on the other hand, offers a free plan which suits small teams that need basic features. Meanwhile, to unlock all advanced features, you need to sign up for its paid plan that costs from USD6 per month.

It won’t hurt to give the free plan a try, after all. And if Flock can meet your requirement for a cross-platform communication tool then you can upgrade your subscription later.

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8. Element


Element was previously popular with the name Riot. This app is a Discord alternative for gaming, which also is excellent for other purposes. Other than that, you can communicate with friends and other collaborative partners seamlessly and securely.

Compared to other apps on this list, Element is one of the apps that promote effortless navigation. Other than that, you can share files by using drag-and-drop tools – it is faster, after all. Element, on the other hand, also handles both one-on-one and group meetings excellently.

Generally, this app comes up with three paid plans that start at USD2 per user per month. Meanwhile, you can also customize your plan by contacting Element’s customer service in the first place.

However, if you are not ready to commit to the app’s paid plans then you should give the free plan a try. Element gets excellent ratings on various platforms, after all. Besides, you can download it both on the Play Store and App Store.

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9. ProofHub


So, what if you look for other apps like Discord that support collaborations in many ways? Well, ProofHub can be the next app that you have to consider.

ProofHub is popular among users who rely on communication apps a lot when finishing their collaborative tasks. It is more than a communication channel – you can plan, collaborate, manage, and execute the plan by using a single software.

Since this app is also a management tool, you will get the benefits of tracking time, creating chart visualization, communicating with all team members, and many more. Besides, ProofHub is easily integrated with tons of third-party apps that support your work too.

Feel free to use this app’s free trial before committing to its subscription plan. The plan, on the other hand, costs at least USD45 per month.

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10. Steam Chat

Steam Chat

If you have been playing games for quite a while then you may be familiar with Steam Chat. This app is one of the similar apps to Discord that will bring your communication during gaming way more seamless.

Generally, you will get this feature by using the Steam platform. However, the app is now available separately both on the Play Store and App Store. Just like Discord, you can use a URL to ask other users to join your group chat. Besides, everything is free to use.

Since this app has a web client, you don’t have to download Steam in the first place. Several interesting features of Steam Chat are such as:

  • Effortless communication, including voice calls, text messages, and many more.
  • You can create group chats through a few steps.
  • All features are available on its free plan.
  • Supports gamers.

As long as you are playing on Steam, there is no need to download the app in the first place. However, if you want to access the chat room from your smartphone, you have to download the app in the first place. Still, Steam Chat is a free app.

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Discord remains one of the best communication apps out there. Its versatility just brings the VoIP experience to another level. But of course, you may find other similar apps out there that may offer a better experience.

For instance, TeamSpeak is an excellent alternative to apps similar to Discord. Besides being easier to set up, this app is way lighter than Discord. However, if you prefer an open-source alternative then you can try Telegram instead.

You may have a series of considerations before choosing the best app to alter Discord. Well, feel free to try all apps like Discord mentioned on the list above then. Since all of them come with free plans or trial versions, you have to give each of them a shot.

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