12 Best Apps Like MeetMe for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Apps Like MeetMe

MeetMe offers an incredible way to meet and chat with new people nearby. It has abundant features to video chat, Livestream, and find people of the same interests. But for whatever reasons, you may want to find apps like MeetMe and have a different experience.

Most of these alternatives work similarly to MeetMe. They also bring similar features, even better. If you wish to upgrade your chatting experience and meet new people, you are going to find the best tools to download. Keep scrolling!

12 Fun and Best Apps Like MeetMe

We have collected the best MeetMe alternatives for Android and iOS. While MeetMe only reaches local people, the following applications allow you to meet people nearby and from all over the world. Can’t wait to check them out? Here is the list for you.

1. Lovoo


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Lovoo could be the best chat and dating app to live your life. With more than 50M downloads on Google Play Store alone, it becomes one of the most used apps for meeting interesting people and even finding a date! Thanks to a bunch of features that make flirting and dating more fun.

Before starting exciting dates, you will need to create a dating profile. Tell about yourself and upload your best pictures to garner attention. Next, check the radar and find a lover nearby. Or if you are not into dating, Lovoo is a great app to make new friends from local people.

This app is available in two versions free and Premium. You can do more things with Lovoo Premium such as seeing who has visited your profile, hide profile visits, and get rid of ads. But if you don’t want to spend a dime, Lovoo’s free version is more than enough to find matches.

2. Badoo


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Badoo is a free app like MeetMe to chat, meet, and date new people. It offers a great place to be yourself so other users will be able to see the real version of you. With unfiltered conversations, this chatting tool allows you to build a real connection and date honestly.

Much like MeetMe, Badoo lets you meet new singles nearby. You can swipe right or left to start chatting or leave. There is also video chat feature that allows you to have fun through video calling. And if you have trust issue, choose to interact only with verified profiles.

To create a safe environment for every user, Badoo automatically detects intimate photos, blurs it, and warns users before they open it. So if you are looking for a dating app that offers real connections and a safe community, Badoo should be on your list.

3. Waplog


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Finding friends and meeting new people is completely easy with Waplog. This chat app boasts a vast community with more than 90M users worldwide, giving you direct access to people from different places. Whether you want to find local people or meet strangers, Waplog has got you covered.

It has a number of key features including verified profiles for secure and safe dating. It also offers video chat to have fun with random people. Plus, it features Waplog stories that enable you to share favorite moments with people nearby or strangers.

One of the best features to find in this app is unlimited chats to brag with other users. Skip language barriers with Waplog translator that helps translate your chats. Whenever you want to say hi to people from different places, this app makes everything easier.

4. Wink


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Wink is another app similar to MeetMe that lets you find new friends and chat with strangers. Getting connected to new friends is as simple as swiping right and you can start a conversation. Either you want to find local people or meet friends from all over the world, Wink is a great app to opt.

It has a built-in messenger to send audio messages, photos, GIFs, and ice breakers. Or if you have Snapchat, you can easily add Wink friends to it and enjoy conversations. Wink also lets you earn gems for buying new background or even plant a real tree!

And if you wish to garner attention, you can customize your profile so other users will swipe right to be your friend. Choose your best photo profile, improve your bio, and mention your interests so that people with similar interests can easily find you.

5. Yubo


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Get connected to strangers through live streaming with Yubo. This social platform offers a unique way to find new friends with similar interests, either from local communities or different places across the world. If you need a bit of social time without leaving your house, Yubo helps achieve your goals.

New features are added on Yubo. Now it has YouTube stream that enables you to share favorite moments with friends as you watch YouTube videos. There is also Lenses for sharing your look during a live streaming. Yubo presents this feature in partnership with Snapchat.

What’s more, you can start a livestream with up to 10 friends. Interact with your friends by singing, dancing, or talking about your day and build a real friendship. With Yubo, you can also play fun game such as guessing pictures or drawing quiz to have lots of fun!

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6. Twoo


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

With more than 10 million downloads, Twoo is a trusted chat app to meet new people and make friends. Not only can you have a good chat, but you can also watch millions of livestreamers. Get connected to millions of people in one place and enjoy a better social life.

Twoo lets you do a lot of things from finding new people to explore livestream and match with people. It also has the ability to see who accessed your profile and start a conversation. Send messages for free and find out if one of them can be your real bestie forever.

If you are not enough with text messages, Twoo allows you to send videos and share moments. This is one of the best apps to chat with the people you like and get connected to strangers.

7. Hoop


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Hoop is a social platform to discover new friends and learn new cultures on Snapchat. There are so many things you can do with this app, such as garnering Snapchat friends, growing community, and more. Simply ask the profile and get connected.

This app like MeetMe allows you to enjoy Snapchat in a different way. As you request for other’s username, you can keep yours private. When a user asks for your username, you can either accept so Hoop send them your username or decline. This is how you can keep control of your privacy.

What’s more to enjoy? Hoop allows you to collect diamonds to ask for other’s Snapchat username. There are few ways to collect diamonds, such as sharing your profile, launch Hoop every day, or watch a video. You can also add 20 friends on Hoop to earn diamonds.

8. Yalla


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Yalla works in a bit different way but basically it is a nice social platform just like MeetMe. Rather than featuring text messages, Yalla provides you with voice chat rooms so you can enjoy live voice chat with your community. Of course, it could be the best option if you are not into texting or typing.

With Yalla you can discover millions of chat rooms consisting of people from different places. You can filter chat rooms by countries or topics of your interests. It covers more than 50 countries and abundant topics to choose from, allowing you to only talk with nice people of similar interests.

Although it boasts handy voice chats, Yalla maintains its text chat feature that enables you to share text messages and photos. There are many other things to do with Yalla, such as playing game with strangers, virtual gifts to send your appreciation, and built-in Share & Follow buttons.

9. Ablo


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Ablo becomes a great tool to get connected to people from all around the globe. This social platform helps you meet local people, find strangers, and make friends so you can learn new cultures. Whether you want to say hi to Brazilian or meet people from Africa, this app has got you covered.

Don’t worry about the language barrier. Ablo has a translator so other users can understand you although you speak in your own language. Just start a conversation with a new friend, share interests, and have fun. Interestingly, Ablo is also able to translate your live video too!

Using this app is completely easy. Simply watch videos to discover what’s interesting out there and start chatting with a new friend. Be confident to reveal yourself to the world and see if one of those people could be your bestie.

10. Swipr


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Improve your Snapchat experience with Swipr. This application helps you find more friends on Snapchat, allowing you to grow community and get more fun. All you need to do is swiping right and start chatting with new friends from different places around the world.

On Swipr, you can swipe and match to find a new friend. You can also share photos and add friends on Snapchat after a bit of conversation on Swipr.

And if you wish to make more friends, this tool has HMU page to express yourself. Simply boost the HMU page and improve your community.

11. Wizz


Download on the App Store

Designed for iPhone, Wizz helps improve your social life. You can find people and make new friends instantly. Choose a friend to chat with and express yourself in a better way. You can also share interests or send photos to upgrade chat experience.

Improve engagement by customizing your profile. Pick the best photo, update your bio, and show your interests so users will be interested to get to know more about you. In order to create a safe environment, Wizz automatically bans any inappropriate content.

12. Spotafriend


Download on the App Store

This is one of the best apps to meet local people especially for teens ages 13 to 19. The teens app gives you access to more than 2M teenagers you can chat and meet. Swipe right through faces, start a conversation, and be BFF.

Spotafriend could be a perfect social platform to hone your social skills. Connecting with interesting people has never been this easy, thanks to convenient features brought to your table. No need to worry about security in that it is not an adult dating app. Best of all, this app is available for free!

With a long list of apps like MeetMe, selecting an app that meets your experience won’t be a big deal. Either you are looking for a social platform to make a new friend or a date, MeetMe alternatives above have got you covered.

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