12 Best Kayaking Apps for Android and iOS

by Haya Barnard

Best Kayaking Apps

Are you more into kayaking? You can improve your rowing skills with the best kayaking apps. Designed to level up your experience, these applications work in various ways from providing all information about kayaking to GPS trackers.

There are a number of different apps to download so choosing the best apps is a must. Luckily we have sifted through dozens of kayaking apps to provide you only with the most recommended, high rated applications. We think these tools will come in handy for your kayaking trips.

Top 12 Best Kayaking Apps for iOS and Android

Whether you are a beginner or advanced kayaker, it is always necessary to get assistance. The following applications will be useful to know different aspects like kayaking routes, river conditions, and more. Don’t start your journey without having one of these apps downloaded on your device.

1. GPS Sports Tracker

GPS Sports Tracker

Download on Google Play

On this app you can get the best out of kayaking trips with easy to use features. You can easily find live GPS that tracks your progress, TTS for voice information about speed, duration, and burned calories, as well as workout goals.

The user-friendly application is lightweight but it has full support to improve your kayaking experience. Without the need for registration, you can enjoy tons of features including multiple language supports, workout history, and journal to take photos of interesting places.

It also includes a customizable workout dashboard to show important information. And you can monitor workout statistics to compare your achievement. Besides kayaking, GPS Sports Tracker is ideal for other sports like cycling, running, swimming, and much more.

2. Polaris GPS Navigation

Polaris GPS Navigation

Download on Google Play

If you are seeking kayak tracking app, Polaris GPS Navigation is worth the thought. This is a high performance GPS to accompany your travel wherever you go. It highlights offline navigation that allows you to explore remote areas without internet connection.

On this app you can find marine navigation charts that will be useful for kayaking. While navigating your route, it enables you to record tracks so you can use it for later. Don’t worry about getting lost thanks to dedicated GPS satellite navigation that keeps you oriented.

There are many other features to enjoy such as compass orienteering, bike maps, and hunting maps. Featuring user-friendly and intuitive interface, it makes no surprise that Polaris has been trusted by millions of users worldwide.

3. BoatCoach


Download on Google Play

Designed for rowing, BoatCoach is one of the best apps you shouldn’t miss out. With a modest and clean interface, this feature-rich tool includes important information like stroke rate, distance, speed, burned calories, and heart rate. Thanks to built-in graphs that makes training easier.

New feature is added to this app so you can live stream your workout on Facebook. Once you are done with live streaming, save video to your gallery and enjoy it later. This cool also has logbook that enables you to store all workouts in one application.

Additionally, BoatCoach is featured with maps for multiple workouts. Street View and satellite maps give a better visual with routes of different colors. If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a reliable stroke meter, BoatCoach is a free app specifically built for you.

4. Sports Tracker for All Sports

Sports Tracker for All Sports

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Sports Tracker is a reliable app to get the most out of your kayaking journey. It supports more than 90 activities including outdoor sports like cycling, running, and kayaking. Using this app you can find new routes and save your favorite for later. It also enables you to follow preloaded routes to stay on track.

This tool highlights great tracking features like voice feedback to find out your duration, speed, and distance; auto-pause to stop GPS tracking when you take a break; customizable dashboard to fit your preferences; and heart rate data.

You can also enjoy a sports diary that contains everything you need to know from training day to burned calories. Set your goals, check recovery status, and analyze your workout easily with Sports Tracker. This free app is available only for iOS devices.

5. RiverApp


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Be sure to check river conditions before starting your adventure. RiverApp is a great application for water sport enthusiasts in that it allows you to check water levels, flow forecasts, and everything you need to know about the body of water.

Using this app you will know water levels of more than 15,000 rivers in the US and worldwide. It also includes useful information for kayaker to understand the characteristics of each river. Plus, it has customized river lever alert with push notifications.

RiverApp is completely free to download but you can upgrade to the premium version for more features. This version is added with water level and flow forecasts. It also includes historical data of level trend up to several years ago.

6. Go Paddling

Go Paddling

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Go Paddling is one of the best kayaking apps that offers more than 25,000 paddling locations for your favorite water sports. It includes a map that makes location search much easier and faster. Whether you want to go canoeing or kayaking, this app has got you covered.

Not only does it provide you with available locations, you can also figure out facilities of each spot such as parking area, launch point, campsites, and more. Once you find a good place, put them on your favorite list and schedule another trip in the future.

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Help your fellow paddlers by leaving comments on existing locations you have visited. It also enables you to add new locations so other kayakers can find it out. Best of all, Go Paddling is completely free to download.

7. CrewNerd


Download on the App Store

CrewNerd is a top kayaking app for Android and iPhone. It has everything you need for training canoeing, kayaking, or paddleboard from your smartphone. A range of features like accelerometer and heart rate monitoring makes it a great app for kayakers.

The accelerometer helps you calculate stroke rates and bounce production. Pre-programmed workout is also available so you can easily start and go. And, it has GPS feature that allows you to calculate distance, speed, and pace.

What’s more, CrewNerd records your workout data which can viewed later. View in graph or map as your preference or export in various formats. There is also a live tracking feature that lets your coaches monitor your performance in web browsers.

8. SmartRow


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

An ergometer plays a basic role in kayaking as it shows essential information like calories burned, distance, power, and stroke. SmartRow is a great app that will turn your mobile device into a reliable, lab-grade ergometer to keep your trip well monitored.

In addition to basic information, it will show comprehensive data such as heart rate graph, force-curve, and much more. All the features are wrapped in a simple and user-friendly interface, allowing you to run this tool easily. It also has a dark background that looks impressive.

This one of free best kayaking apps could be an ideal tool for kayakers of all level. Whether you need a beginner, intermediate, or advanced workouts, you can choose an interval that suits you best. For the best result, use this training tool with a coach.

9. Kayak Angler+ Magazine

Kayak Angler+ Magazine

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

A real kayaker must have this app. Kayak Angler+ magazine has everything you need to know about kayak and fishing. It offers the latest updates of kayak stories and includes high quality photography. On this app you can also find digital extras like videos and stunning photos.

The free digital magazine offers updated news feed, allowing you to follow the latest issues. Whenever you find an interesting article or important updates, share with your community on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks to the built-in share button that helps save your time.

Developed by Rapid Media, Kayak Angler+ comes with an intuitive interface. It also has a simple layout that looks like a printed magazine. Overall, having this app on your smartphone is like bringing a virtual magazine everywhere you go.

10. Row Row

Row Row

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

How about honing your rowing skill in a fun way? Row Row is a game app that allows you to paddle down the tropical rivers. Choose your favorite boat and paddle as fast as you can! With a bunch of features, this kayaking game helps improve your paddling skills.

There are so many fantastic things to find in Row Row, such as intuitive controls and 20 challenging levels. Start with the easy one and find quirky challenges as you progress. One of the best features is that you can enjoy beautiful scenery while controlling the boat.

Row Row offers 10 different kayaks, floaters, and canoes. Pick a kayak or canoe and start your kayaking journey to win the game. Compete with everyone in the leaderboards and be the winner of each level. And if you need a little help, this game has replay features so you can find out the tips and tricks.

11. Paddling Magazine

Paddling Magazine

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

From the same developer as Kayak Angler+, this app includes inspiring stories and stunning photography of paddlesports. It is the virtual version of Paddling Magazine’s print edition added with exclusive digital contents like web stories, videos, and much more.

Download this digital magazine for free on your Android and iOS smartphone to enjoy the latest updates about paddlesports. You can also sign up for annual subscription. For added convenience, you can download purchased issues in order to read offline.

Once you subscribe, it will automatically renew. If you want to quit subscribing this magazine, be sure to turn off auto-renew at least 24-hours before the period ends. Many people from all over the world has trusted Paddling Magazine and it could be the right time for you to join the crowd.

12. Rowing Simulator

Rowing Simulator

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

From its name, you know where this app goes. Rowing Simulator is a great tool to help you learn paddling from smartphone. Featuring high quality and immersive graphics, it allows you to excel rowing skills without having to spend lots of money on coaches.

On this app you can find circuits with different lengths from 250 meters to 2,000 meters. Pick a circuit based on your level and preference then paddle away. This simulator game app requires a high level of concentration so that you can increase speed and stroke timing.

How to use this app is simple. Pick a course and start rowing. But be careful! There is a ghost of each session that will beat you. Consider the ghost as your rival so you will be motivated to speed up. This app could be your best company during your idle time.

The best kayaking apps vary widely from GPS tracker to digital magazine and rowing simulator.  Each app has different functions so you can combine them to improve your paddling skills. Don’t worry about breaking your savings since most of these applications are free to download.

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