12 Best Snoring Apps for Android and iOS

by Haya Barnard

Best Snoring Apps for Android and iOS

Having a problem with snoring? Whether it is you or your partner who makes the noise, snoring can reduce your sleep quality. But surprisingly this bad sleeping habit inspires some developers to create the best snoring apps that offer different functions.

While some apps help you stop snoring, others enable you to track the snore. You will also find useful applications to record the noise so you can use it for any purposes, including finding effective ways to get rid of this sleeping problem.

12 Recommended Snoring Apps For Android and iOS

Do snoring apps really work? Some apps are scams but some others work well to record, monitor, or track your sleep and detect snoring. If you are looking for the best snoring applications for Android and iOS, here is the list.

1. SnoreLab


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

SnoreLab offers a great way to record your snoring and find effective ways to eliminate it. The #1 app has been trusted by millions of users and has monitored countless nights of sleep. Using this tool people can understand their snoring problem so it can be easier to eliminate.

As the most popular snoring app SnoreLab is loaded with features and functionality. Not only can you record the noise, it also helps measure and track it. Simply run this app on your mobile device and put it next to your bed. SnoreLab enables you to discover how loud your snoring is.

You can also track lifestyle factors that cause snoring so you can reduce it. What’s more, this app is featured with sleep statistics, snoring comparisons, and snoring intensity measurement. This is a complete set of features to address your snoring problem.

2. Do I Snore or Grind

Do I Snore or Grind

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

This is a useful app that monitors snoring. It is designed to record snoring and grinding noise during your sleep, allowing you to listen to it in the morning. Once you listen to it, analyzing bad sleeping habit could be easier. You can choose to record either grinding, snoring, or both.

In addition to snoring and grinding recorder, this tool features smart alarm that wakes you up in the phase of light sleep. It also has a sleep tracker that tracks your sleepscycle and total number of awakenings at night. Plus, there is history feature to record your progress.

In order to detect the most sensitive noise, you will need to adjust the app’s snoring sensitivity. And if you take certain remedies, this tool allows you to see which remedies work best to address your snoring problem. This could be your best snoring solution to achieve peaceful and quiet night’s sleeps.

3. SnoreClock


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

So your partner just said that you’re snoring loudly last night. Why don’t you check it yourself? Download SnoreClock on your mobile device and you will find it out. Put your phone next to your bed, press the record button and check it the next morning. This free best snoring app records your snoring during sleep.

It comes with red bars that show noise level. The higher the red bars, the louder you snored. It also works well to check if something disturbs your sleep, if your partner snores, or if you talk in the sleep. Record all the noise and find out what happens while you sleep.

This app includes tons of feature. Besides the ability to record noise up to 11 hours, it allows you to check the effectiveness of remedies. You can also measure the volume of the recording using a chart. Best of all, SnoreClock is free to download.

4. SnoreGym


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

SnoreGym is a great tool to help reduce your snoring habit. This workout app offers exercises that are effective to reduce snoring. With easy-to-follow animations and detailed instructions, you can do the simple workout and gain a quiet sleep each night.

As snoring is mainly caused by weak muscles, this workout is intended to tone the upper airway muscle. After doing regular exercise for cheeks, tongue, soft palate, and jaw, you can track your progress using this app’s progress tracking feature. This helps you find out if the remedy works well.

For the best result, do the exercise at least 10 minutes per day for around 8 weeks. You will find a significant difference in your snoring and get closer to your goal. In order to improve your experience, sync this SnoreGym app with SnoreLab.

5. Goodsomnia Lab

Goodsomnia Lab

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

This is a snore tracker app that has helped thousands of people. It enables you to record your snoring, replay the snoring sound, and analyze it. This app delivers report details so you can share it with your physician who will help find the most effective treatment.

On this app you can identify what factors causes your snoring shown in a detailed sleep report. It also tracks your sleep efficiency to control the amount of sleep you get each day. And with alarm clock feature, this app helps you wake up on time.

Furthermore, Goodsomnia offers remote monitoring that records your data history. From this data your physician can find the best treatment to reduce your snoring. This app is completely free but it offers a premium subscription for more features.

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6. SnoreTrack


Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

If you are looking for a good app to record noise when you sleep, SnoreTrack should be on the list. It records and replays snoring sound and uses algorithms to find snore patterns. Combine this app with SnoreCoach to reduce snore and sleep disturbance.

Not only does it serve as a snore recorder, it also functions as a therapy device to improve sleep quality. Since most snoring happens when you sleep on your back, this app reminds you to sleep on your side to reduce snoring. Many people have trusted this app and find it a great tool to gain quiet sleeps.

SnoreTrack has a simple interface so using this tool won’t be a headache. It shows important information like time in bed, snoring time, and disturbance so you can analyze your night’s sleep. Track your progress and see how it helps you get rid of snoring problem.

7. Snore Free

Snore Free

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Snore Free frees you from snoring problem. It offers a sleep solution to reduce and eliminate snoring permanently. Only with 10 minutes of clinically proven gymnastics, you will have a better and quiet night’s sleep. Do the exercise regularly and see the results few weeks later.

This best snoring app has more than 40 easy-to-follow exercises to tone your cheek and jaw. Simply watch the video and follow the painless workouts to stop snoring. It also comes with remedies, tips & tricks, and meditations to help you achieve healthier sleep with higher quality.

When your partner starts complaining about your snoring problem or when you have dry mouth in the morning, it could be signs that you need Snore Free. Having this app on your device is like having a personal oral trainer to reduce snoring as well as strengthen the immune system.

8. Snore Control

Snore Control

Download on the App Store

Designed for iOS devices, Snore Control is a cool tool to tackle your snoring problem. It helps record your snoring or sleep talk and show the noise in a graph. You will be able to see the total time of snoring and find an effective treatment to reduce or eliminate it permanently.

Snore Control has a snoring detection that features artificial intelligence for accurate results. This high accuracy statistics offer an added value you cannot find in other apps. Thanks to a vast number of snoring samples used in this app.

Additionally, Snore Control highlights snore tracker that provides snoring analysis with charts and history. It also comes with adjustable recording sensitivity for different condition in your room. If you don’t mind, share your recordings with friends via email or social platforms.

9. Sleep Monitor

Sleep Monitor

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Sleep Monitor has been used by millions of users to track and record your sleep cycle. It has a set of features like sleep reports that show detailed information about your night’s sleep and tracker to track sleep time with microphone. And of course, it is equipped with a recorder to record your snoring.

This is a great app that records snoring so you can track it every morning. Analyze the noise and see your snoring duration, timing, and level. If necessary, bring this recording to your physician so he can find the right treatment to ease your problem.

For ultimate convenience, Sleep Monitor is equipped with an alarm clock that reminds you to sleep and wake up early. It also provides relaxing music for a better night’s sleep. And don’t forget it has notes feature that lets you take brief notes of your sleeping habit.

10. PrimeNap


Download on Google Play

PrimeNap helps enhance your sleep quality in several ways. This app includes a sleep tracker and smart alarm app. While the tracker shows detailed information about your sleep cycle, the smart alarm enables you to wake up gently in the morning.

There is a long list of key features brought to your table such as data export to transfer your recordings and information; gradual volume increase to avoid sudden pull out from deep sleep; dream journal to write your dreams; and multi-touch snooze.

PrimeNap has been a favorite sleep tracker and alarm to improve sleep quality. How it works is pretty simple. Turn on the recorder and put the device next to your bed so it tracks your sleep.

11. Voice Activated Recorder

Voice Activated Recorder

Download on Google Play

Are you seeking a snoring recorder? Voice Activated Recorder is a fantastic app to record your snoring. This tool is not specifically designed for recording your sleep but it works well to get the job done. With easy to use features, you can monitor breathing while you sleep.

It has plenty of features such as the ability to record when the screen is off automatically and skip weak sounds. Set the threshold and it will automatically skip the sound if it is weaker than the threshold. Not to mention it has sensitivity options for automatic settings.

You can do many other things with this app like powerful management for labeling, sharing, and convert audio file. Plus, it allows you to save recordings in special cases like low battery or low storage.

12. SnoreApp


Download on Google Play

SnoreApp is scientifically designed to detect and analyze your snoring with algorithm. It records snoring and talk when you sleep without consuming a lot of power. Once you are done, the recording can be saved on mobile phone.

It has powerful features to monitor audio signal whenever you sleep. It also has bar charts to mark snoring intensity. Analyze your snoring and find ways to reduce it.

Many people have used these best snoring apps to address their noisy sleep and now it’s your turn. Pick an app that suits you best and see how it could overcome your snoring problem.

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