12 Best Baby Face Predictor Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Baby Face Predictor Apps

Do you ever wonder how your future baby will look like? The best baby face predictor apps offer a great way to figure it out. Try to pair your photo with other’s such as your partner, friend, or even celebrities and see how cute your baby will be.

Please note that baby face predictor apps are just for fun. It analyzes photos of mom and dad and provides possible combinations between them. However, it doesn’t represent what your baby will look like in real life. If you are ready to have fun, keep scrolling!

Best Baby Face Predictor Apps

There are plenty of baby predictor apps available for Android and iOS. Fortunately, we have filtered the best, high-rated apps that are worth trying. Take a closer look at funny apps below and see how you will like them.

1. Life Advisor

Life Advisor

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

Life Advisor is a versatile application with tons of features. It is basically a personal test app but it works well to let you see your future baby. How to use this app is quite simple. Upload a photo of mom and a photo of dad and it will show you how the baby looks like.

In addition to baby predictions, Life Advisor lets you know the secret of your palm prints, personal charisma, and love concepts. It also provides you with professional assessment to get a better understanding of yourself.

It collaborates with popular psychology teams to generate data through sample analysis. Using this app, testing yourself becomes more fun. Thanks to interesting questions that allow you to have fun during the test.

2. Fantastic Age

Fantastic Age

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

The best free baby face predictor app has been around for a while. Not only does it offer face aging feature, but it also provides you with baby prediction to tell you more about the future. It helps you answer whether your future baby will be more like you or your partner.

Fantastic Age is loaded with many other features such as a palmistry predictor that tells your financial fortune and future marriage. Emotion analysis is also added to analyze your facial expression and read your luck.

Best of all, it features an animalized face that turns your face into an animal. The app will choose what kind of animal suits you best. Millions of users have lots of fun with this app and now it’s your turn!

3. Baby Maker & Face Generator

Baby Maker & Face Generator

Download on the App Store

Are you expecting a baby? How about playing some fun app to make you relax? Baby Maker & Face Generator lets you see how the future baby would look like. This future baby face predictor app only needs a photo of mom and dad and it will start generating a baby.

If you don’t have a partner, no need to worry about it. You can make online babies with friends or even popular celebrities. Simply upload two photos and you will see a baby on the screen. Are you happy with the result? Don’t keep it for yourself.

This app is integrated with social media platforms that enables you to share your future baby on Twitter or Facebook. You can also create a photo collage and save it in the gallery. Now you already have a small family.

4. Future Baby Generator

Future Baby Generator

Download on the App Store

This is another baby prediction app to see your future baby. It comes packed with new functions to predict your future infant based on parents’ data. Not only does it show the baby’s picture, it also provides you with a list of name selection according to parents’ names.

If you are expecting a baby, this one of the best baby face predictor apps is equipped with a countdown timer. It helps you count days before the labor so you can get more prepared.

How to use this app is simple. Upload your photo and a photo of the partner in portrait. Be sure the photos have good resolution for a better analysis. This app will generate your future baby and you can share it with friends.

5. Baby Face Generator

Baby Face Generator

Download on the App Store

Baby Face Generator offers the easiest way to find out how your baby would look like. It only needs two photos of you and your partner and it will generate an online baby based on parents’ faces. You can try out with partner’s photos, parents’ photos, and even celebrities’ photos.

In addition to baby face predictor, this app serves as a great tool to find unique baby names. It provides you with a list of baby names for boys and girls so you can decide on a good name. This feature is especially useful for parents who are expecting their babies.

What’s more? This application lets you play some exciting game called Celeb Match. Choose a photo of celebrity and you and it will tell you the match between two photos.

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6. Relax


Download on Google Play

Relax is a daily palmistry app that has been trusted by millions of users. It features palm readings that reveal your secrets and future including your relationship, financial, and social. AI technology and big data analysis play a major role in providing you accurate report.

It is also a great app to meet your future baby. It can be used as a baby predictor that shows you the face of your future baby. Use a photo of your lover, favorite actor, or anyone else and see how your child will look like.

Relax is loaded with more other features such as an aging camera that allows you to see your future self and relax music to provide you with calming music meditation. It is also a great app to meditate and gain deep sleep.

7. Face Seer

Face Seer

Download on Google Play

Face Seer is a high-rated baby predictor app on Google Play Store. With advanced technology, it lets you see your future baby based on uploaded photos. You can share the baby’s photo to prank your partner or surprise your family.

Just as with most baby predictor apps on the market, Face Seer is quite simple to use. Provide two photos and this app will generate an online baby face. Interestingly, you can also try genetic source feature so that you know where you got that face.

On top of that, Face Seer is a great application to find out which celebrity you are similar to. You can also have some fun with animal deformation feature that allows you to figure out which animal you are similar to. Or if you want to ask anything, book of wisdom feature is added to the app.

8. BabyGenerator


Download on Google Play

BabyGenerator is an amazing baby predictor app to trick your partner or family. If you are using Android, this application allows you to reveal how your infant will look like in the future. Whether you are married or unmarried, this is a fun prank app for you.

Thanks to the simple interface that makes it easy to use. To upload a photo, tap on the box and choose a photo of you and your partner. Wait for a few seconds and you can see your future baby. It must be fun to figure it out and share with your friends.

No matter your race, this best baby face predictor app could be a great option to try. Thousands of people have downloaded this app and if you want to join the crowd, find it on Google Play Store.

9. Baby Maker

Baby Maker

Download on Google Play

This is a fun game app to predict your future infant. Baby Maker uses artificial intelligence technology and algorithms to generate a baby face based on parents’ photo. It also utilizes facial recognition technology to analyze facial feature of mom and dad.

If you are curious whether your baby will look more like you or your partner, Baby Maker is an app to have some fun. You can choose different photos and see the outcome. You can also save the photo to a gallery or send it to friends or family.

As a bonus, you can also check the percentage of parents that match with the baby. Simply choose a photo of mom, a photo of dad, and a photo of baby. Tap Check Analyze Child and wait for a few seconds. The app will analyze the match percentage of parents and baby.

10. Baby Predictor

Baby Predictor

If you are excited to meet your future infant, Baby Predictor has got you covered. This game app features baby generator that allow you to find out your baby’s look by analyzing parents’ photo. Thus you can see whose genetics dominate baby’s face.

Although it is not a real baby analyzer or baby test, Baby Predictor offers lots of fun. You can play with your partner or friends and make a surprise to the family. How to use this app is simple. As with its baby predictor counterparts, you need to select a photo of you and a photo of your partner

11. BabyMaker Predicts Baby’s Face

BabyMaker Predicts Baby’s Face

Download on Google Play

Millions of people have trusted this app to see how their future baby will look like. This app is powered with the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence and algorithm to analyze mom’s and dad’s facial feature to show you the most possible baby face.

This application doesn’t guarantee 100 percent similarity but it promises real opportunities. Help the app to work by providing your preferences such as gender, age, and skin tone. You can also choose the eye color and hair color of the prospective baby.

For the best result, use high quality photos with good lighting. Choose portrait photos with faces look into the camera so the system can easily analyze the faces.

12. Baby Generator

Baby Generator

Download on Google Play

Last but not least, there is Baby Generator that will predict your future baby. It features the newest AI technology to analyze two faces and produce an image of infant. Unlike most apps that only provide a photo of infant, it shows your baby’ face at different genders and ages.

To make it work, choose photos of mom and dad. Select the age and gender of your child and tap the heart button. Wait for a few seconds and see the results.

Having the best baby face predictor apps lets you enjoy the time while expecting a baby. Or if you simply want to prank your family, these fun game apps will do.

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