13 Best Palm Reading Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Palm Reading Apps

Palm reading has been around for a while. It has been practiced by many cultures to foresee one’s financial, love, career, and much more. As technology is getting more advanced, now you can download the best palm reading apps to read your palm.

These apps are designed to provide you with accurate palm reading. While some apps are equipped with palm scanner, others allow you to chat with psychic readers and hand readers. Can’t wait to find the best app for reading palm? Scroll through!

Best Palm Reading Apps for Android and iOS

Palm reading applications bring a number of features to reveal your hidden life aspects. You can also find more about horoscope and astrology, love compatibility, and consultations with fortune teller. We have collected 13 best apps to read your palm, check them out!

1. Life Advisor

Life Advisor

Download for Android / Download for iOS

This is one of the most popular palm reading apps with millions of downloads. It lets you know the secret of your palm from the love aspect to life and wisdom. You will receive a short description telling what you need to know about the palm print.

In this app, you can also find more other features such as face aging and future baby predictor. The least mentioned enables you to meet your future infant by submitting a photo of mom and a photo of dad.

No need to worry about privacy. Your personal data will be handled under the privacy policy of Life Advisor. This app won’t share your personal information with other party.

2. Kasamba


Download for Android / Download for iOS

Kasamba is among the best hand reading apps that provides live psychic reading. It offers a 3-minute trial with real psychic, allowing you to get accurate and real answers for every chat. Whenever you feel lost or need life advice, this is a great app to call.

With almost 20 years of experience, this app has been trusted by millions of users from all over the globe. Not only can you have your palm read, it also facilitates tarot reading, fortune telling, astrology, and zodiac readings.

If you are embarrassed, use this app anonymously. Your personal details are safe and never shared with others. If you believe in fortune telling, Kasamba is worth the thought.

3. Life Palmistry

Life Palmistry

Download for Android

Discover the secret of your palm with Life Palmistry. Powered with AI technology, it provides not only palm reading but also finger analysis that helps you know yourself better. More than millions of simulation operations are added to the app to provide a comprehensive palmistry report.

This palm reading tool highlights AI palmistry with a report that offers useful suggestions. You can also find a daily guide that provides an exclusive guide to your work, love, finance, and social life. Hand analysis is also available to find out the secret of your destiny.

If you need a counselor, this best palm reading app is packed with love counseling service. More features are added constantly, allowing you to get the best out of it.

4. Palm Reader App, Horoscope, and Palmistry Hand Scanner

Palm Reader App, Horoscope, and Palmistry Hand Scanner

Download for Android / Download for iOS

Fortune telling is quite awesome even though you don’t believe what it says. Whether you want to have fun or really want to figure out the secret of your lifeline, this Palm Reader App is worth trying. Using this app, you can discover your relationship, finance, and love.

It provides two palm reading options: manual palmistry or automatic hand scanner. Both provides accurate predictions about you. This fortune telling app has been taken by millions of users worldwide and you can simply join the crowd.

If you are looking for a palm reading scanner app that offers powerful feature, this is a good option to download. Thanks to simple yet cool design that makes it more engaging.

5. Palm Reading

Palm Reading

Download for Android

Palm Reading is an advanced palmistry app that claims to be more accurate than any other apps. Whether you want to discover your future finance, love, or health, this palmistry tool helps reveal it. Identify your hand lines and find detailed interpretation that you need.

How this app works is quite simple. To get your palm read, complete short questionnaires to identify your hand shape, palm line, finger, nail sizes, and other information needed for the analysis. Wait for a few seconds and it provides you with complete interpretation.

It comes with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. This is also the best free palm reading app that allows you to share the result. Or if you want to dive deeper into palmistry, this app helps you learn more about it.

6. Palm Reading Life Line Analysis

Palm Reading Life Line Analysis

Download for Android

The secret of your destiny is hidden in your palm. Reveal the secret and discover your fate with Palm Reading Life Line Analysis. This app enables you to ask an expert palm reader, allowing you to get deeper insights. You can ask any question and get a direct answer or even life advice.

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This best palm reading app is easy to use. Choose a professional palm reader, take a picture of your palm and send it to the selected palm reader. The expert palm reader will read your life line and help discover your future. Using this app, you can enjoy 3-minute free reading.

Palm Reading Life Line Analysis has much to offer. Besides featuring a personal palm reader match and live chat with palm readers, it saves transcript of your chat so you can look back over the conversation. With more than 20 years of experience, this is a palm reading app for you.

7. Palm Reading Personality Test

Palm Reading Personality Test

Download for Android

Only a few people know that palm hides a big secret—it says many things about your life. Palm reading is the only way to uncover this secret. Rather than visiting a traditional psychic reader, you can download this palmistry app to tell you about your fate.

It has load of features that allow you to read your palm without being a psychic. With a few simple steps, you will get a personalized reading of the life line. It only takes around 5 to 10 minutes to complete the process.

8. Palm reading

Palm reading

Download for Android

Do you want to have your palm read but cannot find professional palm readers nearby? This app offers a convenient way to reveal your destiny through palm reading. Discover mysterious aspects such as love life, finance, career, and health with the help of an expert palm reader.

How it works is simple. Take a photo of your palm and choose a professional palm reader as preferred. Send your photo and choose Read My Palm. You can also enjoy a 3-minute chat for free to learn everything you need to know about your fate.

This platform is completely secure and confidential. This app doesn’t share your information with other party so your palm reading remains yours. The transcript is saved, allowing you to read back whenever needed.

9. Relax


Download for Android

Relax is an awesome daily palmistry app for Android users. Reveal hidden secrets of your life simply by scanning your app. Wait for 57 seconds to see life-changing future prediction. Find more about your soulmate, finance, and even baby prediction.

This is a palm scanner app that is powered with AI technology and big data analysis to ensure the accuracy of prediction. It also works with professional palmists so it is a great app you can trust.

In addition to palm reading, Relax has much to offer. You can enjoy fun aging camera, relax music, meditation, and future baby prediction. Thanks to simple design that makes it easy to use.

10. Palm Reading

Palm Reading

Download for Android

With a high rating on Google Play Store, this app is all you need to discover your destiny through palm reading. It comes packed with live palm reading analysis on a daily basis. Having this app on your device enables you to get more insights.

As one of the best palm reading apps, it connects you to a professional palm reader who will read your life line. When you need support, motivation or empowerment, revealing your secret is a great way to make sure you are on the right path.

There are so many cool features to enjoy, such as a user-friendly interface to expert palm reader. You can also get a 3-minute free chat with advisor so you can get the answers that you need.

11. Astro Guru

Astro Guru

Download for Android

Astro Guru is a trusted fortune telling and astrology app that has been around for a while. It provides you with a bunch of features, such as free palmistry, astrology prediction, horoscope, and others. With more than 20 million downloads, it gives you amazing palm reading by scanning your palm.

This tool highlights horoscope and astrology that predicts your future based on zodiac signs. It also features palm reading to reveal your fate from 3 major lines of your palm. Or if you are more into tarot reading, Astro Guru has got you covered.

As a bonus, it offers consultations from expert fortune teller and Vedic pandits. Ask any questions and they will give satisfying answers.

12. Palm Reader & Fortune Teller

Palm Reader & Fortune Teller

Download for Android / Download for iOS

iPhone or Android users can take advantage of this app. Palm Reader & Fortune Teller lets you know your future and hidden secrets by reading lines in your palm. Get insights on your health, personality, and relationship without spending a dime.

Using this app is pretty easy. Follow instructions on screen, answer questionnaires about your palm, and get detailed information about your life. This palmistry app could be the best choice to have fun.

13. Palm Reader: Palmistry Fortune

Palm Reader: Palmistry Fortune

Download for iOS

Just as with most palm reading apps, this tool offers personalized palm reading from the photo of your palm. Once downloaded on your smartphone, upload the photo of your palm and it will trace the line. Wait for a few seconds and it will reveal your secret life aspects.

This palm reader applies the rules of palm reading that pay attention to heart line, head line, life line, fate line, and mounts. Thus, it can give you more accurate reading than other apps.

If you are looking for the best palm reading app, several choices above are worth the thought. Each app comes with powerful features that help you discover your destiny. Whether you believe in the prediction or simply want to have fun, try them out.

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