13 Best Dynatrace Alternatives & Competitors

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Best Dynatrace Alternatives

When it comes to APM (Application Performance Monitoring) tools, Dynatrace is one of the best choices in the market. However, just like people, every app has its soulmates, and only some people fit the criteria. If you think the app is not ‘the one’, you may want to give these Dynatrace alternatives a try.

A Glimpse About Dynatrace

A Glimpse About Dynatrace

According to Peerspot, Dynatrace is almost an all-rounder. It gets high praise as the top mobile APM and container monitoring tool, as well as the second-best AIOps tool. For that reason, Dynatrace is used by multiple enterprises, such as Lenovo, Nike, and American Express.

Carrying the tagline “cloud done right”, Dynatrace services centered around the goal to modernize cloud operations. It uses AI to monitor applications’ performances and run a real-time analysis. Aside from that, Dynatrace also has some noteworthy features, such as:

  • Multiple cloud observation
  • Serving analysis instantly, including providing a visual guide where you can see impacted parts.
  • Providing code-level information to ease your process of finding errors.

With such service, it is no wonder that Dynatrace has been the favorite in the market. But even so, not all that is good is best. There are always other factors that determine whether you need the application or not, and it depends on your own preference and goal.

So, without further ado, this is the list of Dynatrace competitors you may want to try before finally deciding which one to use.

Best Dynatrace Alternatives You Can Try

1. New Relic

New Relic

New Relic is a San Fransisco-born APM tool that focuses on data collecting, data storing, and application performance monitoring. It uses applied intelligence, a hybrid machine learning engine that enables the tool to detect and notifies errors within applications quickly.

Aside from that, New Relic also offers multiple monitoring clouds from end-to-end, and the possibility for you to review past performances in order to detect patterns easily.

The applications integrate with other platforms such as emails, Slack, and PagerDuty as an alert and notifications medium, so you can respond to errors faster. Moreover, you can review your infrastructure in near real-time, as the data is sent to New Relic every five seconds.

Performance-wise, New Relic receives a good review and is competing side-by-side with Dynatrace, only with fewer features. However, it is a great tool for small businesses and mid-market, as it gives multiple pricing options.

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

2. Zabbix


If you are looking for an open-source alternative of Dynatrace, Zabbix is one you should try. In other words, you can use Zabbix for commercial and non-commercial purposes without having to pay a dime.

Zabbix provides a way for you to monitor your infrastructure performance, no matter how large it is. It collects data from multiple sources and in multiple forms, and it is available in many different languages to ease the user.

However, the most noteworthy feature of Zabbix is its level of flexibility. There are many customizable features in the app, such as custom data collection methods, additional hosts, highly-customizable widgets, and flexible widget placement.

Zabbix claims to have enterprise-grade security, which enables you to custom permissions and user authentication. Should you bump into any difficulties, you can always contact customer service and receive top-notch consultation.

Lastly, Zabbix is integrated into many platforms as alerting mediums, such as MS Teams, email, SMS, Slack, and Telegram. With its great pricing and features, it is popular with mid-level businesses.


3. Datadog


When it comes to APM, Dynatrace vs Datadog is one of the most-searched queries in Google. It is because both are popular in the market, even though there are some feature differences.

Datadog is a reliable tool to help you monitor and make reports of your organization’s performance. Its feature is not too different from Dynatrace, but Datadog has more incident management features for faster response toward errors.

Other similarities between the two applications are that they offer flexible pricing. However, Dynatrace has the upper hand in providing root-cause analysis, as Datadog does not have the feature.

Moreover, according to Gartner, both Datadog and Dynatrace receive high praise. But, the bottom line is both applications have their own strengths and weaknesses and it is up to you to determine which one is more suitable for your organization’s management.

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

4. SigNoz


SigNoz is quite the underdog in the observability space. It launches in 2021, yet its growth is rocketing fast. Even more, SigNoz is often called the alternative to Datadog and Dynatrace.

Using OpenTelemetery, SigNoz collects data that can help you watch over your infrastructure, as well as detecting errors that may happen in the system. You can create your custom tags in order to do faster tracking of any development, which makes it easier to control your business.

As an open-source tool, SigNoz is completely free, even though it has to be self-hosted. However, they also offer a hosting and managing service with a certain amount of fee. You can also get an enterprise special price for more complete services.


5. Splunk


As an APM tool, the purpose of Splunk does not have too much difference from Dynatrace. It can detect, store and correlate data as soon as it arrives, then generate reports and alerts to notify errors.

However, one of the most favorable Splunk features is its high security and outstanding data visualization. Moreover, Splunk also provides a way to customize your dashboard so it will be easier to access and read. Thus, making the response quicker.

Splunk is also very easy to integrate. In fact, it connects to almost all platforms, as long as it produces a data log. And do not worry if you are working around high data volume, as Splunk is well-designed for that.

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

6. SolarWinds


As a monitoring tool, SolarWinds’ service is quite complete. Aside from cloud monitoring, it also has Cisco network device monitoring, LAN monitoring, and other network management ability. In other words, it gives quite detailed information about your infrastructure without missing a beat.

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However, the feature of SolarWinds does not stop there. The software also has a customizable performance and reports that you can share easily with your peers with the Sharing Display feature.

Moreover, it also has the ability to detect your hardware health; it can inform you if you’re running low on capacity or having increased temperature.

SolarWinds is a great tool to have, especially if you intend to create the SolarWinds software environment. It is quite easy to set up, even beginners have no problem installing SolarWinds.

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

7. AppDynamics


Receiving praises from left and right, AppDynamics is now considered a leader in the APM market. Its fame rise even higher when Cisco acquired the company back in 2017, and AppDynamics continue to develop its feature.

Aside from the standard monitoring feature, AppDynamics also offers a variety of features that ease users into operating their businesses. One of the most notable features is its simple interface and data visualization which is able to define problems clearly and precisely.

Moreover, you can have full control of code-level visibility, as well as customized alerts and notifications to your chosen platform. At a glance, AppDynamics features sound ordinary. But, when it comes to UI/UX aspects, AppDynamics is one of the top players in the industry.

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

8. Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor enables you to monitor both web applications and web infrastructure, and it works even better if you are operating in an Azure environment.

One of the most praised benefits of Azure Monitor is its ability to provide easy data exporting, and the ability to work seamlessly with other APM tools such as Datadog. Moreover, it also has good and easy-to-interpret visualization that enables you to work efficiently.

Feature-wise, Azure Monitor only has standard APM tool benefits. However, with good Microsoft-supported quality, Azure Monitor costs cheaper than other high-end tools. If you are not into the fancy features and have a limited budget, Azure Monitor is likely to be sufficient.

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

9. Prometheus


If you struggle with high-requirement monitoring tools, maybe it is time to give Prometheus a try. Prometheus is very lightweight, thus enabling you to save space in storage. Price-wise, it is an open-source application and it is a great choice for small businesses operating.

Many users say the feature of Prometheus is ahead of its time. It is partly because Prometheus is very community-driven with vast choices of libraries, which increases its possibility to be more user-friendly with each update.

Despite its low-cost service, Prometheus offers a powerful and scalable tool with high security. Moreover, you can also choose the notification channels of your liking for faster response.

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

10. Catchpoint


There is no reason to doubt Catchpoint testing capability. Catchpoint is known for its comprehensive method of performance testing, ensuring the users that their platform is running smoothly and safely in hundreds of locations. Thus, Catchpoint’s service is available for global clients.

Most reviewers praise Catchpoint’s easy set-up. Moreover, it also has a simplified UI that even beginners can read the interface easily. With Catchpoint, it is easy for you to do historical analysis. It enables you to learn past patterns for the sake of future improvements.

If you meet any difficulties throughout the whole process, you can always contact the very-supportive customer service and technicians. They will gladly help you through thorough guidance, and even help you run the analysis that you need, wherever you are.

Website Download on the App Store

11. PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor

“Easy to handle” seems to be a suitable slogan for Paessler’s PRTG Network Monitor. Starting from the installation process, operating the platform, to even the process of getting technician and community support is quite sweat-free.

On PRTG, the error alert is customizable. It gives a descriptive notification that makes it easier to spot where and when things went wrong, and quickly fix them.

Despite the easiness, PRTG Network Monitor is handy and reliable. Moreover, it integrates to various platforms and is suitable for many devices. Even with the free version, the capability of PRTG is quite generous, and you can still upgrade it to a stronger version with broader benefits.

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

12. Broadcom DX Application Performance Management

Broadcom DX Application Performance Management

Broadcom DX is a solution to observe and manage cloud infrastructures. Having a public architecture with full-stack capability, Broadcom DX receives quite the praise in the observability industry.

Broadcom DX is very easy to deploy, and it provides a powerful, scalable, yet secure environment. Using the DXI platform, Broadcom DX offers a wide variety of monitoring services, such as networking and debugging. Moreover, it gives a comprehensive analysis that increases the platform’s efficiency.

However, what’s most interesting is the pricing. If you consult with customer service, you may get a special discount, carefully crafted depending on your budget and cases. So, do not hesitate to contact the Broadcom DX team and get the best price for you.


13. Lightstep


If you prefer to work around OpenTelemetry projects, Lightstep is truly worth your time. It is one of OTLP supporters, and it is popular in the observability market.

One of the most notable features of Lighstep is its readable, intuitive, and clean interface. It has the ability to detect errors quickly, and able to give quick group notifications for faster response. Moreover, the error description is quite clear that which makes the fixing process more effective.

On top of it all, Lightstep has a free trial and a free version for the entry-level market. But, you can also get special prices for mid-level businesses or enterprises. Should you encounter any problems, Lightstep provides an excellent customer help team that provides great solutions.

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Final Verdict

At a glance, having APM tools in your business might not sound so appealing. Surely, it means having to splurge extra for something that sounds manageable.

However, when it comes to increasing efficiency APM tools are vital. Aside from that, it can also improve the user experience, increase your target’s awareness, and at the end of the line, increase your profit.

Being one of the most popular, Dynatrace provides a great service, as well as advanced and ever-growing technology. However, it might not be suitable for everyone. These Dynatrace alternatives might be the most effective tools for you, and we are glad to help you achieve that.

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