9 Best Flickr Alternatives to Share Your Photos Online

by Emily Barrow

Best Flickr Alternatives

Professional artists and photographers share their photos through various social media platforms. One of the best photo sharing sites is Flickr, but unfortunately, it has a lot of disadvantages, and so many users searching for the best Flickr alternatives on the internet. 

Best Flickr Alternatives and Site Like Flickr

1. 500px


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The first best Flickr alternative choice goes to 500px. It is a photographers’ community, as a place for you to upload photos online and allows you to connect and share photos with them around the world.

With this platform, you can quickly upload various photos to your friends worldwide. You can use this Toronto-based website to upload photos online via various devices, such as Flickr, Dropbox, Facebook, etc.

What’s interesting about this startup company’s offer is that there is no charge for using this digital photography facility. For this free facility, you can upload 20 photos every week.

500px is not only providing free facilities for uploading limited photos but also having other attractions, such as a neatly arranged album layout, a comment column for visiting netizens, as well as voting facilities for users.

The complete facilities available by this online photo platform make 500px one of the main choices for photographers to upload their best photos. Some sites similar to flickr are Google Analytics, Android, and iOS.

With this startup as well, you can earn royalties if other users use the photos you upload. Using this platform also makes it easier for you when you want to know other users who uploaded images on this web.

2. Imgur


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Imgur is one of the best free Flickr alternatives that you can choose to upload your memorable photos on the internet. For the photography community, the Imgur platform is even the most popular online site for sharing photos with friends.

Many users upload photos on this website related to funny pictures and memes. If you visit this site, you will find lots of funny pictures and memes. This platform is truly a home for photo lovers.

Good news for users, Imgur provides a free service for users to upload their photos – unlimited. To use this platform is also easy and you do not need to register.

With Imgur, you can post photos on your homepage which allows your photos to be easily accessible to users from all over the world. You can also browse photos uploaded by other users.

On this platform, Upvote/Downvote and Favorite features are also available to make it easier for Imgur users to rank all uploaded images. You have many ways to upload images, for example via local drives, URL links, etc.

For the photos you upload, there are two options to access, public or private only (private albums). You can also use Imgur to upload photos on your social media platforms and share them with friends.

3. DeviantArt


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The next popular flicker alternative for you is DeviantArt. Many people misinterpret DeviantArt as a platform only for digital artists. This web is in fact a place for professional photographers and artists to gather.

However, DeviantArt is more attractive to young artists since it fits their passion. It pampers them to create unlimited photos.

What’s more interesting about this platform is the large storage capacity. To get the facilities, you need to become a DeviantArt member for free. As a member, you will get up to 2 GB of image storage for uploading an art portfolio.

By becoming a DeviantArt member, you will get feedback from other users through the Critique Tool feature. You can also connect and interact with fellow users.

Most DeviantArt users are professional artists who upload their best photos. You can benefit by discussing with them. If you are a digital artist, DeviantArt can be the best flickr alternative platform because it provides further insight into the world of photography.

4. Instagram


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Compared to existing online photography platforms, Instagram is one of the most popular Flickr alternatives with more than 300 million active users. This Facebook-owned application is the choice of users to share photos because it has many interesting features.

Instagram allows you to easily edit photos. You are also free to upload the number of photos in this mobile application. So far, the platform has no restrictions on user-uploaded photos.

You are not only able to upload photos but also short videos. It is of course very interesting for users since it gives them many features. Also, the attraction is that Instagram doesn’t charge you commercially or it’s free.

Once rowed, two islands are reached. That’s a suitable proverb to describe the ease of using this social media platform.

With Instagram, you will easily connect with various other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Through Instagram, you can repost your photos on other social media as well.

With many functions, Instagram hypnotizes many users. There are many features you can use, one of which is Instagram Direct. You can send pictures to other users directly. There is also a filter and tab feature that allows you to search easily.

One more interesting thing about Instagram is the feature for taking pictures directly from your cell phone. This is the easiest way to take pictures and directly upload them on social media.

5. SmugMug


Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Smugmug is another free Flickr alternative you can use to upload various photos on your web platform. In the photographer community, SmugMug is known to have a high class with a limited number of users.

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SmugMug is an exclusive Flickr alternative that focuses more on premium photo services. If you like exclusive styles, you need to take advantage of this special platform for uploading photos on the web.

Unfortunately, you can’t get this best alternative Flickr for free. SmugMug is a paid service intended for professional artists and photographers. By using this platform, you don’t have to worry about tight storage space. You can upload unlimited types of photos.

For user satisfaction, this website also has additional features, such as an online digital store, frontage themes, and other best services. There are also exclusive facilities that can only be accessed on this platform.

For those of you who want to take advantage of uploading photos on the web to support your business, you need to use SmugMug. This platform can be the best online promotion media to sell your products since it is supported by various attractive selling features.

6. Photobucket


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Known as one of the largest online photo uploading sites, Photobucket now has more than 10 billion images on the network. Those of you who have joined this digital platform will get services to upload images and videos through various social media platforms such as Facebook, etc.

This hot Flickr alternative has a large storage capacity. As a user, you will get 2 GB of free space. Meanwhile, to get additional space capacity, you can register for the premium package.

Photobucket makes it easy for all users of this online photo platform. File formats that you create directly get privacy from Photobucket. That is one of the reasons why this site is the mainstay of professional photographers to upload their best works.

Uploading your photos is more secure because this online photo share site has three main feature options, i.e. Public, Private, and Password Protected.

By joining Photobucket, you can browse the images you have uploaded. Likewise, for photo printing purposes, there is a direct printing facility from this web. One gate but many functions and it is the best Photobucket flickr alternative.

7. Google Photos

Google Photos

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Who does not know the Google search engine? Google is now providing Google Photos. Among many reputable Flickr alternatives, Google Photos is still the mainstay site for professional artists and photographers.

This is due to Google providing photo sharing services independently. In Google Photo, there is also a very interesting gallery to store and display your uploaded photos or videos. Meanwhile, for those of you who like to edit photos, this platform provides photo editing features to make your photo uploads appear with the best results.

Even though you are free to upload your favorite photos, Google Photos still provides a limit for images not exceeding 16 MP. For some photographers, this restriction hinders their work especially for uploading high-resolution photos.

However, with the many advantages of this free facility, Google Photos still has many users around the world. It has in fact become one of the most phenomenal Flickr alternatives in its history as an online photo sharing site. Unfortunately, as of June 1, 2021, any new photos or videos you upload will count toward your 15 GB of Google Account storage, you will need to pay for additional storage space.

8. Facebook


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Facebook is the largest social media platform that offers photo sharing services with users around the world. There is no doubt, Facebook with the number of users from various circles (age and social status), became the most popular photo sharing site in the world.

Currently, Facebook users upload their photos without limits. This is no less than 350 million photos uploaded on facebook every day. Users also not only upload photos but videos. Therefore, Google provides a large storage space capacity.

It’s not wrong if Facebook has been named the biggest alternative Flickr. The platform also provides space for users to place their photos. Users can choose a private, public, or share space with selected people.

Joining Facebook makes it easy for you to do something useful for your life. This most popular social media platform provides a feature that allows you to create an album of your precious photos.

Most importantly, every feature on Facebook is easy for you to use, including managing all the photos you’ve uploaded. With Facebook as if the world is in the palm of your hand. You will connect with people all over the world as friends.

9. iCloud Photos

iCloud Photos

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Just like Google and others, Apple Inc. also provides an online photo sharing site service called Apple iCloud Photos. This photo library allows iPhone users to integrate all devices.

This digital platform from the United States also makes it easy for users to organize their photos. One of the advantages of this most comprehensive alternative Flickr is the synchronization feature that functions to combine all the photos and videos you upload.

You can also easily find photos and videos because they are all stored on your iCloud. It also has a feature that you can use to create a shared library whether it’s within your family, relatives, or friends.

All good memories will be stored well here. iCloud Photos is a smart choice for Apple users to upload their photos.

As a free feature, the storage space available in iCloud Photos is quite large. You will get 5 GB of storage space for free. However, for those of you who want more capacity, you can subscribe to the premium package.

Many photographers and artists use this platform because it is easy to operate. You can easily sync all media to your device. Finally, using iCloud Photos will make all your business easier.

You can choose one of the best Flickr alternatives above to introduce your works to the world. By sharing photos through online sites you will have a network of friends from all over the world.

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