9 Best Compass Apps for Android

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Compass Apps for Android

Are you planning to purchase a new compass for the upcoming travel? Wait! Rather than spending your money on a traditional compass, simply download and install the compass app on Android devices. A wide array of choices are available, providing you with ease of use features to guide you during the travel. But, what is the best compass app for Android?

It may be a little harder to pick one app and say that it’s the best one among others. Most apps come with their plus and minus, allowing you to choose one that suits your preferences. To make your choosing task easier, take a look at the shortlisted compass apps for Android below.

Best Compass App for Android

Most Android smartphones have built-in accelerometer and magnetometer but not all of them come with built-in compasses. But if your device doesn’t support this feature, there’s a chance to use a compass through your smartphone. Here are the top 9 best compass apps for Android that you should have.

1. Digital Compass

Best Compass Apps for Android: Digital Compass

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Digital Compass is a smart app that offers precise and accurate directions and it is one of the best compass apps for Android available on Google Play. This tool is perfect for outdoor activities as it can help determine the direction you are facing, including azimuth and degree. The compass app is built using an accelerator, gyroscope, magnetometer, and gravity. Before installing this app, make sure your device has those sensors.

This great tool can show you location-related information, such as current location, altitude, slope angle, magnetic field strength, and sensor status. Additionally, it lets you add a pointer marker to the direction. Digital Compass works well for several purposes, including outdoor activities, Fengshui, adjust TV antenna, find Moslem’s Qibla direction, and many more.

Please note that the compass can be interfered by magnetic fields in surrounding areas, such as batteries or electronic devices. Whenever you doubt the accuracy, simply calibrate the device by moving the phone in pattern 8.

2. Compass Galaxy

Best Compass Apps for Android: Compass Galaxy

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Beginners need a simple compass app that doesn’t give them a headache when using it. Compass Galaxy is a basic digital compass that features a simple interface and does not require unnecessary permission. Despite its simplicity, this compass works great for everyday usage as long as you are not close to the magnetic field.

Compass Galaxy will send you a notification whenever it needs calibration. As with other compasses, you need to move the device in 8 gestures for calibration. But you will find it requires frequent calibration especially when you are in close proximity to a magnet.

Another thing you like about Compass Galaxy is that it does not have annoying ads so you won’t be interrupted. Besides, it comes with a small file size so it will not consume a lot of memory space in your device.

3. Digital Compass by Axiomatic

Digital Compass by Axiomatic

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If you are looking for a dependable compass app, then Digital Compass by Axiomatic is surely for you. This app comes with a simple and clean interface so you don’t have to look at the screen over and over again. Digital Compass boasts high precision and accuracy to make your outdoor activities more engaging.

It comes with a handful of features that can be useful when you lose track of direction. Digital compass comes with address, latitude, and longitude as well as the full-screen map. As with other compasses, it provides true heading and magnetic heading. Slope level meter, magnetic strength, and sensor status are also provided.

When using this app, you should not use magnetic covers on your device. If the direction starts to be unreliable, calibrate your phone about 2 or 3 times.

4. Compass 360 Pro

Compass 360 Pro

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Compass 360 Pro is one of the best compass apps for Android to accompany your adventure. This tool is suitable for most outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, picnics, and travel. It also works well when you are sailing or boating.

This app boasts high accuracy and precision, allowing you to keep track of your location. This dependable digital compass works all over the world so you know what to download before traveling. In addition to high precision, Compass 30 Pro comes with a simple and easy interface for every user.

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The compass app has many features to offer. It has a decimal bearing that gives detail direction as well as a cardinal bearing that provides general direction. It also features smooth movement with a professional design to make you feel better when using it. Additionally, this free app does not require a data connection so you can use it anywhere and anytime.

5. Compass Steel

Compass Steel

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Ads make excellent compass apps look unattractive. If you are looking for an ad-free compass app with impressive performance, Compass Steel is designed for you. This digital compass lets you focus on tracking the direction instead of pressing the close button on pop-up ads.

Compass Steel is highly accurate and precise to help you survive during outdoor activities. To improve the attractiveness, it features multiple color themes which can be customized as desired. It provides two heading modes: true heading and magnetic heading. Choose one at your convenience.

What makes it better? Compass Steel comes with a Sun and Moon direction indicator. The app also allows you to set and save a target direction, as well as improved readability with high contrast.

6. Smart Compass

Smart Compass

Download On Google Play

As the name suggests, Smart Compass is truly a smart digital compass that helps you track the direction. This tool allows you to search bearings online with magnetic sensors. Make sure your device has a built-in magnetometer to make it work.

Smart Compass offers a fixed heading, so it does not matter if you turn the phone portrait or landscape. It also has a camera view that can be used for Feng Shui and reality. In addition to the features, it is equipped with a metal detector as well as Google Maps and GPS supports.

There are several modes to enjoy from this online compass. You can use a telescope, standard, or digital modes. Night mode and Google Maps (satellite) are also supported. If you want to upgrade to Pro version, it lets you experience Qibla finder, sharing GPS location and ads-free.

7. Accurate Compass

Accurate Compass

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Accurate Compass is one of the best compass apps for Android, it is specifically designed for beginners who need a simple and easy-to-use compass app. This tool looks impressive with a simple yet customizable user interface and high-quality graphics. It boasts a highly precise location, giving you the experience of a real compass.

Accurate Compass is suitable to accompany your hiking, camping, travel, picnic, or other outdoor activities. It works well around the globe, so you don’t need to bring this app abroad. It will be as accurate as in your own country.

It seems like Accurate Compass wants to offer the best experience through customized skin. It features 7 housing with 4 backgrounds and 3 types of direction needle. More importantly, it also boasts display location and location sharing through SMS or email.

8. Compass by Melon Soft

Compass by Melon Soft

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This is a digital compass that boasts precision and accuracy. Compass is developed by Melon Soft and is suitable for various outdoor activities. You can travel all over the globe or hike to the highest mountain with this app.

Compass by Melon Soft can show some location information such as True North, latitude and longitude, level, and magnetic field power. The device slope angle can also be monitored using this app. Fortunately, this digital compass can be connected to Google Maps for better functions.

When it comes to interface, Compass brings a professional look with a lot of information on the screen. It shows a magnetic field, longitude and altitude, true heading, and much more.

9. Best Compass by Netigen

Best Compass by Netigen

Download On Google Play

True adventurers should have this digital compass to wander around the world. Best Compass by Netigen is specifically designed to meet the needs of adventurers, thanks to high accuracy and precision. This app has been tested by professional globetrotters, so its performance is undoubted.

Despite its functional use, Best Compass comes with a simple interface and useful features. Once installed on your device, it gives navigation that you need during hiking, camping or traveling. Additionally, this virtual compass features a navigation instrument that shows 4 cardinal directions. It can also find your position through GPS and show geographical directions.

Not only can it show four directions, but it also manages to display the azimuth and angle. This user-friendly digital compass also features a flashlight and map to make your adventure more unforgettable. Take your adventure and find a new way with Best Compass. If this tool shows the wrong direction, you may need to calibrate the device.

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