10 Best Slideshow Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Slideshow Apps for Android and iOS

After having a precious moment with friends and family, chances are that you have a lot of photos on your device. Making a distinctive slideshow is the best way to enjoy each photo without opening them one by one. Added with background music, the memorable events are getting better on your memories. If you are interested to make one, finding the best slideshow apps can be a good start.

There are many apps that come with the ability to make slideshows. But only a few of them are dependable to create impressive slideshow videos. For this reason, you need to be selective in searching for the apps. If you need help, this is the right place for you. There will be 10 recommended slideshow apps that work well on your Android or iOS smartphone.

Best Slideshow Apps for Android and iOS

How do you know the best apps for making slideshow? Basic features help you determine good slideshow apps. It should be easy to use, easy to share online, and offer fancy effects to explore your creativity. Here are the top 10 best slideshow applications that are worth the thought.

1. VivaVideo

Best Slideshow Apps: VivaVideo

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When accessing Instagram and other social networks, how many times do you find videos with VivaVideo watermark? This is more than enough to tell the popularity of VivaVideo. This app has millions of users worldwide and it has been one of favorite video editing apps. Not only can you edit videos, but you can also create slideshow videos from photos on your device.

This professional editing app comes with a lot of features to produce videos. It allows you to trim, merge, or adjust speed control for the best result. To make the slideshow more memorable, you can also add texts, transitions, music, and themes. Not to mention the special effects that will enhance your videos.

Simply choose the preferred photos and let the app do the rest. After creating the slideshow, you can share it with friends and family through social networks. Viva Video is available on the Play Store and App Store. Much like other slideshow apps, Viva Video consumes much of your phone memory so you have to provide sufficient space for the app.

2. PicPlayPost


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As one of the well-known and widely-used apps, PicPlayPost comes with an intuitive interface and an ease-of-use package. Not only can you create a slideshow video, but you can also make photo collages and GIFs. The slideshow maker helps explore your creativity and wrap all the precious photo collections in a memorable video.

PicPlayPost has a number of features to upgrade your slideshow-making experience. Aside from an intuitive program, it supports high-resolution output. Additionally, this application comes with a wide array of effects to enhance your slideshow video. Unfortunately, it has limited options for music.

Overall, PicPlayPost is a great slideshow app that works well on your Android, iPhone, and iPad. Just make sure your device is powerful enough to handle all the editing tasks. Otherwise, you will find the device not responding for so many times.

3. MoShow


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If you are looking for an app with 4.5 stars, MoShow is worth your consideration. This slideshow maker is easy to use, giving convenience to beginners and newcomers to make their first slideshow video. And yet, it has plenty of features that you can explore for impressive and remarkable video.

Among the best features brought by MoShow is eye-catching styles that make your videos worth-watching. It also comes with multiple innovations such as mixed transitions, blended text, as well as instant previews. The least mentioned enables you to see how the video looks like before finishing the project.

Good news for Android and iOS users, this slideshow maker is available for both platforms. MoShow can be downloaded for free, but it offers in-app purchase. Besides, you need to upgrade to the VIP package to enjoy a slideshow longer than 30 seconds.

4. SlideLab


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This is a great app to create distinctive slideshow videos. SlideLab allows you to combine photos from your camera roll or gallery into a remarkable video. This app works great for beginners as it doesn’t require many steps for slideshow making. When the video is ready, you can choose to save it on a mobile device or share it with friends on the social network.

SlideLab has many things to love. It comes with great filters to enhance your video. It also lets you choose background music from your device or from the app. Whether you want to upload to Instagram, the video will adjust automatically so your friends can enjoy it at its best. Additionally, it provides you with plenty of transitions for a better slideshow.

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Unfortunately, SlideLab is only available for iOS. Besides, it does not allow you to use iTunes music when sharing on Instagram and Facebook. But overall, SlideLab is an amazing app to create slideshow videos.

5. Pic Flow

Pic Flow

Download On Google Play

If you are a type of person who uses the same features, again and again, PicFlow can be a great choice. This best slideshow app does not come with a lot of features, but it works great enough to create distinctive slideshows. You can get the best out of the available features and enjoy a simple interface at the same time.

Despite it having limited features, PicFlow gives you plenty of control over the program. It allows you to determine the timing of every uploaded photo. You can also line up the photos to your preferred tune. That means you can select which picture to appear at which time. Interestingly, it can be matched with the background music!

What makes it better? PicFlow has 18 different transitions for an impressive slideshow. It also allows you to save video on camera roll or share on social networks. Pic Flow can only be enjoyed by Android users.

6. Photo Slideshow Director

Photo Slideshow Director

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This is where impressive slideshows come from. Photo Slideshow Director is a great slideshow maker app for iPhone and iPad that comes with plenty of features. It helps turn your photo collections into remarkable slideshows only on your iPad or iPhone. The ability to add music background makes your video more memorable.

Photo Slideshow Director has many things to upgrade your creativity. The app supports unlimited slides and unlimited songs for one slideshow. It also enables you to sync the photo slides automatically to the music. Not to mention customized transition and display for distinctive slideshow videos. Interestingly, you can save the videos as HD movies.

The slideshow maker offers a lot of features with a user-friendly interface. Beginners won’t find difficulties when using this app. However, you need to make sure the device is powerful enough otherwise it causes a glitch in the system.

7. Photo FX Live Wallpaper

Photo FX Live Wallpaper

Download On Google Play

This application receives more than 13 million downloads on Google Play Store. That means the slideshow maker is popular among Android users worldwide. The app has myriad features that allow you to upload photos, design slideshow, and share on social networks. It also comes with the ability to add animation as well as set color.

Photo FX Live Wallpaper is friendly to users with all editing skills. Even beginners can easily handle the slideshow project using this app. Among the good things to enjoy from this app is high-quality results. Additionally, it enables you to create distinctive wallpaper that is one of a kind. Unluckily, this app does not let you launch camera when using this app.

Photo FX Live Wallpaper is only available for Android. This app is completely free and can be downloaded on the Play Store.

8. Pixgram


Download On Google Play

Pixgram is a popular slideshow app among Android users. The music photo slideshow combines photos and music, giving you a remarkable slideshow to wrap all your collections. If you are a beginner, Pixgram won’t make you overwhelmed. Thanks to ease-of-use features that help you learn more quickly.

This app enables you to upload photos and choose your favorite music. You can also add effects and filters to make the slideshow look more professional. Whenever the masterpiece is done, the Android-only application lets you share to social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Pixgram does not bring a lot of features but it is more than enough for beginners and people whose editing experience is next to zero. As it is specifically made for beginners, Pixgram may be too easy for experienced users. Not to mention it lacks advanced features so it is a little bit hard to upgrade your editing skills. But overall, this is a good app that is worth trying.

9. Video Maker & Photo Slideshow

Video Maker & Photo Slideshow

Download On Google Play

A user-friendly interface makes Video Maker & Photo Slideshow a favorite slideshow app for newcomers. The combination of advanced tools and easy interface allows beginners to explore their creativity and upgrade their skills at the same time. Not to mention it comes with a lot of features, so you can get more out of it.

The slideshow maker has a lot of filters, photo effects, and frames. It also enables you to add photos from various folders, music, and transition. Video Maker & Photo Slideshow is only available on the Play Store.

10. Scoompa Video

Scoompa Video

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Finally, Scoompa Video is the best slideshow app that works well only on Android and iOS. This app is specifically designed for an advanced and experienced editor. This explains the advanced features, customizable options, and excellent menu that come along with the app. Whether you want to create a slideshow for recreational purposes or business, Scoompa Video can be a great tool to help you out.

Unlike many other slideshow apps, Scoompa Video can be used offline. It also produces excellent photo quality with interactive programs. Sharing your masterpiece is getting easier, thanks to social media support that it has.

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