Avast Cleanup vs CCleaner: Which One Is Better?

by Hashir Zuniga

Avast Cleanup vs CCleaner

Avast Cleanup and CCleaner are two popular cleaners and optimizers for computer. Both tools are packed with features to help clean registry, junk, and clutter from Windows and Mac computer. But when it comes to Avast Cleanup vs CCleaner comparison, which one is the best?

It goes without saying that rivalry between Avast Cleanup and CCleaner is intense and rigorous. Both of them promise safe repairs, fast scans, as well as extra tools for optimized computer tune-up. If it’s hard to find one that suits you best, the following comparison will help you out.

Avast Cleanup vs CCleaner Comparison

There are several aspects to take into consideration when it comes to comparing Avast Cleanup and CCleaner. It may include but not limited to feature, pricing, interface, and cleaning system. Without further ado, here is a side-by-side comparison between Avast Cleanup Premium and CCleaner Pro.


Initially popular as an antivirus program, Avast spreads its wings and introduce Avast Cleanup. Luckily, the new-release receives positive feedback and trust from users, making it one of the best cleaning tools for Windows and Mac.

Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup comes with various utilities to boost your computer, such as photo cleaner, disk cleaner, and cleaning alert system. With fast performance, you can remove junk and unnecessary files in a single click.


CCleaner has been around for a while and it has become one of the most popular cleaning tools. Promising secure and fast performance, the program can be downloaded for free with limited features, such as registry cleaner and custom cleaner.


Both Avast Cleanup Premium and CCleaner Pro come packed with a set of features, including browser cleaner that helps remove website cookies and clutter for a better browsing experience. However, CCleaner sometimes cleans the cached data so that it causes slow down when loading the pages.

These computer optimizers feature registry cleaner which can handle useless registry. Both tools can detect unnecessary registry entries and allow you to remove it with a single click. As a bonus, CCleaner also lets you backup deleted registry entries, just in case your computer misbehaves after cleaning.

Additionally, Avast Cleanup comes with a disk cleaner that helps boost computer performance. This feature comes in handy to overcome low storage space by removing unnecessary files. CCleaner also has a similar feature dubbed Junk File Cleaner that helps remove leftover files and other junk files.

Sleep Mode is another feature to enjoy from Avast Cleanup. It lets you monitor activities of programs running in the background so that you can put those apps to sleep. Meanwhile, CCleaner features a facility to control which apps to run when your computer starts.

Avast Cleanup vs CCleaner Interface

In terms of interface, Avast Cleanup and CCleaner are slightly different. Avast Cleanup Premium has a slick interface with a domination of dark shade. A modern look makes this program more stylish than its rival, CCleaner that comes with a rather outdated interface.

Avast Cleanup Interface

Avast Cleanup Interface

CCleaner Interface

CCleaner Interface

But when it comes to user-friendliness, both Avast Cleanup and CCleaner are user-friendly and completely easy to understand. These programs allow you to go through the tools and functions without the need for spending much time learning how to use it.

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Cleaning Systems

Moving to the cleaning systems, Avast Cleanup and CCleaner are trusty to declutter and optimize your computer. To begin with, Avast Cleanup enables you not only to detect junk files, browser cache, temporary files, and application log files in a single click.

Once you hit the Clean button, the scanning process will begin. The speed depends on your computer’s hardware, but it is typically accomplished in no time. In a few seconds, you will be able to see a list of junk divided into several categories. Select the files and click the Clean button to delete permanently.

In general, CCleaner also works the same way as Avast Cleanup. Once launched, click Cleaner or Custom Clean to detect junk and unnecessary files. The analysis process may take a few seconds or minutes depending on your computer performance.

When analysis is completed, you will see a list of junk files including browser cookies, caches, history, recycle bin, and many more. Select certain files to remove, or you may also select all files and click the Run Cleaner button to remove them from the computer.

Overall, both cleaner and optimizer tools feature good and easy cleaning systems. Avast Cleanup and CCleaner are able to remove junk files and de-clutter your computer in a few seconds. More importantly, these programs can help empty boost your computer performance.

Avast Cleanup vs CCleaner Pricing

When it comes to pricing and subscription, Avast Cleanup and CCleaner are significantly different. The former costs $59.99 per year for one computer. If you have a lot of devices, you might opt for a package that enables you to install Avast Cleanup on 10 devices. This package costs around $69.99 per year.

Avast Cleanup Pricing

Avast Cleanup Pricing

CCleaner Pricing

CCleaner Pricing

On the other hand, CCleaner is much more affordable as a 1-year license costs $19.95 for one device. When compared with its rival that offers quite similar features and cleaning systems, CCleaner is much more attractive with significantly less expensive cost.

But there is a thing in common between these apps. Both Avast Cleanup and CCleaner offers free version and trial products. It helps you figure out if the app suits your preference. Avast provides you with a 30-day money back guarantee while CCleaner offers a free version that has limited features.

Final Verdicts

After comparing Avast Cleanup vs CCleaner, you might need to know which one is better. Avast Cleanup promises a better performance in scanning and cleaning your computer, thanks to the many features it offers. This program also has faster speed in doing the job.

On the other hand, CCleaner is a budget-friendly optimizer for Windows and Mac. Offering similar capabilities as its competitor, CCleaner can be a great alternative to boost your computer performance without breaking the savings.

The choice is in your hands. If you think about security, privacy, and performance, Avast is the one to mention. But if you are on a tight budget, CCleaner makes everything easier. Whichever cleaner and optimizer you choose, Avast Cleanup and CCleaner are the best tool you could ask for.

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