How to Empty Trash & Remove Junk Files on Android

by Hashir Zuniga

How to Empty Trash on Android

If you have a slow Android phone, it could be that you have a lot of trash in it. Lots of trash on your Android phone makes your mobile phone not run optimally. Therefore, you must know how to empty trash on Android so that your mobile phone runs smoothly.

Trash that accumulates can also cause storage capacity on your mobile phone to be full. The application cannot freely create a cache so that your mobile phone is getting slow. Before you know how to empty trash on Android, you better understand what is the trash on your mobile phone.

What is the Trash Files on the Android Phone?

There are many types of trash files on your mobile phone. One that you have encountered is the cache. A cache is a file that is automatically created by an application. This file is useful for optimizing the system to work faster.

There are a lot of cache files, ranging from images, videos, to files in many formats. Besides cache, you can also find trash like folders and directories that you no longer use.

For example, a folder created automatically by an application that you deleted earlier. However, the folder still exists. Of course, that can make your mobile phone work harder and your memory full quickly.

How To Empty Trash on Android and Remove Junk Files

Now you understand what things can become trash on your mobile phone. Trash will eventually accumulate and make your mobile phone not run optimally. Therefore, you must know how to empty trash on Android. These are the 5 things you can do to empty trash on Android:

1. Clean Up WhatsApp Trash Files

Clean Up WhatsApp Trash Files

WhatsApp is a very useful application for communication. However, this application saves a lot of trash files. But you can’t say that this is a trash application because, in fact, it has so many benefits. Therefore, you must know how to clean up android trash files on Whatsapp.

There are various types of trash files stored by the Whatsapp Application. Examples are daily backup files for seven days, Media files sent, File status and File Backups. Cleaning up this trash can make your memory very loose. Besides, your memory can increase up to 1GB.

First, you must open the File Manager application on your Android. After that, click Internal Memory or External Memory. Open the WhatsApp folder, click Menu and Show Hidden Files will appear. You can do how to empty trash on Android via WhatsApp by removing the useless file.

In the media folder, you can delete the ‘Sent’ folder. Content in the folder is all the files that you have sent to other people. In the Database folder, you can delete 6 files, which are files since six days ago. You can delete files from the earliest date until yesterday.

2. Delete Trash Files From Gallery without Delete Photos

How to empty trash on Android is not done directly in the gallery. However, you can do it in the DCIM folder in the file manager. Before you know how to clean up your Android, you must know something about how your mobile phone works.

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The fact is every time you view photos and videos through the gallery, your mobile would create a new file. This is related to the size of your photos and videos. Therefore, your mobile phone will create thumbnails that will be displayed to you.

Before you delete a file and empty your trash, you can enter the File Manager. You can choose the DCIM folder. There you will see a lot of photos and videos, including the Thumbnail folder.

Next, you can select the photos and videos that you want to delete. Make sure that all photos and videos that you want to delete are carefully selected. It can prevent you from regretting after you delete the files.

3. Clear Each Application’s Cache

Clear Application Cache

The cache is a marker of your use in an application. So, if you want to use an application, the application will open quickly. Moreover, how to empty trash in Android by clearing each application’s cache is most often recommended.

However, this method can cause application loading to be slower. How to clear the cache file for each application is easy for you to do. You can enter settings then select the Applications tab.

Furthermore, you can open which application you want to delete the cache. Then you can click ‘Clear Cache’ on each application. The more applications you use, the cache files will also be larger. Now you know how to empty trash on Android through the cache.

4. Delete Entire Application Cache

The next way to empty trash on Android is through the cache. However, the difference is you can delete all the cache at the same time. You can certainly easily do this method. However, this method is different from the way you did before.

First thing first, you can enter settings then select Storage. Then wait for the system to finish counting internal and external memory usage. When finished, a special Cache tab will appear.

The next step is you can click the Cache section. After the confirmation appears, click Yes to delete. This method is easier than the trash folder on Android. But the consequence is that application loading takes longer.

5. Use The Trash Cleaner Application

Clean Master and CCleaner

If the four methods of how to empty trash on Android are not enough to satisfy you, try using this last method. This method is by using a trash cleaning application. Using the trash removal application is very easy to use.

Besides, this method also has a high level of success. This application will function for hidden trash files. However, you have to look for the lightest and most powerful Android trash cleaning application.

Do not let you download a heavy garbage cleaning application and increase the performance of RAM and internal memory. In addition, also choose the application garbage cleaner without root so as not to damage the mobile phone.

There are many file cleaning applications available on the Play Store. However, if you want the best advice, you can use an application namely Clean Master or CCleaner. Both of these applications have special methods to delete trash files that are on the mobile phone.

Those are 5 things about how to empty trash on Android. You can choose one of these methods to delete the trash that is on your android phone. All of these methods you can do for all types of android mobiles.

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