10 Best Gender Swap Apps for Android and iOS

by Haya Barnard

Best Gender Swap Apps

Having fun with your photos never comes to an end. Try the best gender swap apps and turn your regular photos into something hilarious to invite a good laugh of your friends or family. As the name suggests, you can change one’s gender in a photo with just a few taps.

Gender swap apps commonly offer more features than solely switching genders on photos. Some apps make this functionality the main highlight but others come along with other features such as basic photo editing and beautification.  

Best Gender Swap Apps for iOS and Android

Finding the best apps for gender switching can be a bit of a task. There are not as many as beauty editors so you don’t have a lot of options out there. Here are the most recommended gender switch apps that will transform your photo into another gender.

1. Reface


Do you think you have a good sense of humor? Try Reface to swap faces on desired photo or video. This is one of the best face swap applications to create funny memes or videos. Whether you want to play a joke or prank your friends, Reface should be on your list.

Face swap is the main highlight on this app, allowing you to swap faces with celebrities or popular movie characters. Thanks to AI technology that creates a realistic and seamless result. On top of that, it supports gender swaps on photo and live video using your phone camera.

If you don’t have a photo collection, this best gender swap app has a bunch of preloaded videos and GIFs updated every day. You can also use photo animator feature to make your photos talk and sing. Simply tap a few buttons and let it work like magic.

With more than 100 million downloads on Google Play, millions of users have fun with this app. Change your gender, bring your photos to life, or try face morph on Reface.

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2. FaceApp


FaceApp is a popular photo editor with millions of active users worldwide. Supported by AI technology, it helps you transform photos into a piece of art. There are so many features brought to the table including gender swap that lets you see what you would look like as another gender.

To get started, choose the gender swap option and pick a photo you want to transform. Within seconds, FaceApp will turn your photo into someone you probably have never known before. Instead of keeping the photo for yourself, share it on your social media platforms.

In addition to gender swap, this application comes with aging feature that lets you apply old and young filters. See what your face looks like in 10 to 20 years from now. It also has the ability to morph your face with top celebrities.

Designed as a photo editor, FaceApp comes loaded with beautification features. You can try impression filters to perfect your selfies, hairstyle and color changer, and light effects for adorable photos. Plus it lets you add volume to your hair, add mustache, and remove blemishes, wrinkles, and acne.

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3. FaceLab


You must have heard about FaceLab. This photo editor app has been used by millions of people to have fun with their selfies from gender swap to face aging and photo filters. Designed with a user-friendly interface, the editing process won’t give you a headache.

As one of the best gender swap apps, FaceLab boasts a superb performance. You can reface a photo and see what it looks like in the opposite gender in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is to take a selfie and let the app do the rest. Use your gender swap photo to prank your friends.

The key secret behind its wonderful result is artificial intelligence technology that makes your photo look realistic and seamless. You can also try many other features like beauty and makeover to remove acne and blemishes, apply glasses filters, and beautify your smile with FaceLab.

In addition to gender swap and beauty makeover, this photo editor allows you to cartoon yourself. Thanks to awesome cartoon filters that make you look like a comic character.

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4. FaceJoy


FaceJoy is an outstanding app to change faces in videos and images. With just one selfie and one click, this AI-powered application makes it possible to change your face into an opposite sex. Thanks to amazing face filters that give you a stunning result.

This app is designed to adjust facial expressions and movement accurately, providing you with realistic face change. You can also try many other features such as face swap with your favorite celebrity, change of clothes, and change hairstyle.

Are you content with the result? Feel free to share it with your friends on social platforms or save it to your phone gallery. Get this best free gender swap app for free to enjoy default features or purchase paid content to unlock exclusive features.

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5. Face Swap Booth

Face Swap Booth

Face Swap Booth is a face changer application to swap faces across multiple photos. Whether you want to change your face with a celebrity’s face or your friend of another gender this app has got you covered. Thanks to advanced tools to blend your image perfectly.

This best gender swap app features multiple facial overlay masks that allows you to custom blend faces. What’s more, this deepfake app gives you the option to mix and match facial features so you can create a totally new face you have never seen before.

Face Swap Booth comes packed with auto detect that helps detect faces automatically so you don’t necessarily need to adjust them manually. With a built-in share button, it is so much easier to share your photos with friends and family to create lots of laughter.

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Thanks to a user-friendly and simple design, using Face Swap Booth is completely easy. Even if you don’t have a good photo, it comes packed with pre-loaded faces and photos to work with. Choose your favorite celebrity or face and swap to see what you will look like.

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6. Face Swap

Face Swap

Swap face with your friend, favorite celebrity, or even someone of the opposite sex with Face Swap. This free app comes in handy to have fun with your photos. With a simple and intuitive design, this best gender swap app is super easy to use and it provides you with realistic result.

On Face Swap, you can try different pictures. It supports up to 6 faces in each photo so you can use your creativity to improve a group photo. To work with this app, simply open a photo from your gallery or capture a new one with your camera and start swapping.

What’s interesting, Face Swap features face bomb effect that lets you edit many people in the photo with the same face. Save your creation to phone gallery or share on social media platforms and see the reaction of your friends or family.

This application is free to download on Google Play Store without paid content. Recently it has got more than 10M+ downloads and is still counting. However, it comes with pesky ads that might disturb you while editing photos. 

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7. FaceTrix


Available on Android platform, FaceTrix is an AI-powered face editor application that brings gender swap as one of its features. AI technology makes it easier to edit face, not to mention it provides you with natural and realistic result.

Gender swap is only one click away with FaceTrix. Thanks to the gender changer filter which turns your beautiful photo into a touch guy or vice versa. This is how you can easily discover what you would look like on opposite sex.

When gender swap is not enough, you can try other features like face aging that helps you reveal your old age. With just one tap on the screen, this best gender swap app gives you a hint of your face when you are old. Use it to play a joke or prank your friends.

Young filter and cartoon filters just enhance the functionality of FaceTrix. You can also use beautification tools to remove acne and blemishes, smooth skin, whiten teeth, remove eye bags, and more. With a small download size, it has everything you need to improve your photos.

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8. Gender Changer

Gender Changer

From its name you know what this app is used for. Gender Changer is designed to transform your gender in an opposite sex. Whether you are curious of your appearance in another gender or you want to play a joke on friends or family, this app got you covered.

Made with an easy-to-use design, transforming your face is a piece of cake. You can either transform any photo into a beautiful girl or handsome guy in a matter of seconds. Choose a picture from your gallery or take a snapshot and let the app do the magic for you.

There are so many things you can do with Gender Changer such as increase lips, change hairstyle, and stick eyelashes. You can also change eyebrows to improve your appearance. And if you want to be a tough man, this best gender swap app lets you grow a beard and try on mustaches.

Thanks to a bunch of stickers that allow you to customize your appearance. It also gives you an option to enhance your photo with basic photo editing tools. If you are done with a photo, either save it in your gallery or share with your friends. 

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9. Gender Changer Photo Editor

Gender Changer Photo Editor

Try this gender swap photo editor to figure out another version of you. Gender Changer Photo Editor is a fun application to transform your photo into an opposite sex. Thanks to the ability to customize your appearance so you can easily change hairstyle or add beard.

Designed for entertainment purposes, this best gender swap app comes packed with a bunch of features such as automatic face detection, tons of stickers, and free face transformation. You can also apply trendy photo filters to improve your final result and make it standout.

On top of that, you can try beauty photo editor for beautification. Whether you want to smooth skin or remove acne, it always has the right tool to get the task done. A variety of image adjustment options are also available to make it suit your preferences.

And of course, gender swap as one of the main highlights allows you to have fun with your photos. Simply choose a picture and see what you look like in another gender. Save the result on local storage or share it via social media platforms.

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10. Face Story

Face Story

Face Story is an AI-based photo editor to improve your pictures in many ways, including gender swap. It provides you with gender filter with which you can transform a picture to look like the opposite sex within seconds. The hilarious result makes it suitable for jokes and pranks.

In addition to gender swap, this iPhone app comes loaded with many other effects. Let’s mention face aging that lets you find out the old version of your face much sooner. AI technology is responsible to apply this filter and provides a realistic result so no one knows it is a fake.

You can also try cartoon effect to make your photo look like a cartoon character. What’s interesting, you can choose a version to your heart’s content from male or female to young and old version. Without hiring a professional artist, you can get it with just one tap.

Face Story offers many other features including celebrity look-alike to see which celebrity looks like you; future baby generator to meet your future baby; and artistic effect to morph your face with art filters. It also lets you remove the background with background eraser.

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Most gender swap apps are powered by artificial intelligence technology that ensures a realistic result. Get the best gender swap apps that offer more features like beauty editor, time machine, face morph, or other features that you desire.

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