12 Best Apps Like Taskrabbit & Similar Alternatives

by Emily Barrow

Best Apps Like Taskrabbit

There are several apps like Taskrabbit that could provide the services that you need. Other than that, several apps are also great to display your skills and abilities through an app. 

Regardless of what you are looking for, checking up on the apps mentioned on the list below will help you to find what you need in the first place.

What is Taskrabbit App?

Generally, this platform provides a space for everyone to show their skills and abilities in the right place. Other than that, for those who look for services, everything is accessible through their phones now. Below is a list of apps that allow you to find the services that you need – from food to hospitality.

1. Steady


On the other hand, if you are looking for an app to start showing off your skill then you should consider Steady. Users consider this platform as an app similar to Taskrabbit but with more features on the list. Both service providers and those who need to hire a person will find this app quite useful in many ways.

On this app, you will get workers who will deliver items and meals as well as customer service work. You will most likely find what you need through this app. Even though the app won’t pay the workers, the customers will provide the payment directly to the worker.

If you are a worker who needs some freelance gigs, Steady will help you to gain money. There is no need to provide your banking information. On the other hand, the app allows you to track and check how our progress is during the year. Thus, there is no reason to give this app a shot.

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2. Grubhub


Some other apps like Taskrabbit provide excellent services when it comes to delivering meals to consumers’ houses. Grubhub, on the other hand, offers a wider option by providing more selections when it comes to choosing places for meals.

Even though the options are wide and large, you can find your favorite restaurants or various meals depending on your needs by using the filters. You can even filter the restaurants based on the ratings and meals – interesting, right?

Just like most delivery apps on this list, you need to pay for the delivery service. It is possible to get free delivery – terms and conditions apply. Other than that, the delivery cost highly depends on each restaurant.

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3. Postmates


Postmates is simply one of the best Taskrabbit alternatives that deserve a top spot on this list. This app offers services to pick and deliver your orders, whether those are meals, drinks, or groceries. It also makes Postmates as one of the most popular delivery apps on the app market.

Other than t the variety of services, Postmates is also consistent with its versatility. It allows you to order from gas stations, restaurants, and pharmacies as well. Even though it comes with a bunch of interesting services, this app makes the navigation quite effortless. You can use the filters to find what service you need in no time.

If you want to get a cheaper delivery service then you better sign up for its paid membership – it costs USD9.99 per month. However, the delivery service fee can be a bit pricey without the membership. Thus, if you are using Postmates, investing in its monthly membership is such a good call.

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4. GoPuff


Do you find yourself starving at night? While going out is not the best option, GoPuff is always ready to help you. This app is one of the best food delivery services that provide 24-hours service. It is quite segmented but you should be grateful for the presence of this app.

Other than delivering meals, you can use this app to purchase and deliver meds, household essentials, snacks, and many more. The delivery fee is also flat – USD2.95, which is quite interesting. Still, it takes a minimum order – it depends on the stores, after all.

You can sign up for its paid membership that costs USD5.95. This option is quite interesting and worth your dollars if you commonly use GoPuff. Being a member also allows you to enjoy various perks, rewards, as well as free delivery services.

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5. Slice


If you love eating pizza and take a delivery order then you should consider using Slice. This app has a specific niche, which is the best pizza delivery app. You can find your favorite local pizzerias through this app. Other than that, you can order from those pizza places and let someone bring it to your house.

Slice has curated at least 17,000 local pizzerias across the states. Since the app always updates the system, you can expect more pizza shops in the future. Compared to many apps on this list, Slice applies lower commissions. Also, this app is one of the best free food delivery apps that allow you to explore various pizzerias, from local to international brands.

However, you can only find pizza on this app. Thus, if you love pizza that much, Slice would be a perfect app to use.

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6. Instacart


Instead of being one of the best meal delivery service apps, Instacart will spoil your day by being the most versatile service when it comes to grocery shopping. Using this app is such a good idea, especially if you plan to keep your kitchen stocked without going out in the first place.

Similar to most delivery apps, Instacart will collect your orders and deliver it right in front of your house. It works like this: you pick the grocery store and list what you want. After that, the courier will grab your orders and bring them to your home. It takes at least an hour to finish the entire order.

Other than grocery shopping, you can use Instacart to pick other orders from pet stores, pharmacies, and many specialty shops. If you sign up for the paid membership that costs USD9.99 per month, you don’t need to pay for delivery fees for every purchase that costs over USD35.

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All in all, Instacart is a perfect shopping partner for those who don’t want to go out of their houses in the first place. The only thing that you should keep in mind is that the price might be higher than if you go to the store directly.

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7. ChowNow


Are you looking for the best food delivery apps in the local areas? If so then you should consider downloading ChowNow. This app is specifically designed for various local restaurants. Thus, if you don’t want to miss what your local meal offers, using ChowNow will help you, big time.

Another interesting thing offered by ChowNow is its cheaper price. This app doesn’t charge any commission, which allows the restaurants to offer something cheaper especially if you compare it with other apps on this list. Still, you need to pay for the delivery fee which depends on the restaurant.

Compared to most apps on this list, ChowNow offers more budget-friendly options. Other than that, you can support local restaurants way easier. However, it makes your options more limited compared to other apps – but it won’t hurt to give this app a try.

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8. Handy


Handy is surely one of the apps similar to Taskrabbit. This platform is a cool app that allows you to enjoy handyman services as safely as possible. The process is easy and fast while you can get your house fixed.

The thing that makes Handy different from Taskrabbit is that the latter allows the handymen to set their rates. On the other hand, Handy determines how much you could earn through this app. Handy will set the hourly wage depending on the task in the first place.

Fixed rates make the process simpler because customers don’t need to negotiate when it comes to house works. But a more skilled worker will surely get paid higher than those who don’t have specific skills to finish the job.

According to users, Handy always ensures that customers get the service they’ve booked. The platform will charge penalties if the workers did some poor jobs in the first place. Hiring a handyman through this platform may require time, considering the background check process is quite serious. Still, it means that you get the best service from chosen candidates.

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9. Wonolo


You may find quite a list of names when it comes to an app like Taskrabbit. However, if you are looking for a legit one then you should consider Wonolo – whether you are a service provider or the one who needs to hire. This app promotes a simple process until a customer finds a perfect handyman to do the job.

Wonolo, on the other hand, is not limited to a platform that provides handyman services. You may find food deliveries, catering services, and even general labor options. All you need to do is to download Wonolo from the app market and you can enjoy all the best services provided.

This app is compatible with both iOS and Android. It makes this app accessible for everyone. Don’t worry because everything is free – you just need to pay for the service if you hire a worker, after all.

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10. Jobble


Jobble is a solid handyman app where you can find a person to take care of anything in the buildings. The services offered companies to connect their businesses to another network of professionals. Similar to Taskrabbit, this app comes with a list of many handy professionals. And more than anything, Jobble wants to promote a more flexible way for anyone to work.

So, what jobs will you find on this platform? Well, you may find almost any handy job in Jobble. From carpenters and plumbers to hospitality and labor – everything is available on this platform. All in all, this tool is a perfect thing you should try if you are looking for a job – or someone who can do field work in your place.

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11. Thumbtack


Lots of people who need freelance gigs will register their profiles on this platform. This is why you have to check Thumbtack if you need help with a specific task in your house. You will find satisfying results when you enter Taskrabbit vs Thumbtack.

According to the company, Thumbtack is more about advertising company’s workers instead of individuals who look for seasonal jobs. Thus, customers can get the best services from experienced workers in the first place.

It is safe to say that Thumbtack will always provide professionals and those with experiences on their lists, instead of unlicensed workers in the first place. Whether you are a provider or a customer, you should give Thumbtack a try in the first place. The platform is available both as the web version and as a smartphone app.

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12. Staffy


For those who want to list their services on hospitalities then you should try Staffy. This app is excellent when it comes to marketing services related to hospitality. According to the company, many hotels and restaurants commonly check the list on this platform to hire.

A reason that you should consider listing your skill to this platform is that you can have a flexible work hour. On the other hand, the platform allows you to have a better rating for each gig that you have attended. Also, you can set your own rate effortlessly.

Staffy might not be the most ideal choice if you are looking for the best delivery services app. However, it seems like you will get what you need the most from hospitality – or the right place to show off your talents – on this platform.

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Generally, there are plenty of apps that allow you to enjoy various services – from delivery services to handyman services, all in your hands. More than anything, you will find the most popular delivery service apps from the list above. 

All you need to do is to make sure that those apps meet your needs and cover the area where you are living. After reading the review above, you now may want to give each app a try, right? 

All the apps mentioned above are free – but you may have to pay for a specific service. But it won’t hurt to give each app a try, especially if the app covers your area. And that’s a wrap – this is everything you need to know about the best service apps like Taskrabbit.

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