6 Tips To Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming

by Hashir Zuniga

Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming

Windows 10 is the best OS for gamers and better than the OS before it. As the newest OS in interactive entertainment, Windows 10 improve a real game, supporting the old game, and you can stream Xbox one while using it. Gamers usually love this kind of program because Windows 10 can adapt easily to gaming needs. But we need some adjustments to optimize Windows 10 for gaming and make sure you will be more comfortable with this Windows.

We should do some adjustments on this Windows to make it more comfortable to use. Besides, they also give us a better experience while playing. However, there are many steps we can do to optimize Windows 10 for gaming, check it out!

Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming Easily

1. Use Window 10 Game Mode

Window 10 Game Mode

Windows 10 operating system had a game mode to optimize internal programs in this program for gamers. You can activate this mode by pushing Windows + I, it will automatically open a new window.

After that, type “game mode” in a search box and then choose Control Game Mode and doing some adjustments to optimize Windows 10 for gaming. On the screen, while you choose the game mode, you should switch to on to make your game mode active.

If your PC support to activate the game mode, some of Windows renewal will be turning off. As a result, you will get a better frame rate. It is the first important thing if you want to optimize Windows 10 for gaming.

2. Upgrade to SSD

If your laptop is in a new one from the store, usually you will get an HDD. Upgrade your HDD to SSD will not improve your laptop had a better performance significantly. But, this SSD will help you reduce the loading time while in-game or while opening it.

SSD card may be quite expensive to buy. Besides, it also worth to buy especially when you think the loading times are important. This day, the game acquired more disk space to install. Changing your HDD can make you save more time. Your loading game will decrease from 30-40 seconds to 2-3 seconds only.

Much money will give you a better SSD. If you think this SSD is too expensive for your OS, you can get a small one. But, keep your big HDD for your experience in games.

3. Manage Your Active Hours

As we know from the start, Windows 10 can automatically install any updates and reboot your computer. It also can happen and disturb you while you playing a game. Moreover, while you are in the tournament, it is not funny if your PC automatically rebooting. It will affect your team ranking or broke your mental.

The automatic update also had advantages for your PC. It helps you fix and upgrade the system while you probably didn’t mind about it. Also, it can protect your system, keep it as a new one and make sure it is working properly. That’s why it is better to manage your automatic update than turn it off.

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To manage your automatic update to not disturbing your activities, you should make sure your active hours first. At the start, push the Window key + I on your keyboard and click Update and Security then choose to Change Active Hours. In here, you can set 18 hours in maximum for active hours. Set the right time when you usually use that computer and then click Save. Make sure you have set your Windows to remind you while he will restart the PC.

4. Disable Mouse Acceleration

Disable Mouse Acceleration

This one is an important thing but people usually forget about it. While you enable mouse acceleration, it will disturb your PC performance. If you are a fan of the army and war games, you should turn mouse acceleration off.

However, mouse acceleration is a setting where your mouse is not only moving based on physical movement. It also improves your movement based on your speed while using it. As a result, your mouse movement will be less accurate. You can feel it when you playing shooter games that need improvement your aiming.

Firstly, you should push Windows key + I and then type the keyword “Mouse pointer” on the search box. Click “Change the mouse pointer display or speed” and then go for Pointer Options and uncheck Enhance Pointer Precision. Besides, you can also adjust your pointer speed in purpose to make sure you get the best configurations.

5. Manage Steam Auto-Updates

Manage Steam Auto-Updates

The next way to optimize Windows 10 for gaming so it can run better is managing your steam auto-updates. The problem here is the same as the problem in Windows Updates. Steam had a feature to update all of your games even if it is the old one.

However, games in steam usually had big size. Your PC will run slowly while Steam updates on the background because it consumes your PC’s memory. It also consumes your internet speed then your game will get lower speed as a result.

To manage the auto-update, firstly, you should open your Steam application. After that click Settings and then choose the “Downloads” tab. Uncheck the options “Allow downloads during gameplay” to make sure this application will not disturb you when you are in-game.

6. Use a High-Performance Power Plan

Change Windows 10 Power Plan

While you are using a PC, a power plan on there is better than on a laptop. It is because the power plans are made to manage better battery use in a portable device. A PC is not using a battery, so they did not have limitations on power.

As a result, while you are using a PC, you can set this power plan to high performance. High performance will keep your CPU frequency in a high position. Besides, it will make your PC had a better performance. In contrast, your PC will consume more energy and also increase the temperature.

To use activate High-Performance power plan you can follow these steps. First, push Windows key + I on your keyboard. Then type power in the search engine, and choose “Power & Sleep Setting.” After that, click “Additional power settings” and then choose high performance. If you can’t see a high-performance option, you can click “Create a Power Plan” and then mark the High-performance option.

So there are many ways you can do to optimize Windows 10 for gaming. It will be better if you doing all that on your Windows. In short, using Windows 10 will give you a better experience while gaming but it needs some improvement. Do these ways and feel your better experience in gaming.

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