9 Best Horoscope / Astrology Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Horoscope / Astrology Apps

Astrology defines as a translation of a human being’s situation based on the celestial body’s position and movement. It is a knowledge that believes can state human’s financial, relationship, and other affairs. Now, let’s see what are the best astrology apps you can rely on. Stay tuned to learn the best nine in this article! 

9 Best Astrology Apps for iOS and Android

There are many options for the best astrology apps. However, each of them has a different focus and efficacy. Below, I’ll explain the list and features every application offers. Let’s start with the first option! 

1. Astrology Zone

Astrology Zone

This first application comes from a famous influencer in astrology namely Susan Miller. She owns a website that has millions of visitors and decides to make it simpler in the form of an application. In addition, her reputation is incredibly fantastic with best-selling books to sell.

Astrology Zone is available on Apple Store and Google Play Store. It receives a 4.8/5 rating from 21.8K customer reviews. This one features a free daily horoscope reading on twelve zodiacs. You may even read yesterday, today, tomorrow, this month, or last month’s detailed analysis.

Even better, this first list becomes a great and trusted resource for many people. Miller offers a free version, but you’ll get access to a full horoscope that releases every Sunday for only $5. You know that you cannot lose access to that reading, right?

Furthermore, the premium subscription allows you to access important dates. You may also read essays from Miller concerning planetary movement and the Learn Astrology special segments. This pro version will lead you to a significant impact that has an access to your personality.  

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2. Nebula


Nebula has the most beautiful design with blueish color and sparkling stars. It is indeed a gorgeous and helpful best astrology app with a 4.7/5 rating from 140.7K user reviews. Moreover, this application allows you to read horoscopes daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly.

If you are interested in personal and relationship issues, this application will be a great option. It notifies you of daily focus and suggests a way to lead a better life. Furthermore, you can have a birth chart analysis and information concerning zodiac signs. 

This astrology dating app permits you to match with your wannabe lover based on the zodiac or birth dates. Not only that, users have the privilege of astrological intel on personalized calendars such as health, beauty, and home. You may even get insights on planets, signs, palmistry, zodiac, etc.

Users can install this app for free. But it also offers subscriptions which leads you to more premium features. It requires $11.99 monthly, 29.99 annually, or $49.99 for a one-time purchase. Remember that the subscription will be an auto-renewal so be prepared with your budget! 

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3. Co-Star


Next, a popular application which released in 2017. This one is made by fashion industry alums Banu Guler, Ben Weitzman, and Anna Kopp. It promotes a straightforward interface with a gorgeous design, resulting in falling in love for the first time. 

This one of the best astrology apps features the most aesthetic experience that asks for your birth date and time. Afterward, it will process your personalized astrological reading like thinking and social life. One of the best things that this third list has is it reads through the sun, moon, and rising signs for more deep reading.

Co-Star also provides personalized reading and a study concerning planet placements. If you’ve ever heard about this app, you must also know that it has viral “Day At a Glance” notifications. Furthermore, you can access a daily horoscope with only a notification on your smartphone.

This application has many users because you can invite your lovely family or best friends. Users can compare their fortune reading with friends and befriend through this minimalist application!

Note that users have limited access to the features. However, this application may ask you to pay around $4.99 for reading the relationship chart. So, do you have eyes on this 4.8/5 rating app with 170.2K user reviews?

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4. Sanctuary


Do you have a great interest in astrology and intend to dig deeper? If so, I’ll recommend you download Sanctuary. This is one of the best astrology apps that you can consider installing. Why? Because it lets you discuss and talk with an actual expert in this realm!

You must admit its popularity because the application gets a 4.8/5 rating from 43.9K user reviews. Furthermore, it provides daily and monthly horoscopes for free! Users will enjoy this app a lot because it has basic learning resources and interactive learning with emojis, GIFs, and even jokes.

Haven’t I told you that this app gives you a tarot card reading? Well, you can have it for free or get in touch with a professional astrologer. However, it requires a budget because you can ask directly specific questions to which the horoscope does not have answers. 

You will need $49.99 to talk with an expert for 10 minutes. If you enjoy an actual tarot reading, prepare a budget for $29.99. Also, $19.99 for paid in-depth horoscope reading, and $4.99 budget for an introductory explanation. 

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5. Daily Horoscope

Daily Horoscope

Are you new to astrology and only know the zodiac? Don’t worry because Daily Horoscope got you covered! This fifth option is the best astrology app that suits beginners the most. Even better, it allows you to customize the display by changing a font, color, and theme.

This application is powered by Comitic with a colorful interface. Lucky the newcomers because it provides quick daily horoscope reading in flash. You only need to know the zodiac and it will tell you everything you need. Furthermore, it is easy to navigate, allowing you to save your favorite horoscope without losing it.

If you are curious about your future, you may also read the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual readings on Daily Horoscope. It even has a push notification so that you would not miss any reading every day. 

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Fortunately, this application is free to download on Apple Store and Google Play Store. It also receives a 4.8/5 rating from 79.1K user reviews. But it offers a $3.99 fee for Insider and $9.99 for Initiated and Zealot perks. These two are premium subscriptions that allow you to use the app with an ad-free experience.  

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6. Time Passages

Time Passages

Learning astrology is always fascinating since it calculates the celestial body’s movement to track your fortune cookie. Time Passages gets the highest rating from the other options in this article. It has a 4.9/5 rating of 33.6K user reviews. Even better, it is a suitable option for newcomers and advanced learners.

Once you download it, you can dig deeper into the explanation of the planet’s position and its impact on the human being. It even defines your birth chart and planetary signs with a full description. You may even take a look at your family and friends’ daily horoscopes. 

One feature that many users love the most is the compatibility meter to define romantic and business possibilities. They can calculate a successful outcome or even forecast the future. As a result, you have a vision of the upcoming astrological events and consider how to treat that possibility.

Fortunately, this application is free on horoscopes and predictions. But you have to pay 99 cents for creating a chart. Time Passages may also ask you to pay $29.99 to own the Pro membership that provides several privileges. They include limitless birth charts, compatibility meters, planetary position interpretations, and so on. 

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7. Chaturanga


Another one of the best astrology apps that you can trust is Chaturanga. This one believes that planetary placement moves every minute and requires your exact birthday information. You need to submit the date, time, and place where you were born. However, do not worry about misleading since it gets a pretty high rating.

The application obtains a 4.7/5 rating from 4.82K reviews on Google Play Store. After submitting the specific information, users will get a chance to meet with a real astrologer. You are given the privilege to ask one question for free regarding your life, including business advice, romantic relationship, friendship, and more.  

Then, wait for at least 24 hours to get a response. Remember that this change is only accessible once. But you can ask more questions by paying the price. By the way, users may enjoy additional freebies by inviting a friend to download this application. 

Besides, this seventh list ensures that every user can reach to jump to a specific rank after getting an answer. You have another privilege to request a “Life Guide” personalized reading that focuses on warnings, good dates, and considerations on upcoming events.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any information regarding the premium subscription or membership. You may visit the official website of the application to ask directly to the developer. At least, users have access to use the feature to ask directly about specific affairs. 

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8. Faladdin


Next, Faladdin is an application that you can consider downloading because it has great storage. This one will save every history you have ever done from the first until the last time you are using it. Moreover, it promotes a unique design with Magic Lamp from Aladdin. 

The application works excellently in providing a forecast for the user’s future. It also offers several options, allowing you to choose the most trusted astrological method. They include clairvoyance, tarot card reading, and personalized coffee cup reading.

Unfortunately, you need to watch an ad or pay a specific amount of money to get the fortune-telling feature. But this app allows you to use it only once for free. Well, it is not bad since you do not know if you’re interested in continuing the subscription. Plus, it has a pretty high rating with a 4.6/5 from 92.2K reviews.

So, if you are planning to invest in this app, please prepare a budget of $8.99 for weekly subscriptions, $24.99 monthly, and $119.99 for the annual membership. Remember, you can always come back to the readings you finished because it saves your history really well. 

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9. The Pattern

The Pattern

Lastly, The Pattern has the most practical features as a free horoscope matching app. It promotes a great relationship between you and your nearest people. You may include the one you love for a long time, a friend, a crush, or everyone in between. In addition, it has a 4.3/5 rating from 20.2K reviews.

Users can utilize the features once they submit several pieces of information. They include your specific birthday date and time. Plus, you must know that this best astrology app promotes bonding and connections. If you are acquainted with a user of this app, you can ask about compatibility.

So what if the people you want to match with do not have an account? Do not worry because you can customize it freely. Merely input the person’s birthday information and everything is set! After that, you may start asking questions regarding the compatibility in a friend or romantic relationship. 

Users will benefit from installing this last selection since it views the compatibility readings. Even better, you can get an insight into how you operate in life, job matters, and family affairs. It also provides a behavior possibility you may experience and a future forecast.

Note that this application is available for free on Android and iOS. However, you must pay $19.99 for a quarter subscription or other amount of budget for further premium features. 

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Life is always wonderful with your beloved people. In addition, the universe has everything you have including a prediction regarding your life. You can learn the astrology that predicts the forecasting future and human relationships with only the best astrology apps. Even better, they have many features which benefit the users.

After all, many developers create well-demonstrated applications. But you are the one that can decide which application you require the most. Remember that it must fill your needs so that it is useful. Hence, which of the options above that you prefer the most? Let’s install it and start predicting!

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