15 Best Intermittent Fasting Apps for Android and iOS

by Haya Barnard

Best Intermittent Fasting Apps

Losing weight is not easy at all. Instead, you need to make a significant effort to reduce fat in your body. It also requires consistency and an extended period. However, you can try to apply intermittent fasting with the help of the best intermittent fasting apps in your weight loss journey. 

15 Best Intermittent Fasting Apps for Weight Loss

Intermittent fasting is a method that divides time into two parts, eating time and fasting time. There are various time distributions, such as 16:8, 20:4, and 14:10. To get the most suitable application, These are the 15 best intermittent fasting apps for you. Without further ado, let’s begin!

1. Zero


Say hi to the most recommended fasting tracker app for beginners. Zero is versatile with a user-friendly design. Moreover, it features a plan that is practical for dieters who love intermittent fasting. It allows you to customize a plan or focus on the plan made by the developer.

This application obtains a 4.8/5 rating from more than 381K reviews. Even better, users can dig deeper and learn about fasting, losing weight, and health issues. This is a great option that gives you insightful knowledge through video, audio, and article. 

Also, lucky for the users because you can download it from Apple and Google Play Store. In addition, the application is free but you can pay $9.99 to get a monthly premium membership. Therefore, the weight loss journey is on track and you can reach the goal in months! 

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2. Window


You know that looking after your diet habit is not easy. It is challenging yet needs consistency. Those goals are what Window offers for the users. This option is one of the best intermittent fasting apps that tell you to focus on being healthy. It works step by step allowing you to understand that fasting is a great method to be fit.

You do fasting because you want to reduce fat. But Window gives another purpose for you, including fat burning, gaining energy for the day, improving better sleep, and many more. 

It even gets a 4.5/5 rating from more than 9K user reviews. Moreover, you may access it for free. But I’ll recommend downloading the Pro version for $40 per month so that you can focus on the goal and reach the ideal BMI as soon as possible! 

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3. BodyFast


BodyFast app is one of the best and most helpful for dieters, even beginners. This free fasting app allows users to do everything without getting the premium version. With a 4.7/5 rating, this application will leave you on the weight loss journey. 

Moreover, it includes everything you need, such as fasting plans, fasting timers, weight tracking, etc. iOS users may also connect it to Apple Health for more insights regarding your goals. Plus, the free version is ad-free! 

But if you’re interested in getting the premium membership, you will have a professional coach to lead you in suitable weight loss. With only $16.99, the access to meal plans, health challenges, and fasting programs are all included in a whole month. 

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4. FastHabit


Are you the dieters who adjust the intermittent fasting for 5:2 or 3:4 per week? Don’t worry because this is a free simple fasting app to recommend. FastHabit is the most flexible choice because it allows you to customize the fasting plan.

You can track your fasting habit even when you’re not doing it daily. Also, you can take a break and start inputting the data after 10 days. This free application will let you track the goal back perfectly.

Remember that you have to purchase the premium version if you want to begin the journey again after 10 days. But no need to worry because this 4.8/5 rating application only asks for $2.99 to get the membership! Isn’t it tempting?

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5. DoFasting


Next, DoFasting offers the most calming intermittent fasting app for users who love to make efforts. This application is easy to use and gets a 4.2/5 rating in Google Play Store. In addition, you can access more than 5000 recipes with healthy meals on your weight loss journey.

At first, the application will ask you to answer a quiz concerning your body type. After that, it will customize your fasting plan. Users may also change the plan to weekly, monthly, or annual.

DoFasting is free to download. Yet, it offers membership for more limited features. The monthly subscription requires $33, the three-month needs $15.33/month, and the six-month subscription is $11/month. 

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6. MyFast


Let’s move to the straightforward fasting timer app in this sixth list. MyFast offers a fasting schedule that you can adjust weekly. This application is unique due to its effective scheduling system. 

It will simultaneously notify you of the eating and fasting period. Furthermore, it can be a great companion and guidance on the weight loss journey. Users can utilize the features, such as tracking water intake, goals, and understanding intermittent fasting.

Currently, it receives a 4.7/5 rating and is available for free. However, you may also get the premium version which only takes $4.99 per month. As a result, users will stay on track till they reach the goal.

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7. Life Fasting Tracker

Life Fasting Tracker

Do you apply a ketosis diet? This is a suitable application for you! Life Fasting Tracker is another best intermittent fasting app that will bring you closer to your goal. It even obtains a 4.8/5 rating from 92.4K testimonials. 

This app offers a keto diet with fasting habits, and tracks on mood and also your weight. In addition, it connects to another application that will keep your ketosis in a normal situation.

Users may use the health assessment so that they would not overdo it. So, if you are interested in using the application, prepare for $2.99 per item and get the premium privilege on your hands! 

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8. IF: Intermittent Fasting 168

IF: Intermittent Fasting 168

In this eighth position, a cute but well-designed simple fasting app. IF: Intermittent Fasting 168 uses a colorful theme with beautiful pictures. Moreover, it is one of the best intermittent fasting apps for newcomers.

It will give insights into how to do the fasting. You may also choose the 16:8, 14:10, or 22:2 method on your journey. Plus, it notifies you immediately when the time for eating and fasting begins. 

Furthermore, it receives a 4.5/5 rating from 23.1K user reviews. Sadly, I cannot find the information concerning premium membership in this application. But please, no need to worry because the free version is so enjoyable to install. 

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9. Femometer Intermittent Fasting

Femometer Intermittent Fasting

Now, let’s move to the application that is intended for women. Femometer Intermittent Fasting receives a 4.6/5 from 1.39K users on Google Play Store. It is also available for iOS users.

Moreover, it offers comprehensive set trackers that include weight, sleep, water intake, and daily activity to achieve your goals. You don’t need to worry about the appearance since the design is simple and straightforward.

This app is available for free and has a Pro version that offers a nutrition guide. The cost for a monthly subscription is $9.99, $14.99 for a quarter, and $4.99 for an annual membership. 

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10. Fastient


Fastient promotes a simple fasting app that can track all of your habits during the weight loss journey. It offers clean space allowing you to write down the progress from one day to another.

In addition, users can input the food they eat to check on daily calorie intake. Truthfully, it is a great journaling application that people who love to write will fall in love with.  

You have the privilege to take a note and write down your feelings on that day. Even better, the access is open for application or desktop view. So if you love data, graphics, and well-detailed, this option is perfect. Don’t forget to take the premium subscription that only takes $4.99 annually. 

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11. Simple


Another one of the best intermittent fasting apps for losing weight is Simple. This application is integrated with Apple Health but is also available in Google Play Store. It receives a pretty high rating with 4.8/5 from 125K user reviews.

Moreover, it provides famous fasting plans and trackers to keep you in progress. You can input the data according to your habits and progress. This app also has insights concerning nutrition from experts.

Users have the privilege to customize plans in order to reach the goal/ Furthermore, you can have Simple for free or pay $14.99 to own a monthly membership with more limited features. 

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12. Sunrise Fasting

Sunrise Fasting

Alright, now here is an application that motivates you to stay on track. Sunrise Fasting has the same theme as the name implies. It is orange and beautiful yet straightforward for beginners or advanced users. The app gets a 4.8/5 rating from 7.3K user reviews on Apple Store.

Unfortunately, Sunrise Fasting is only available on iOS. Let’s pray that the developer would create one for Android. This app promotes significant tracking that allows you to input your daily situation, including mood and weight. 

Furthermore, the free version is marvelously helpful to visualize your progress. Once your fasting completes, you will find it satisfying to see a full percentage at the end of the day. Interested in getting the premium membership? Then, prepare your wallet and pay $3 monthly or $27 for a yearly subscription! 

Download on the App Store

13. Vora


The following application is green with a simple interface. Sadly, Vora is only available in Apple Store. This fasting app promotes straightforward features to allow users to customize the plan thoroughly.

Additionally, Vora obtains a 4.3/5 rating from 494 reviews on iOS. It is pretty high, reminding that simple applications can get attention too. But this one is unique, it will not make any schedule for you. Instead, you are the one that must log the fasting journey.

Vora also has a community, but now it is not really active since you can only see the name. Users can use it for free but full access to the features will require $5. Hence, if you love simple applications to track your journey during losing weight, this one is a great option. 

Download on the App Store

14. Fastic


Do you love to share your journey on social media? Then, Fastic is the most suitable choice! This is one of the best intermittent fasting apps with a huge community, with around 20 million people! The application also gets a pretty high rating, 4.8/5 from 241.3K user reviews.

Even better, it features helpful trackers for you to input daily. Ensure you have the correct amount of water intake, steps tracker, and fasting timer so that your journey may complete immediately. 

This option is available in Apple and Google Play Store. It is also free to download and you can access several features complementarity. However, the premium one will need a $12 budget for a monthly subscription. So if you love to interact with people, go download Fastic now!  

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

15. Ate Food Diary

Ate Food Diary

The last option comes from Ate Food Diary. Generally, it is a place to socialize with other dieters who are on the same journey. If you are extroverts who always need friends, this 4.8/5-rated application is the best option. 

You can control the progress by submitting the daily intake. They include food, water, and eating habits. Users can share what they have in a day with their friends and even have a conversation with them! This application is indeed a joyful place to make friends, period.

Not only does it has a beautiful interface, but also it offers you a seven-day free trial. If you love it and intend to continue using the app, you have to pay $9.99 per month. Therefore, you can stay motivated while using one of the best intermittent fasting apps on your smartphone. 

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Staying motivated during the weight loss journey is challenging. You must control your daily intake and exercise more. So, having guidance from the best intermittent fasting apps available on your hands must be helpful. Users can track their progress and stay motivated to reach specific goals.

Not only that, many applications offer free features with practical progression. Others may ask you to pay for getting premium subscriptions. But the choice is in your hand. So, let’s download the one that you prefer the most and achieve your goal in months! 

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