11 Best Blur Photo Background Apps for Android and iOS

Best Blur Photo Background Apps

Applying blur effect on the background of a photo is a brilliant way to let your viewer focus on the object up front. It can also add depth and create an aesthetic touch to your pics. Get yourself the best blur photo background apps and see how it improves every photo.

Who says that you need a high level of editing skills to blur the background? With a bunch of apps on Google Play Store and App Store, you can create a specific mood of the snaps from your smartphone with just a few taps. No pro skills are required!

Best Blur Photo Background Apps for iOS and Android

Most blur photo apps allow you to fade the background instantly. Some apps come with basic to advanced photo editing features while others focus solely on blur function. Here are the best photo background blur apps recommended for your Android and iPhone.

1. Picsart


Picsart is a photo and video editor to bring your creativity to the next level. Using this feature-rich app, you can do many things from applying filters to retouching selfies and adding stickers. And of course, fading background is one of key features you shouldn’t miss out.

Powered by AI technology, Picsart offers a smart selection tool with which you can pick an area to blur in the background. This is a clever solution to help viewer focus on a specific object, not to mention it provides you with a clean and sleek look.

In addition to blur image background function, you can try background eraser that allows you to erase and replace backgrounds. No need to worry about crowded or unattractive background since Picsart has the right tool to solve the problem. As a bonus, it has object removal tool to ditch unwanted objects.

Many other functions are available on Picsart such as adding stickers, photo crop, makeup tools, and text. You can also apply filters and create photo collages with your best pics.

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2. AirBrush


Millions of people use AirBrush to perfect their photos and you might be interested to join the crowd. Coming with tons of functions, blur background is one of key features to retouch any photos. Use blur editing tools to add more depth and let your viewer focus on the desired object.

Besides giving instant blur background.to your photos, this best blur photo background app allows you to remove blemish and pimples for a flawless look. You can also whiten teeth, brighten eyes, and smooth skin with realistic and natural results.

If you dream of having a curvy body, AirBrush has slim and reshape features with which you can reshape your digital body. Whether you want to slim your belly, lengthen your legs, or enlarge your breasts, all it takes is just a few simple taps.

What about giving some finishing touch to your photo? Promising a professional look, you can apply radiant and natural makeup filters like mascara and blush. Once you’ve finished, you will be ready to share it to social media platforms.

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3. Canva


Canva is a feature-rich photo editor and video editor that comes with blur background function. It has auto focus that is responsible to fade background and sharpen photo object at the same time. Adding depth to your photo is just a matter of seconds.

Canva has a complete set of editing tools to make your pics look professional. You can adjust brightness and contrast, create photo collage, and crop photos. It also has a bunch of aesthetic filters like pixelate, retro, and liquify to add a decorative touch.

 If you are learning graphic design, having Canva on your smartphone is a must. It offers endless creative possibilities that allows you to create graphic designs from invitations to certificates and flyers. Thanks to free templates, you don’t have to start from scratch.

As one of the best blur photo background apps, Canva is free to use. If you want to access premium features like one-click background remover and magic resize, please upgrade to Canva Pro. This photo editor is suitable for anyone from students to teachers and content creators.

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4. PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor

PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor

If you are looking for an all-in-one photo editor that offers an easy blur background feature then PhotoRoom is worth your consideration. The awesome app not only helps you edit but also designs content with great visualization from your smartphone.

When it comes to customizing background, this app features accurate and easy background remover to cut objects and erase the background. On top of that, you can fade the background to create a dramatic effect and professional touch to the pic.

This best free blur photo background app gives you more options to enhance your photos. Let’s mention magic retouch that helps remove unwanted objects and stickers maker to create your own stickers in a few simple steps. It also supports collage maker to combine your favorite pics.

PhotoRoom is a professional photo editor for various purposes. You can use either a free version with default features or Pro version that unlocks premium features like remove watermark, full backdrop and template, and many more.

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5. Polish


Another photo editor that allows you to blur the photo background is Polish. It has everything you need to improve photo ranging from removing background to making stickers and creating photo collage. And one of the best features you shouldn’t skip is blur effect.

Using the blur effect, you can shift the focus on the object of the photo by fading the background. It comes in handy to make your pics look like DSLR photos taken by professional photographers. You can also combine it with glitch effects like neon, RGB, negative, and more.

Polish is a convenient photo editor equipped with advanced features. You can retouch body to get a perfect shape, mix and blend two photos for creative artworks, and more effects like bokeh and lens. If you love making photo collages, it has more than 100 photo layouts to choose from.

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This is the best blur photo background app you should get to bring your pics to the next level. Polish is free to download with in-app purchases.

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6. Blur Photo Editor & Auto Blur

Blur Photo Editor & Auto Blur

Specifically designed to blur background, this app comes loaded with tools to upgrade your photo editing experience. This free image editor highlights auto blur filters that allows you to fade a photo background with one tap so you can make it look like a DSLR photo.

Not only does it let you blur the photo background, but you can also edit a blurred photo. If your pics of special moment are blurred and look unattractive, this photo editor comes to the rescue. It helps you get rid of nuisance with just a tap.

 What makes it special is that you can choose from a variety of blur options including Gaussian blur, zoom blur, box blur, mosaic blur, and more. It also makes it possible to create bokeh effects with filter options. Don’t forget to adjust brightness and contrast to your heart’s content.

Built as a blur photo editor, this is an all-in-one app that has everything you need to redefine your photo. Get this best blur photo background app for free to enjoy default features or unlock exclusive features with in-app purchases.

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7. Auto Blur

Auto Blur

Blurring photo background made simple with Auto Blur. Designed fast and easy to use, it is possible to create an awesome blur background on every photo. If you want to focus on blur effects without being distracted by a bunch of editing tools then Auto Blur is made just for you.

There are so many powerful features you can find on this app. Smart focus automatically recognizes the focus area so you don’t have to select it manually. It also has dozens of blur effects so you can choose a type of effect that suits you.

Adjust blur intensity with picture blur intensity adjustment feature—you can choose either a bigger or smaller blur effect. Plus, Auto Blur allows you to create realistic blur effect with different aperture styles. The Bokeh effect emphasizes the light spot on the background.

This best blur photo background app is a combination of beauty and functionality. If you want to make DSLR-style blur effect on your pics, Auto Blur got you covered.

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8. Blur Background Photo Editor

Blur Background Photo Editor

Edit your photo background with blur effects and help viewer focus on the important object on your pic. Blur Background Photo Editor is a great app to help you fade the background for free. Apply zoom blur effects to specific part of the image and add blur as desired.

Using this app, you can adjust the blur intensity of the image. Whether you want to give a smaller or bigger blur effect to the pics, you can decide based on your personal preferences. Use a flexible brush to blur and adjust the size.

Designed with an attractive interface, this blur photo editor is super easy to use. If you are done with the blur effects, you can either save or share the artworks to your favorite social media platform.

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9. AfterFocus


Get AfterFocus and create a DSLR-styled background photo with blur effects. This best blur photo background app lets you select focus area and fade other parts. Thanks to various filter effects, you can pick the most natural and realistic one based on your preferences.

How to use this app is quite simple. Once you open an image, mark the area and AfterFocus will automatically recognize the focus area. Let the app do the rest and you can get a professional-looking DSLR photo in a few seconds.

In addition to the background blur effect, AfterFocus offers basic to professional effects to add more values to your pics. Whether you want to use Cross Process effect or bokeh effect, simply tap on your screen and this app makes everything possible

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10. Blur Photo Background

Blur Photo Background

iPhone and iPad users can opt for Blur Photo Background app to blur the pic background. With just a few easy taps, you can fade unwanted objects in the background and shift focus on desired object. This is a great app whether you have a crowded background or you want to add dramatic effect.

When it comes to features, this application has much to offer. Besides the blur tool that becomes the main highlight, it has unblur option to remove blur effects on the area you touch. It is also loaded with a bunch of effects such as mosaic, pixel, crystalize, and dots.

If you’re concerned about detail and precision, this blur photo editor provides you with zoom feature. Use it to zoom and rotate the picture so you can work better in detail. After you are done, save to camera roll or share to social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

This app is completely easy to use. Subscription is available with monthly and yearly subscription options.

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11. Blur Photo Effect Background

Blur Photo Effect Background

Do you want to censor unwanted object in the background? Did you take a photo in the crowd and you want to be the center of attention? Use Blur Photo Effect Background on iPhone and iPad to blur background, images, or specific object.

This app highlights adjustable blur brush, allowing you to adjust the strength and hardness/softness of the brush. It also has more than 13 filter effects so you can choose an effect that suit your mood. With high resolution editing, it is possible to zoom the image for finer details.

It must be good to have a flawless look on every photo. Luckily, this app comes loaded with a blemish remover with which you can get rid of blemishes and imperfections on your face. Combined with a powerful blur effect, this is a convenient app to perfect your photo.

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Blurring background brings several advantages such as shifting focus, adding depth, and giving a dramatic touch. If you expect a realistic and smooth result, be sure to download the best blur photo background apps on Android or iPhone.

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