10 Best Fish Identifier Apps for Android and iOS

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Best Fish Identifier Apps

Did you know that you can easily identify fish using your smartphone? With the advent of technology, you can do everything with just your mobile device and identifying a wide variety of fish species is no exception. Simply download the best fish identifier apps and get information about any kind of fish.

Fish identification apps work similarly to other identification apps for plants, flowers, animals, and more. They contain a vast collection of detailed information in their databases, allowing you to search for fishes by snapping a pic or entering the characteristics.

Best Fish Identifier Apps for iOS and Android

Are you seeing the best apps to identify fish and get to know more about fish species in your area? There are several identification apps that are suitable for recreational anglers or divers. Have these apps in your mobile device and feel like having a personal fish expert in your pocket.

1. Picture Fish

Picture Fish

Let’s begin with Picture Fish, a fish identifier app powered with artificial intelligence to help you identify different kinds of fish from freshwater, saltwater, or brackish water. Take a picture or upload a photo of the fish and this app will identify it in a matter of seconds.

Picture Fish boasts quick identification and provides you with detailed information. Thanks to a vast database containing more than 3,000 underwater creatures including sharks, crustaceans, rays, mollusks, echinoderms, and others. Enriching your knowledge is just one scan away.

Along with that, you can find many other features like intuitive design and the option to save scanned fish in your personal collection for easier search. Plus, this fish ID app promises high accuracy of fish identification and even care tips for pet fish.

Identifying unknown fish is completely simple with Picture Fish. If you want to unlock more features, subscribe to the Premium version with a 7-day trial. Picture Fish premium allows you to scan unlimited fish images, get HD fish-themed wallpaper, and ask fish experts.

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2. FishVerify


FishVerify is selected as one of the best fish identifier apps for Android and iPhone. It comes in handy to identify hundreds of fish species that belong to freshwater and saltwater. All it takes is just an image of the fish and it will reveal the detailed information in no time.

In addition to fish identification, FishVerify has a main function to provide current fishing regulations in your area, particularly in terms of size and bag limits. It uses your phone’s GPS to track your location so that it provides accurate fishing rules.

On FishVerify you can also check current marine weather, water conditions, and climate information such as wind, moon phase, air temperature, pressure, water temperature, and more. If you are a beginner, it has reference tools to identify local marine life.

The developer offers two versions of FishVerify including free plan and premium. The premium version comes packed with image recognition, catch log, and digital wallet, not to mention it lets you submit queries to a fish expert and get answers.

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3. FishAngler


FishAngler is a multipurpose fishing app every angler must have. Designed to level up your fishing experience, it gives you instant access to fishing hot spots, real-time forecast, and nearby catches. You can also learn fishing techniques to become an expert.

Powerful fish identification makes it one of the best fish identifier apps on the market today. Featuring more than 33,000 fish species in the database, it gives you the chance to get to know more about fish species in your area.

Other main features to find on FishAngler is GPS fishing maps to explore different locations with distinct fish species; fishing logbook to track and organize your catches; fishing forecast to find the best time for fishing; and top baits to find the best baits and lures for specific fish.

Getting connected with other anglers made simple with built-in share button. Feel free to show your catches to the world and connect with people with similar interests. You can get tips and tricks as well as join conversations for improved fishing experience.

Are you interested in using this app? Good news for you, FishAngler is completely free to use. It also has a small download size that makes it memory friendly.

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4. Fishing Spots

Fishing Spots

Find amazing features on Fishing Spots and make your fishing time more exciting. Built for anglers around the globe, it offers the ultimate fishing guide to discover nearby fishing spots, fishing forecasts, and fishing logbook. Everything you need to enjoy every fishing moment is here.

Available for free without hidden charges, Fishing Spots has tons of features that will help you with local fishing. Among the most useful apps are fishing map exploration to show locations and details are fishing forecast to find the best fishing time.

If you are looking for a fish identification app that offers powerful recognition, Fishing Spots makes a great choice. It boasts a vast database of fish species from all variations of catfish, carp, bass, trout, and more. Track any fish from saltwater or freshwater from your mobile device.

Additionally, Fishing Spots comes in handy to connect with anglers nearby or worldwide. You can also join the community to share your experience, fishing photos, and fishing tips and tricks.

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5. iNaturalist


iNaturalist is one of the most popular nature apps with millions of users around the globe. It works magically to help you identify unknown plants and animals. Supported by a large community of 400,000 scientists and naturalists, you can ask queries and get accurate answers in real time.

Although iNaturalist is not especially designed for fish identification, you can use it to recognize various kinds of fish. Discover new species around you and record your observation so you can share it with your friends or the community.

Having this app in your mobile device helps you a lot in identifying plants and animals around you. Without downloading multiple apps, it can be the best fish identifier app as well as plant identifier to make you an expert.

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In addition to species discovery and observation record, you can do many other things with it. Let’s mention receiving suggestions, discussing and helping others to identify creatures they have found, and following projects in the community.

Best of all, iNaturalist is completely free to use. More than 1M+ downloads shows how amazing this app is to help you know more about nature.

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6. PacFish ID

PacFish ID

Do you plan to fish around the Pacific Island countries? If your answer is yes, be sure to download PacFishID on your mobile device before leaving. This is an incredible app that will help you recognize fish and underwater creatures from Pacific Island territories.

Developed and curated by the Coastal Fisheries Programme, this best free fish identifier app contains a large dataset consisting 320 coastal rays, fishes, and sharks in the Pacific Islands. The data is basically collected to help fisheries officers with the identification.

Using this app, you can identify unknown fish and invertebrates you have never seen before. Without having to bring a bulky book of coastal creature directories, simply launch this app and identify the fish based on the photos in the library.

It is good to know that all photos in PacFish ID are copyrighted and should not be used without permissions. What’s interesting, it not only comes with pictures but also detailed information such as physical traits and distribution.

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7. Seabook


Discover what kind of fish and underwater creatures instantly with Seabook. The best fish identifier app allows you to find up to 78 identification groups such as parrotfish, butterflyfish, sharks, and many more. Invertebrate category is also available like mollusks and echinoderm.

How to explore creatures on Seabook is super easy. Choose creature you want to find out like fish, coral, or plants. Further, search by color, body shape, location, pattern, or other physical traits. Open the list that match the specified criteria and figure out the unknown fish or coral.

One amazing thing about this app is that you can enjoy high quality photos and detailed information. Enrich your knowledge with description, distribution, habit, legal status, and other information about over 1500 species.

You will also love its offline mode that ensures convenient search without internet connection, making it the perfect choice for diving or fishing. Overall, this is a super cool fish identification application you can find on the market today.

Seabook is suitable for freediver, snorkeler, angler, scuba diver, and marine enthusiast. It is completely free to download with in-app purchases.

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8. Tropical Fish Guide Pocket Ed.

Tropical Fish Guide Pocket Ed.

If you need a pocket reference for tropical fish and aquatic plants from freshwater, this app is made just for you. It has all the information that you need to care for aquarium fish species including their biological data, facts, and how to pet them.

Tropical Fish Guide app is suitable for users of all levels and ages. Handpicked as one of the best fish identifier apps, it contains an extensive range of aquarium fish and plants along with their images, data, and detailed profiles.

Use this application to search and identify different kinds of fish by their specific criteria or name. You can also learn new terms and definitions in fishkeeping, which is useful for beginners. Plus, it offers community forums that allow you to ask questions and request identifications.

Designed with a user-friendly interface, this app offers a dark mode theme to save more energy and support convenient search in a low light environment. It also supports cloud backup and share feature for your ultimate experience.

Another thing you’d like from this fish identifier is free lifetime updates, which means you can always use this app as the database is expanded. It is also free to use without ads.

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9. Fiskher


Introducing Fiskher, a complete fishing app that comes with the perfect tools every recreational angler needs today. Guiding you to over 70,000 spots to fish dozens of species in Europe, locating your next catch won’t be a headache.

This best fish identifier app features satellite maps and nautical charts that will guide you to different species in Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Sweden. This feature is completely free to use, but Fiskher premium gives you more fishing tools you shouldn’t miss out.

With the premium version, you can get not only fishing spots but also fishing information regarding protected areas. You will also get information related to minimum size requirements for each species to protect fish population in specified area.

Finally, one feature you are always looking for is fish recognition that allows you to get to know every kind of fish you catch. With cutting-edge AI technology, you can easily detect fish in a few seconds.

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10. Fish Identifier

Fish Identifier

Anglers, divers, or fish enthusiasts must have Fish Identifier on their iPhone. Designed to make you a fish expert, this app is powered with artificial intelligence that helps you identify different species of underwater creature from sharks to bass and dolphins.

Fish Identifier comes packed with several key features, including 3,000 fish species in the library, quick and easy identification with picture, and rich information. How to use this app is simple as all it takes is a photo of your fish and it will show you the specified fish info.

The powerful artificial intelligence helps identify the fish and provides you with detailed information. Thanks to the extensive database, you can easily recognize thousands of unknown fish and get to know more about their information like habitat, physical traits, and more.

Fish Identifier is designed with a user-friendly interface and convenient tools that make it easy to use. This fishing application is free to access, but you can subscribe to enjoy the premium version.

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Finally, having the best fish identifier apps in your mobile device is like having a personal fish expert in your pocket. With the ability to recognize thousands of fish species, these applications come in handy to get detailed information about fish you have never seen before.

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