10 Best Drink Water Reminder Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Drink Water Reminder Apps

Water plays a pivotal role in human metabolism. This is why sufficient water intake is essential to maintain overall health. If you need an app that tracks daily water intake, getting the best drink water reminder apps on your smartphone helps you stay hydrated.

Thanks to the advent of technology, water tracker apps transform your Android and iOS phone into your personal assistant. Not only do they keep track of your water intake, but they also remind you to drink enough water every day so you can get proper hydration.

Best Drink Water Reminder Apps for iOS and Android

Not every water reminder app has the same function to track your water intake. For this reason, you’ll want to be selective when picking an app out of dozens of choices. Here are the most recommended apps to take into your consideration.

1. Water Reminder – Daily Tracker

Water Reminder – Daily Tracker

Water Reminder could be your best option if you are looking for the best free drink water reminder app that helps you track daily water intake. Since water is essential to maintain your health, drinking enough water keeps you healthy.

Using this app, you can calculate your daily water intake. You can also monitor your hydration to make sure you get a sufficient amount of water every day. Schedule notifications based on your wake up and sleep time and choose the intervals between reminders.

Water Reminder gives you the option to track your history of water consumption. Track your progress during the month, week and day as desired. This is how you can make a habit evaluation so you can decide your next move.

Considering well hydration promotes weight loss program, this app is suitable for anyone who needs to lose weight. Let it analyze your daily water needs and get drinking reminders at the right time.

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2. Water Drink Reminder by Leap Fitness Group

Water Drink Reminder by Leap Fitness Group

Leap Fitness Group has a vast collection of health and fitness apps, among which is Water Drink Reminder. Designed to ensure sufficient daily water intake, it works effectively to remind you to drink enough water every day. This app is featured in over 30 countries with millions of users these days.

Serving as a water reminder, it tells you when and how much water you should take throughout the day. It also has a feature that tracks how much water you have taken so you can evaluate at the end of the day. Feel free to set the start and end time to drink water.

This best drink water reminder app lets you customize the measuring units. You can choose either oz or ml for easier measurement. Featuring graph and logs, you can monitor the progress easily.

In addition to features, the Water Drink Reminder app allows you to synchronize weight data with Google Fit and S Health. Simply login to your Google Account and sync data with just a few simple taps. It is also possible to back up and restore data through the tracker.

Since drinking enough water brings a lot of benefits from clear up skin to prevent kidney stones and lose weight, it is important to stay hydrated. Use Water Drink Reminder to remind you to drink water throughout the day and see the progress.

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3. Water Reminder – Remind Drink

Water Reminder – Remind Drink

This is a top-rated water tracking app that reminds you to drink enough water. If you often forget to drink, this health application serves as your personal assistant that keeps you hydrated. Simply by selecting your gender and submitting your weight, it will calculate your ideal daily water intake.

When it comes to features, Water Reminder highlights water tracker that tracks your water history. It allows you to choose the amount of water each time so it becomes easier to achieve your daily goal. Your report is presented in human body graphics for an easy and attractive water tracking.

What makes it one of the best drink water reminder apps is that it comes with time mode. When you set this smart reminder into go to bed mode, it will not remind you to drink water. You can also choose different intervals to receive reminder message.

Water Reminder allows you to track water intake by week, month, or year. Data will be presented in the chart, making it easy to understand. Additionally, this app allows integration with other health applications. Get this app for free or buy in-app purchases for more content.

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4. Drink Water Reminder

Drink Water Reminder

Drink Water Reminder is another water tracker by Leap Fitness Group. Maintaining sufficient water intake can be a bit daunting especially if you are busy. Thanks to this app, you will receive a reminder to drink water regularly in specified intervals.

This water tracker app helps determine how much water you need every day. Only with your gender and weight information, the drink water app calculates the ideal water intake for you. It also tracks what you drink to ensure it is calorie free.

Drink Water Reminder has an intuitive interface that promotes easy tracking. It provides you with graph and logs of your schedule, not to mention it comes with customizable measuring units. Choose between standard and metric units that come to your preference.

For easier use, this best drink water reminder app can be synced with other health apps including S Health and Google Fit. No need to worry about losing your data because it supports backup and restore functions.

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5. Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker

Building a habit isn’t just a piece of cake as it requires commitment and consistency to show progress. Habit Tracker is a useful app that comes in handy to help you set up good habits such as drinking enough water every day.

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Habit Tracker is your personal assistant to keep track of your daily habits and routine. This customizable app measures and tracks anything so you can meet your goals. Simply add positive habit and let it help you by tracking habits and sending you reminders.

Powerful reminders are designed to remind you to drink water multiple times per day. You can set time interval to repeat the reminder with optional sound and vibrate. With multi-device syncing support, feel free to access the app from any device.

Furthermore, this best drink water reminder app comes packed with widget for easier access from your home screen. It also has dark theme that allows convenient access in a low-light environment.

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6. Water Tracker by Better Life

Water Tracker - Water Reminder

Drink enough water every day with Water Tracker. Designed as a smart reminder, it helps you maintain water balance for excellent health. It works by your schedule and sends notification when drinking time comes. With this app on your smartphone, no need to worry about being dehydrated.

Personalize your water intake based on your gender and weight and it will calculate how much water you should take every day. What’s interesting, you can find a long list of beverages besides water that can help you with your diet. The list includes fruit juice, smoothies, soup, and more.

Water Track lets you monitor your progress with statistics. Whether you are in a weight loss program or you simply want to get rid of dehydration this feature got you covered. Don’t forget to adjust your daily goal to make sure the program goes according to plan.

For additional convenience, this water intake app supports customizable units. Choose between imperial and metric units to track your water intake. Whenever you receive notification, add your beverage along with the amount of water you take.

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7. Hydro Coach

Hydro Coach

Drinking sufficient amount of water can promote body metabolism and improve the function of the body parts. Hydro Coach is a drink water app to improve your health and fitness by reminding you to drink enough water every day. With a simple interface, this app is completely easy to use.

First, you’ll want to enter some information like age, lifestyle, weight, and weather. This app will calculate how much water your body needs for a day. Then it sends you notifications to drink water on a daily basis thanks to smart interval reminder.

Not only does it remind you to drink water, but it also helps you track daily water intake. With a customizable drink, you can name it and color it to your heart’s content. There are 80 different vessels to choose from, making you more motivated.

What’s interesting, Hydro Coach provides you with detailed insights to your drinking habits. Analysis feature allows you to check the most used drinks and offer statistics on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

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8. WaterMinder


If you are looking for the best drink water reminder app that offers tons of features then WaterMinder should be on your list. This is a water reminder and water tracker application that lets you calculate water goal, view hydration balance progress, and get motivation.

WaterMinder helps you avoid dehydration which can lead to serious complications such as fatigue, lack of focus, and headaches. It reminds you to stay hydrated amidst busy days by using your information such as weight, gender, activity, and personal goal.

This app is loaded with features such as clean interface, daily water intake calculator, and drink types. You can also customize your cups, sizes, icons, and colors based on your preference. Use predefined cups for fast tracking.

On WaterMinder, you can customize water reminder and check your hydration progress. It gives you options to choose water units based on your preferences like US oz, UK ox, and ml. What’s more interesting, it has a widget to access the app from the home screen.

The WaterMinder app is free to download on Google Play. Get more exclusive content with in-app purchases.

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9. Drink Water Reminder N Tracker

Drink Water Reminder N Tracker

Are you iPhone users? Drink Water Reminder N Tracker can be a great option to stay hydrated. Designed to remind you to drink, it comes with a user-friendly interface so using this app won’t be a headache.

It highlights daily water intake calculator that helps you figure out how much water you should drink on a daily basis. The calculation is based on weight, sex, and weather. After this app gets the data, it will send you notifications and reminders to drink enough water.

Featuring a smart reminder, it comes with automatic bed time mode which prevents this app from sending you notifications at night. It also delivers a beautiful graphic display of your hydration level and daily consumption of water.

Furthermore, it comes packed with consumption chart statistic that allows you to check your hydration level. The measuring units are available in two options including oz and ml so you can pick one for easier measurement.

To get you motivated, Drink Water Reminder N Tracker lets you customize alert sound and messages. Use motivational words and sounds so you will always be excited when the notification comes.

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10. WaterIlama


Not least of all, there’s WaterIlama that comes in handy to prevent you from dehydration. Featuring smart reminder, it reminds you to drink enough water so you can get health benefits like clear skin, improved mood, relieved fatigue, healthy heart, and more.

When it comes to features, WaterIlama has many to offer. Let’s mention fun health challenges to motivate you to start healthy habits, water tracker with over 40 popular beverages, and cool widgets that allow you to access the app from the home screen.

On top of that, WaterIlama helps calculate your water goal on a daily basis according to your activity, age, weight, and weather. It also comes packed with shareable illustration to celebrate the day, making it one of fun drink water reminder to download on your iPhone.

There are many other things you can do with this app such as syncing with Apple Health, view hydration history calendar, and collect more than 45 cute characters. This app is free with in-app purchases.

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Drinking enough water is crucial to maintain your health. The best drink water reminder apps are designed to help you build this healthy habit by calculating your drink goal and sending notifications. Get your favorite app and start your drinking habit. 

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