13 Best BrowserStack Alternatives [Free & Paid]

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Best BrowserStack Alternatives

BrowserStack is one of the most popular cross-browser tools on the market nowadays. Despite the good things, some BrowserStack alternatives may offer better options for specific needs.

Generally, a cross browser tool helps to make sure that you have made the right object before starting the production stage. While keeping your browsers on top of the game, the tool will also provide the latest browsers across all virtual machines.

If you read this article thoroughly, you will find out that there are plenty of options available out there when it comes to the best cross browser testing tools.

What is Cross-Browser Testing?

Generally, this process involves a series of tests that help you to check whether or not your web apps or websites work properly across web browsers. It is also possible to run the test both manually and automatically, depending on your preference.

But why do you need to use this tool in the first place? Well, there are several well-known browsers nowadays. Each browser, however, comes with different features to support that uniqueness in the first place. Also, those browsers are created by different vendors.

By cross-browser testing your websites, it allows you to know if your mockups are ready for all targeted browsers. And of course, you need a proper tool to carry out such tasks.

Best BrowserStack Alternatives for Cross-Browser Testing

You might agree that BrowserStack is quite popular from time to time. Until today, at least 2000 web browsers get support from this platform. It also performs well with various operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Many users love this platform due to its Selenium feature that allows them to run automated tests effortlessly. Other than that, it comes with straightforward yet useful features – you will run the Selenium tests on a cloud.

It will be easier for you to check how your design’s doing on each browser since the tool gives you screenshots for the entire page.

According to several in-depth reviews of BrowserStack users, several things will make you love this platform more, such as:

  • It supports a wide range of cross-browser compatibility.
  • Effortless process.
  • Major browsers are available.
  • If you use Chrome, you can install the extension for more effortless testing.
  • For mobile apps, this tool tests your designs on real Android and iOS devices.

Regardless of the good, looking for other possibilities is always a visioner idea. Some users consider looking for a possible replacement due to the BrowserStack pricing, which is not the most affordable one on the field.

Also, the speed can be slow at certain times. And if you plan to do the same thing too, below is a list of some well-known yet excellent-performing tools for cross-web testing. Many of them offer affordable pricing options too!

1. BrowserShots


Most BrowserStack competitors come with a free trial and paid plans. But BrowserShots allows you to test your websites and apps on multiple platforms for free.

As an open-sourced app, you can modify how you want to use the tool as you like. Of course, it requires a certain level of technical skill before doing so.

While free, BrowserShots comes with simple steps and excellent results. All you need is to submit your web address and the system will take screenshots of what your design looks like on multiple platforms.

This tool is compatible with major browsers, which is why you have to give it a try.

2. IETester


Another interesting BrowserStack free platform is IETester. As its name suggests, this tool only focuses on Internet Explorer. Since it is a free option, there is not much you can do with this tool other than for IE.

Other than being a free tool to use and download, the test runs quite fast on your computer. It is also possible to run responsive testing, by resizing your browser.

However, it has a lot of limitations and might not be an ideal tool to check the entire thing. As long as you don’t mind those limitations, IETester can be something you give a try. It is costless, after all.

3. Lambdatest


Talking about the best cross-browser testing tools, it will be interesting to know the result of Lambdatest vs BrowserStack. Lambdatest, on the other hand, is another popular tool that will give you thorough results.

It comes with several powerful features, such as visual UI testing and geolocation testing, other than testing your designs on multiple browsers seamlessly. Knowing the results is also effortless since the app will provide screenshots of the entire web page.

To detect bugs, this tool integrates well with other bug-tracking platforms, such as BitBucket, Jira, Asana, Trello, and so on. The pricing is affordable, after all – starts at USD 15 per month.

4. Sizzy


Sizzy is also another BrowserStack app alternative that every developer and designer should give a try. Just like any other similar app out there, you can use this tool to test and preview your website before officially bringing it to the world.

This tool offers freemium models, which allow you to enjoy the free version with some limitations but let you upgrade to premium features. Compared to other apps on the list, Sizzy is one of those tools that come up with the best syncing behavior.

Everything is editable through the browser. Other than that, you will get screenshots of the report.

5. Eggplant


When it comes to the BrowserStack free alternative, Eggplant is a name you have to consider. This platform helps you to test your sites and apps through various browsers, operating systems, and mobile devices as well. Best of all, this tool is free – with paid plans, if you need upgrades.

Many users consider this tool due to several factors, such as:

  • Reducing testing efforts big time.
  • The tests will check your work across almost any device at any layer of browsers. You can try it on Chrome, Opera, Firefox, IE, and Safari.
  • You can find unearthing bugs quickly.
  • End-to-end testing.
  • All tests are running based on the journeys of real users.
  • From monitoring to measuring the impacts, you can have the reports before releasing them.
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More than anything, Eggplant is such an excellent tool for those who prefer free services with such amazing features.

6. Selenium Box

Selenium Box

For you who prefer to run the automated Selenium test but for an enterprise-level then you should check out Selenium Box. Other than providing a platform to test your websites or apps, Selenium Box also comes up with options of where you will run the test; could be in the cloud or in-house.

This platform, on the other hand, doesn’t require any maintenance. Updates to drivers will be taken care of by Selenium Box. There is no need to use external access because the tool installed directly is your server’s firewall or in the cloud, privately.

7. Browserling


Another worth-considering BrowserStack better alternative is Browserling. This tool is compatible with almost any browser and operating system, including ReactOS and Linux.

As one of the oldest players that still deliver excellent services, this tool is also available as an extension for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Edge. The extension, of course, supports a more speedy process for cross-browser testing.

Browserling allows you to enjoy the free plan, especially for personal purposes. This might be a bit helpful for a company-level task but lots of limitations may apply. All in all, this platform will be an excellent solution, especially if you subscribe to its paid plans.

8. Virtuoso


You can say that Virtuoso is the BrowserStack best alternative when it comes to an end-to-end cross-web testing tool that utilizes natural language programming.

On the other hand, this tool also integrates visual regression tests and API testing for thorough reports. You can use Virtuoso on any device and browser.

The test will run entirely in the cloud, which allows you to execute the entire process on any browser, OS, and device. In case the tests failed, you can find out the causes instantly.

Since Virtuoso incorporates self-healing run by AI technology, you get routine and automated maintenance as well.

9. Saucelabs


Saucelabs is such an excellent platform to consider if you are looking for the best BrowserStack alternative open source. It comes with a set of comprehensive features that allow you to run the test in the cloud.

This platform also has lots of similarities to BrowserStack, which is excellent for you who need an enterprise-level tool. Some of the worth-noting highlights include:

  • Allows various cloud testing continuously.
  • You can speed up the test run time up to 10x faster.
  • Since the test is run by using Selenium, the metadata is available for each test – accessible on its log files.

However, there is no free plan. Unless you have a larger organization and enough money, you better consider other options.

10. CrossBrowserTesting


CrossBrowserTesting is among the BrowserStack alternatives free platforms available to try. It also comes with paid plans that allow you to enjoy its 7-days free trial.

This tool is quite popular and you can do testing for various browsers or operating systems. With its simple yet awesome UI design, you will get a combination of OS, browser, resolution, and devices on the reports.

Everything is automated with this platform. Thus, if all you need is a simple tool that proceeds complex datasets then CrossBrowserTesting is a good choice.

11. Testingbot


If you are looking for BrowserStack alternative software that delivers robust services in cross-browser testing then Testingbot is worth a shot. It comes with plenty of options to run testing in the cloud, such as Selenium, Cypress, and Appium.

Testingbot is compatible with Linux devices too, which is a rare feature compared to other platforms on this list. This tool also utilizes various languages, such as JS, Python, Ruby, and PHP.

While it provides excellent services through paid plans, you may face time limits. However, Testingbot is a great choice for enterprise users and bigger companies. Also, you can add other members for read-only access.

12. Ghostlab


Are you looking for a tool that provides responsive testing as well as an inspection tool at once? Well, you should check out Ghostlab for sure. This platform is available for both Windows and Mac OS.

Despite the limitations, you will get plenty of good things from this tool. Generally, Ghostlab is an on-premise solution that provides robust work for local testing.

Just like other BrowserStack similar tools, this platform allows you to test your work across all browsers and operating systems simultaneously. Using this tool is fun due to its customizable CSS inspector. While it is a paid solution, you only need to make a one-time payment.

13. Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Studio

It is safe to say that Ranorex Studio is a better BrowserStack alternative. This app allows you to detect bugs, get the result through video, and have PDF validation.

Ranorex also integrates well with TestRail, Jenkins, and Jira, which will provide a thorough test result on many levels. One of the best things about this tool is the GUI object recognition feature. By that, you can make changes to the UI elements within the platform directly.

It costs USD 2,990, which also includes professional and maintenance support for a year. Before committing to its paid plans, you can enjoy its free trial for 30 days.


Before putting your websites or apps out there, it is crucial to run a series of tests – one of them is a cross-browser test. It helps you to determine whether or not your design meets the standard in the first place.

More than anything, the user experience is one of your priorities when it comes to creating web pages. But what is the best alternative when it comes to BrowserStack?

Before choosing a certain tool, you can consider whether or not your choice has these aspects:

  • Excellent customer support.
  • License cost.
  • No hidden cost.
  • Good reviews from other users.

It may take a while before you finally find the best tool that fits your needs in many ways. Still, making such considerations to pick from the BrowserStack alternatives on the list above is worthwhile.

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