10 Best Todoist Alternatives You Should Try

by Emily Barrow

Best Todoist Alternatives

Todoist, one of the top to-do list applications among millions of users, stands out from other productivity tools and project management software. However, it’s OK to search the internet for the finest Todoist alternatives as a backup plan.

It’s difficult to concentrate on the proper things nowadays. But thank goodness for wonderful technologies that help us stay organized. In order to get everything done and have greater peace of mind, you may use Todoist to stay on top of anything in one spot.

Todoist is a straightforward method to keep everything together and responsible. But if you’re searching for technologies beyond just task management, alternatives to todoist comes into play. So, in this post, we’ll take a closer look at 10 best Todoist alternatives that may transform your life.

Best Todoist Alternatives 

1. Any.do


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Any.do is another todoist free alternatives management software with a clean design to help you better arrange your chores. Although Any.do may not have as many features as Todoist, it does provide all of the important functions for free. That’s why it is considered a viable Todoist option.

You may use the tool to make task lists and set smart notifications so you never forget an upgrade again. These reminders may also be customized by location to ensure that you get tasks completed even while you’re on the go.

Color codes and customizable themes are available in the premium edition of the app, allowing you to personalize the app’s appearance.


  • Management of task lists and recurring tasks
  • Reminders depending on your location
  • User-interface that is easy to utilize
  • Priorities and classifications for tasks
  • Customized themes and color codes
  • File transfers and team chat
  • Views of projects, Kanban boards, and calendars
  • To help you get things done, you also get a personal assistant.

2. Asana


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Many managers swear by Asana, which is one of the best project management solutions available. When it comes to complex project management, it offers a comprehensive collection of capabilities that appeal to any team size. 

Asana is a great option for managing many projects at once since it keeps your processes running smoothly and without any technical issues. Plan up your project timelines and keep track of your deadlines with the timeline function. 

You can also use timelines to discover connections by creating dependencies between activities. This alternative to todoist also has a built-in database of project templates that are appropriate for a variety of team sizes. Make use of it to get a jump on your tasks.


  • Management of tasks and subtasks
  • Project scheduling timelines
  • To demonstrate connections, task dependencies are used.
  • To keep track of important events, use milestone tracking.
  • Templates for projects are included.
  • Reminders and deadlines
  • Within tasks, save attachments and notes.
  • Management of the queue and sprints
  • Integrations with a variety of third-party applications

3. Azendoo


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If you would like your team to connect, coordinate, and collaborate on tasks on a daily basis while working in a clear and simple interface, Azendoo is a great alternative to Todoist. It cuts down on email and conference time, making work easier and pleasant.

Azendoo, as a workflow or communications platform, assists teams in engaging, organizing, and collaborating on tasks on a daily basis, all while working in a simple and intuitive interface. It cuts down on email and meeting time, thus making performance better.


  • Clearly clarify duties and know what others are focusing on by using multi-tagging to share assignments with several individuals.
  • All of your team’s communication will be centralized, and you’ll be kept up to date in real time.
  • Monitor progress to discover opportunities for development and make necessary changes to your processes.
  • In Azendoo’s  Calendar, you can see and manage tasks.

4. Clarizen


Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

This project planning, which is also an alternative to Todoist, allows you to organize work, streamline tasks, and communicate across the organization from a single, simple solution. 

Clarizen is more than just a to-do list creator; it’s also a community collaborative planning tool and application that allows businesses to create high-performing teams and accomplish operational excellence.


  • Create procedures, alerts, and workflows that are automated and repeatable.
  • Share real-time project data and keep track of progress using project management software.
  • A versatile, user-friendly interface that suits their working style
  • Real-time visibility, you can make precise data-driven choices.

5. Evernote


Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Evernote assists individuals in focusing on what is most important to them. Employees go there for answers, people go there to manage their everyday life, and teams go there to produce and exchange work.

 Evernote is great since it automatically syncs all across your devices, including your computer, smartphone, and tablet. It doesn’t matter where you need to be, your ideas, pictures, and clipped sheets are always accessible.

Consider Evernote if you need much more than a listing and want to combine note-taking and also checklists. It’s not just a task list list, but it may be used as one, just like Google Keep. Evernote is particularly useful if you have to reply to or examine papers as well as other files on a frequent basis.

What makes it a great Todoist free alternative is that in evernote attachments now have more advanced functionality. It also offers additional features for taking notes than Todoist.


  • Your notes will be synced across all of your devices.
  • Text, pictures, music, scans, Files, and documents may all be included in your notes.
  • Make use of formatting tools to assist you write in the way that you think.

6. Google Task

Google Task

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Google Tasks has the makings of a solid free alternative to Todoist, but without a few crucial improvements, it won’t be able to compete with more feature-rich apps like Todoist. If it wants to get through it, Google will have to look at several of its unnecessary services and start cutting them down, rather than simply piling more partial alternatives on it.

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Google Tasks smartphone app helps you get more done. With task lists that sync throughout your devices, you can manage, record, and modify your activities from everywhere, at any time. Moreover, Gmail and Calendar Events integrations let you complete chores more quickly.


  • Tasks may be created, edited, and deleted.
  • Tasks should include more information.
  • Make sub-tasks.
  • Look through your to-do list.
  • With one or even more accounts, make several lists.
  • Notifications about tasks are sent to you.
  • Create due times and dates that connect with your Google Calendar.
  • Syncing with Gmail allows you to add emails as tasks.
  • Pricing

7. Meistertask


Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

MeisterTask is the web’s most user-friendly productivity or tracking and management application. As an alternative to Todoist, it makes collaboration easier than ever before. You may establish a project, invite as many coworkers as you like, assign tasks, and track each other’s performance with this effective project management application.

MeisterTask is such a great task software solution with visual project dashboards that properly adapt to the workflow of any team. This teamwork online tool ensures you work extra consistently and get everything done by utilizing smart implementation of technology and system integration with familiar tools including Slack and GitHub.


  • Dashboards that may be customized to obtain a fast overview of possibilities
  • Real-time brainstorming with colleagues and project planning visually
  • Other tasks should be marked as linked to, duplicated, or obstructed by tasks. When a restriction is removed, you’ll be informed.
  • Slack, GitHub, and Bitbucket are just a few of the tools that may be integrated.

8. Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To-Do

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Business users may create, manage, and distribute task lists using Microsoft To Do. Microsoft To Do replaced Wunderlist when Microsoft acquired it. They included Microsoft To-Do inside their Office 365 package, linking tasks to emails and record management. Choose Microsoft To-Do when you use Office 365 a lot. It goes well with their other products.

With a scrollbars on the left providing various choices for viewing your chores and extra information just on right when provided, To Do’s design is comparable to many other applications in the area.

You can Create displays and groups of tasks in the left rail. However, the view choices are all preset, and you can’t create your own. You receive My Day, which shows all due chores today, and Important, which shows tasks you’ve starred. 

Other applications allow you to build custom views, or filters, to choose which tasks to display. For instance, in Todoist, you may save a unique filter for all activities in the List that seem to be due within the next 7 days, or all major priority tasks that really are past due. 

But, Microsoft To Do does not allow custom views. Still, this Todoist free alternative enables you to organize activities like personal, professional, and shopping lists. Those are up to you. 


  • Document storage – Each item in Microsoft To Do has a file upload box for documents, pictures, and other kinds of data.
  • File sharing – Every Microsoft To Do item not only has a file upload option, but it can also be shared with other users.
  • Budgeting tools and features – This tool does not have any budgeting instruments or features.

9. TickTick

Tick Tick

Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

TickTick is a multi-award-winning app that has been praised by Softpedia, The App Times, and others. This is one of the finest free alternatives to Todoist out there, keeping you on track with sophisticated task lists features.

Its clever task creation with Siri is what makes it different. It also allows you to create a task at any moment by pressing a certain keyboard key. This saves you time by eliminating the need to constantly go to a particular task module. Allow you to write down your thoughts without delay.

It is available for download on a variety of platforms and may be accessed from everywhere. Your data is safe and consistent thanks to syncing and storage options.


  • Task Detail – You may add due dates, assignees, priority levels, reminders, and other information to any project.
  • It includes a timer for focusing using the Pomodoro Method, which entails concentrating for a certain duration of time and afterward having a brief rest.
  • It has a few distinct graphic themes that you may use to modify the appearance of the app.
  • TickTick allows users to share checklists with others to create a collective to-do list.
  • Smartphone Swipe Movements – In TickTick’s smartphone app, you may modify the swipe gestures.

10. Trello


Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Trello is another great free alternative to Todoist. This app has been named as the most powerful Todoist alternative by some of the best project managers in the world. 

Trello has a user-friendly interface and packs a brilliant design. The application is quite simple thus it does not complicate new users who would like to try it. 

Trello offers kanban boards you can use for navigating a project easily. You can move cards between boards to show work progress and monitor your work flow. 

Moreover, you can also limit the task list and identify the amount of cards you want to get in the list. Therefore, Trello remains the number one when it comes to management and planning. 

Trello also provides premium power ups when integrating projects with more than 1 team member. This is basically the perfect tool for collaborating with people or managing your rigorous tasks personally. 


  • Task assignment, labeling, and due dates are all part of task management.
  • Progress may be shown with ease by dragging and dropping.
  • Individual tasks are identified by cards inside the boards.
  • WIP limitations are used to limit how much work may be added to task lists.
  • Checklists within tasks allow you to keep track of your progress.
  • To offer timely feedback, use comments inside jobs.
  • Hundreds of power ups to help you improve your workflow.


If you are looking for free alternatives to Todoist, Trello is highly recommended. The free basic plan allows you to manage your task with such a breeze without any difficulties. 

However, if you don’t mind a paying app, Asana would make a wonderful alternative to Todoist. Especially because it has easy milestone tracking as well as many options for dashboard interface. 

Of course, Todoist remains one of the best task lists and productivity tools. But, knowing all these new Todoist alternatives would give you some perspective. 

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