14 Best Car Maintenance Apps for Android and iOS

Best Car Maintenance Apps

Keeping track of vehicle maintenance isn’t a simple task. While different schedules of repair, service, and changes can get you overwhelmed, you need a tool to help you with the tracking. Fortunately, now you can find the best car maintenance apps to make your job much easier.

Maintaining your vehicles isn’t daunting anymore, thanks to useful features brought to your table. These apps are designed to help you track repairs, service, fuel, and much more—even some apps are equipped with reminders so you don’t skip regular maintenance. 

Best Car Maintenance Apps for Android and iOS

There are plenty of car maintenance apps on the App Store and Google Play Store. But if you don’t want to end up downloading a scam, you may need a good reference. Take a closer look at the apps below and make your decision.

1. Simply Auto

Simply Auto

Simply Auto is car maintenance and mileage tracker application designed for Android-based and iOS-based devices. It uses Bluetooth and GPS to provide accurate mileage tracking and trip logs for any purposes, either business or personal use.

This application is designed for anyone, from personal car owners to rideshare drivers and fleet owners. It can do a lot of things, such as managing car expenses, helping with mileage tax deductions, and syncing data with multiple drivers.

There are so many features to find in this vehicle maintenance app like import from Fuelly and other apps, such as MileIQ and Drivvo. If you upgrade to premium versions, you will get scheduled automated reports and data access to the official website.

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2. Drivvo


Managing vehicle maintenance comes easier with Drivvo. This application allows you to control fuel, maintenance, and expenses for various vehicles, including motorcycle, bus, truck, car both either for personal use or business purposes.

Designed with a user-friendly interface, you can get total control and management of your vehicles. Never lose track of refueling and record your revenues in a simple way with Drivvo.

This best car maintenance app is free to download. But if you upgrade to the pro version, you will get more features like back vehicle data, synchronized data, and unlimited income registration. Best of all, you can enjoy the app without ads.

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3. Fuelio


Fuelio is a versatile application with which you can track gas consumption, mileage, and costs from Android or iOS smartphones. Featuring a clean and simple design, it supports multiple vehicles from personal use to business purposes for easier vehicle management.

This best maintenance app features a reminder that ensures on-time maintenance, repair, service, and changes. It also supports various different units for distance and fuel as well as charts for easier reading on fuel consumption, fuel costs, and monthly costs.

What’s great about this best free car maintenance app is support for Dropbox backup and Google Drive backup. Not to mention it allows import and export to SD card—no worries about losing your tracking data.

Thanks to detailed stats, Fuelio transforms your smartphone into a virtual car maintenance management assistant. And if you wish to record any trip, this application has a GPS recorder to achieve this goal.

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4. My Car

My Car

Designed for car enthusiasts, My Car is a modern car management application to track a wide range of aspects, such as gas consumption, services and costs, mileage, and fill-ups. All you need to do is enter the information like fill-ups and expenses to the app so it can provide you with detailed charts.

Managing your vehicles becomes more efficient, thanks to a wide range of features. Fuel mileage tracker, notes, vehicle albums, service, and cost tracker, you mention it. My Car also supports different fuel units and odometer units for your convenience.

What if you find that your vehicle is too expensive to maintain? Don’t worry. This application has a feature that helps you sell and upgrade your car easily. Make sure to compare prices to make better decisions.

As one of the best car care apps, My Car is available in two versions—free and premium. It has loads of premium features like trip log, cloud storage, service reminders, and multiple vehicle support.

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5. AutoSist


AutoSist offers a simple way to organize your vehicles, both personal and business. It offers an easy way to record and log maintenance, fuel economy, inspections, reminders, and much more. Simply attach your receipt or documents by scanning or taking pictures and get rid of paper clutter.

Using a cloud-based system, this app lets you access records from any device. All your records and data are synchronized across multiple devices, including a web portal for easier access. It also provides plans and tools for easier business fleet management.

AutoSist has a lot of benefits, such as prolonged life of vehicles with regular maintenance, improved resale value with maintenance report, and quick access to key information like services and oil changes. If needed, you can also email service or record that you want.

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6. aCar


With millions of installs on Google Play Store, aCar is among the best car maintenance apps to manage your vehicles. Using this tool, you can keep track of vehicles like fill-ups, fuel mileage, maintenance, services, and more.

It comes packed with standard features, such as data backup via cloud, data sync, and vehicle classification. It also has powerful filtering and searching, GPS support, and enhanced reminder system to create standalone reminder.

Featuring a clean and user-friendly interface, aCar is completely easy to use. Get rid of confusing data entry, thanks to a simple and modern design.

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7. Car Expenses Manager

Car Expenses Manager

Next on the list, there’s Car Expenses Manager, an auto care app with abundant features. Whether you want to get to know more about your car or you simply want to recheck the history of refills then this app has got you covered.

Not only does it provide calculation of fuel consumption, it also supports calculation of expenses that support 7 different categories and 60 templates. You can also enjoy cloud synchronization between devices and export/import.

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What’s interesting, Car Expenses Manager features attractive charts with dynamics of change. And if you need more details, this application provides all the information you need to know about your vehicles. Plus, it features flexible settings, reminders, and warnings.

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8. Car Maintenance Reminder Lite

Car Maintenance Reminder Lite

If you often forget your car maintenance schedule then this application is made just for you. The versatile app allows you to keep track of fuel efficiency and cost, mileage, and more. Maintenance reminder is the main star of this app, so you can get peace of mind.

In this tool, you can find comprehensive logging and reminders for standard car services, such as oil change, wheel alignment, tire rotation, coolant flush, and many more. Customized service reminders are also available to meet your needs.

This application is designed to support multiple vehicles. You can use it not only for cars but also motorcycles and fleet. Choose your favorite units, date format, and currency symbol or customize the reminders as desired.

Although this app is available for free, you can buy in-app purchases for exclusive features. Once upgraded to the pro version, you can add unlimited vehicles and restore data from the SD card.

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9. Mileage Tracker

Mileage Tracker

Mileage Tracker combines fuel economy and vehicle log functionality in a single app. With this tool, you can track car expenses, vehicle service record, gas mileage, and many more. Featuring a fuel economy calculator, it also provides the average value of fuel consumption and gas economy.

The application comes with an import feature that makes it possible to import from other applications. It also offers PDF export, just in case you need to share reports and information with friends.

This car repair app is an all-in-one solution for comprehensive and complete car management. There are many other features to find, such as quick fill up, fuel efficiency statistics, and IFTA mileage tracker. Thanks to cloud data backup, it is much easier to share.

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10. CarFax


iPhone and iPad users can count on CarFax for their car maintenance. Designed to make vehicle maintenance easier, this is a versatile car care application that comes loaded with features like auto repair tracker for multiple cars, alerts for upcoming service, and recommended maintenance schedule.

What’s great about CarFax is that you will be the first informed about safety recalls. Besides, it helps you find the nearest auto repair shops within the CarFax network. You will also get repair cost estimates so you can easily prepare the budget.

For the ultimate experience, log in with Facebook and personalize your car. Feel free to add a photo and nickname so your vehicle can be well maintained. 

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11. Vehicle Maintenance Tracker

Vehicle Maintenance Tracker

Vehicle Maintenance Tracker (VMT) is a modest application that helps keep records for your vehicle maintenance. There’s a long list of features brought to your table, such as add or update vehicles info, set or reset service due date, and archive vehicles or restore it.

You can also view maintenance items for multiple vehicles like oil change, tire, battery, and brake. For organized maintenance management, it allows you to attach receipt photos. Not to mention it supports the search feature for a particular record.

Do you want to share data? This best car maintenance app lets you export and email vehicle data in CSV format. You can either print or share data for any purpose.

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12. Gas Mileage Calculator and Log

Gas Mileage Calculator and Log

Designed for every driver, this iOS application helps record fuel efficiency (MPG) simply by typing the last fuel pumped and trip distance. Featuring a simple and quick data entry, you can easily test and verify a variety of driving methods for multiple vehicles.

Optimizing your gas mileage is completely simple with this app. Using this gas mileage calculator, you can also track different groups, record via trip meter and odometer, and store data locally. Internet is required when you want to export files.

This application features a user-friendly interface, so it is accessible to everyone. If you are concerned about vehicle’s gas mileage then this app is just for you.

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13. myCarLog


Here’s myCarLog, the perfect car maintenance app to keep track of vehicle expenses, fuel consumption, and mileage. Using this tool, you can log maintenance history and see if you need to check the next time.

There are tons of features to find in this app, such as annual chart, multiple car support, and management for log fuel, expenses, and maintenance. Schedule check is also available, so you don’t skip a maintenance schedule.

Backup and restore is also available to and from Dropbox. And if you wish to manage car information, this application has got you covered. Emergency phone number helps make sure you call the right number when needed.

What’s great about this application is that you can enjoy Siri shortcuts for expense, maintenance, and fuel. It also supports dark mode, but it is limited to iOS 13 and higher.

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14. Maintenance Tracker Pro

Maintenance Tracker Pro

Not least of all, Maintenance Tracker Pro is an intuitive and useful car maintenance tool that allows you to keep a record of vehicle maintenance history. This pro version allows easy customization, not to mention it supports cloud storage for safe and organized data.

Thanks to cloud support, you can back up data on a regular basis and access it from any device. You can also transfer existing data from the free version to the pro version. Many other features are available, such as updating vehicle info, archiving vehicle, reset reminder, and updating maintenance items.

For easier tracking, you can also attach maintenance receipt photos and search for specific maintenance record. Different items can be grouped for a better organization. And you will also love export data feature in CSV format for easier sharing and printing.

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With the best car maintenance apps, keeping your vehicles in their best performance made simple and efficient. If you keep forgetting maintenance schedule, oil change, or repair, one of these apps is great for you. Pick an application that meets your requirements.

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