15 Best Cut and Paste Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Cut and Paste Apps

Want to bring your photo to another level? Rather than applying some boring filters or simply putting stickers, you can have fun with the best cut and paste apps. All you have to do is cut a photo and paste it to another one so you can create a new hilarious photo to share with family and friends.

Whether you can’t make it to be in the same frame with your loved ones or you want to make a good laugh, these applications have got your back. Depending on your needs, pick an app that offers useful features and upgrade your pictures.

Best Cut and Paste Apps for Android and iOS

There’s a bunch of cut and paste applications available on Google Play Store and App Store. Good news, we’ve provided a list of the most recommended apps that really work on your Android and iOS phones. Make your choosing job easier with the following list.

1. MagiCut


On the top of the list, there’s MagiCut that combines photo editor and photo cutting function. The smart cutout is the main star in this tool, allowing you to create beautiful pictures instantly. With this feature, this app will detect objects then select and extract them so you can paste it onto any background.

It also highlights a background eraser with which you can synthesize background and change it. Editing photos made simple, thanks to easy to use tools that let you edit photos like a professional. No additional hardware is required!

What’s more, MagiCut is equipped with plenty of useful features like 3D cartoon effects to cartoon yourself, magic brush to create a bokeh effect, and text editor to add any font to your favorite photos. And you will also love the collage maker tool that makes it possible to create an adorable photo collage.

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2. Cut Paste Photos

Cut Paste Photos

Cut and paste any photos and edit pictures like never before with Cut Paste Photos. This useful application has over 50M+ installs on Google Play Store alone, making it one of the most used photo editors on the market.

As one of the best cut and paste apps, it comes loaded with features. For instance, you can change the photo background with just a single click. You can also cut pictures of people or animals and paste onto any other photos. Not to mention it features AI-based background eraser to remove background.

There are so many other tools to find in this app, such as photo collages, photo clone that let you paste multiple copies, photo filters to enhance your pictures, and text in photos. Overall, this is a great photo editing application for your Android and iOS devices.

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3. Cupace


Cupace brings your photo editing experience to the next level. Many people have used this app to create funny photos, memes, and swap faces. Thanks to the ease of use tools and features that make it accessible to anyone, even if your editing skill is next to zero.

Cupace includes cut mode and zoom mode that enable you to cut a face and zoom it before attaching onto any photos. For your convenience, it has face gallery in which all cropped faces are saved, so you can reuse it later—you don’t have to work from scratch.

When everything is ready, paste the cropped face onto any photos. Make your masterpiece more attractive with stickers and text. If you have finished, save photo to your phone gallery or share to social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, SnapChat, and more.

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4. AutoCut


AutoCut is among the best free cut and paste apps to upgrade your photos. Coming with an intuitive design, you can instantly cut and paste photos or synthesize the background to remove it.

There’s a long list of professional editing tools to find in this app, such as smart cutout, manual eraser, and background changer. While smart cutout lets you cut and paste objects as desired, background changer allows you to change photo’s background automatically.

What’s more, it features a transparent photo editor with which you can make the background transparent. It also has text stickers tool that gives you the option to add text and change the font of the text. Not to mention it provides more than 500 stickers to make your photos more hilarious.

Working with your photo has never been this fun. Thanks to automatic cut paste and other features that help you edit photo just like a pro.

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5. Auto Photo Cut Paste

Auto Photo Cut Paste

Trusted by many, Auto Photo Cut Paste is a versatile photo editor app to improve your pictures. Featuring Auto Selection, it has the ability to cut any object automatically and paste it onto another background or image.

This app promises a fast and instant way to create amazing pictures or hilarious memes. Thanks to a set of features that provide easier photo editing experience like a professional, such as color detection AI and auto erase for removing background with a single touch.

Auto Photo Cut Paste can do a lot of things, from performing face swap-cut to changing photo background and cropping animal faces. Plus, it features undo and redo function for accurate result. If you’re happy with it, feel free to save or share your pictures on social networks.

Download on Google Play

6. Cut Paste Photo Editor

Cut Paste Photo Editor

Express your creativity with the Cut Paste Photo Editor. This functional cut and paste photo app lets you create a cool photo by cutting objects from other pictures and paste it. With the help of powerful tools, you don’t need to be a seasoned photo editor to get the tasks done.

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Whether you want to make funny memes or prank your friends with a beach-background photo without actually going to the beach, this app has got you covered. You can swap your friend’s photos and share them with everyone on your social networks.

This application includes tons of tools, such as photo cutter, background changer, auto cut paste, and even templates. The least mentioned allows you to explore templates with different categories, such as scenery, vehicles, nature, and more.

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7. Auto Cut Paste Photo

Auto Cut Paste Photo

Here’s one of the best cut and paste apps to create stunning photos. It transforms your smartphone into a versatile photo editing tool, thanks to a bunch of features brought to your table. While background removal comes standard, photo collage can be your favorite function.

Not only can you cut paste objects and change the background, you can also apply photo frames to make it more attractive. Besides, there’s a large selection of funny stickers to make your photos more creative and festive. And if you’re an avid Instagram user, it has an InstaSquare photo option to fit on Instagram.

If you are into photo filters then this app is made just for you. Auto Cut Paste Photo is equipped with filter that comes with advanced look. Try this app and see how it changes your pictures.

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8. Cut Paste Photos & Video Frames

Cut Paste Photos & Video Frames

This is a great app to create custom photos from your smartphone. Whether you want to create video thumbnails, movie posters, or photo collage, this application provides an instant and easy way to achieve your goal.

With this tool, all you have to do is touch the area of the picture you wish to remove. This app will automatically detect the area and erase it, thanks to color detection AI. Use cropped image to paste onto any other pictures.

There are many other tools to find in this app, such as video frame extractor, auto erase, manual erase, and photo enhancer. Restore function is also available to retrieve your background.

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9. Magic Cut Paste Photo Editor

Magic Cut Paste Photo Editor

Are you looking for a multipurpose photo editor to work with your photos? Introducing Magic Cut Paste Photo Editor, a modest editing tool that works well on your Android device. With this best cut and paste app, you can do a lot of things from cut paste photos to synthesize background.

This application includes useful key features like crop photo, add text stickers, pinch zoom, and manual eraser. If you have finished your masterpiece, save and share with friends or family on your favorite social platforms.

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10. Cut Cut

Cut Cut

Cut Cut wraps professional photo editing tools in a single app. It highlights smart cutout featuring AI Auto Selection that automatically cut and paste a picture onto another image or background. Feel free to combine your photos to create hilarious and funny images.

Cut Cut comes loaded with fun and amazing features, such as classic filter, face swap, text, and multiple stickers. You can even find motivational quotes to add to the photo. Upgrade your creativity and share with your loved ones.

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11. Cut and Paste Photos

Cut and Paste Photos

Easily cut and paste objects from one picture to another. Cut and Paste Photos comes in handy to bring your creativity to another level for it has a complete set of editing tools. This best cut and paste app won’t let you start from scratch, so you can save a lot of time.

Cut and Paste Photos has 3 main features, including cut and paste objects precisely, erase background efficiently, and edit photos easily. Featuring advanced editing tools, feel free to unleash your creativity and make your own masterpiece.

What’s great about this app is that it keeps the resolution of your original photo. It also preserves the quality of your image, allowing you to create awesome content.

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12. Cut & Paste Photo Blender

Cut & Paste Photo Blender

Promising high precision and ease of use features, this is a powerful cut and paste application designed for iPhone and iPad. Whether you want to put your face beside Tom Hanks or put your body among BTS members then this app has got you covered.

This app has multiple cutout tools, including magic wand and eraser, smart scissors, and AI recognition. It also comes packed with touch gestures and background eraser to improve your photo. You will also find its filters feature so much fun.

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13. Cut & Paste Photos

Cut & Paste Photos

Cut & Paste Photos helps you edit your pictures and remove background easily. This best cut and paste app includes more than 100 cool background templates, allowing you to easily choose a background that suits your photo. Feel free to pick your favorite.

When it comes to the foreground, this application has much to offer. You can crop or cut foreground photo, share foreground with friends, and of course, add foreground onto selected background.

For realistic visual, this tool offers more than 25 blending options. Simply blend foreground and background to create an artistic photo from your device.

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14. Cut Paste Photo & Blend in Pic

Cut & Paste Photo Blender

This is what you need to remove the background and cut paste objects. Made for iPhone, this editor app allows you to cut specific area of your photo and paste onto another picture. It also has blending options to make a realistic effect.

Do you want to prank your friends? Do you want to make unique and hilarious memes to share with your loved ones? This is a great app to get these tasks done.

Using this application, not only can you cut and paste objects but you can also edit background and foreground. It also has a large selection of stickers, text and filters to improve your creation.

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15. Copy Replace Face Photo Editor

Copy Replace Face Photo Editor

Copy and paste objects between photos made fast and simple with this app. Many people have used it to create collages or memes and you can use it for anything you want, such as face bomb, face swaps, and more.

With the app, feel free to copy a face from any photo and paste onto another one. That’s how you can duplicate the same face in a single frame for unique and hilarious photos. Designed with a simple interface, using this application is so much fun.

Download on the App Store

Get the best cut and paste apps on your Android or iOS and hone your creative skills. With a list of available apps above, you can easily find a tool to fit your preferences.

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