11 Best MirrorLink Apps for Android

by Hashir Zuniga

Best MirrorLink Apps

MirrorLink is a technology that enables you to transfer whatever displayed on your smartphone to the car’s infotainment system. This is a perfect way to enjoy video playback or streaming with other passengers. But when it comes to the best MirrorLink apps, what options are available out there?

While there are plenty of third-party mirroring apps for the Android operating system, the following apps are not compatible with the iOS system. Instead, iPhone users can use Apple CarPlay that offers a similar function as MirrorLink—it allows you to enjoy safer use of iPhone on car’s built-in display.

Recommended and Best MirrorLink Apps for Android

If you are searching for the best applications to make the driving more fun, you’ve landed on the right page. We’ve collected the best free MirrorLink apps that will work on your Android device. Take a closer look at available options below.

1. Mirror Link

Mirror Link

Download on Google Play

Mirror Link app is highly rated on Google Play Store. Developed by Flavapp, this third-party application lets you drive easy while using the smartphone safely. Either checking on navigation, watching video playback or streaming, Mirror Link allows instant connection with car’s built-in multimedia screen.

In addition to various features, this app promises easy connection. It supports both USB and Bluetooth so you can choose any connectivity options that suit your condition. Once connected, you will be able to enjoy a trip full of entertainment.

Moreover, Mirror Link has a simple and easy-to-use interface. Connecting your Android to car’s built-in entertainment system is getting easier with this free MirrorLink app.

2. CarLink


Download on Google Play

CarLink is one of the best MirrorLink apps that offer a small download size. Using older version of Android doesn’t matter, thanks to the latest update that fixes bugs in older version. Be sure your device runs at least Android 5.0 to make this app run.

Developed by UniMax Electronics, this mirroring mobile app is specifically customized for in-vehicle infotainment system. Connect mobile device via USB cable and feel new experience of mirroring screen on the car’s display. Take better control while driving!

Plus, CarLink highlights editable function that enables you to choose a navigation app as default. Once your smartphone is connected to the IVI system, it will automatically open this default navigation. Not to mention you can add any apps in the app tray for shortcut.

3. Mirroring OA for Kenwood

Mirroring OA for Kenwood

Download on Google Play

If you are using Kenwood AV receiver on your vehicle, it could be the best app to download. The free mirroring application helps achieve your goal to display the phone’s screen on the receiver. All it takes is a simple connection via USB cable and have fun during your trip.

Bluetooth connectivity is also available to transmit audio. So if you plan to enjoy video playback, establish an audio streaming connection via Bluetooth. Don’t worry, operating this app is quite simple with a user-friendly interface.

To enjoy this mirroring app, be sure your phone is working with Android 7.0 and above. It comes with tiny download size so installing this app on your device won’t cause significant impact on phone’s performance.

4. Mirror Link Car Screen

Mirror Link Car Screen

Download on Google Play

Among the best MirrorLink apps, there is Mirror Link Car Screen that is dependable to mirror phone’s screen to car’s built-in display. This is what you need for easy and fun driving especially if you are on a long journey.

Not only does the app work with car TV, it also supports connection with home TV. The versatile application highlight music playback automation when connected to car’s built-in infotainment system. Thus, it allows you to focus on the road rather than the devices.

Mirror Link Car Screen is developed by AMF apps and is available for free on Google Play Store. It offers a small download size so it won’t consume a lot of resources on your mobile device. Connect your devices and get full mirror link with your car’s screen.

5. Mirror Link Screen Connector

Mirror Link Screen Connector

Download on Google Play

Using this app, mirroring whatever displayed on phone’s screen is getting easier. No more cables required so it offers flexible use not only in your car but also anywhere. Thanks to universal compatibility that allows you to use this app on home TV and other devices.

It highlights simple automation that enables you to adjust music playback conveniently. No more wasting time when getting in and out of the car. Fewer times with the app means more time on the road so you can concentrate while driving.

The mirroring app is quite easy to use. Thanks to a clear and user-friendly interface that won’t take much of your time learning how to use it. As a bonus, it comes with a tiny download size and supports older version of Android.

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6. Mirror Link Car Connector

Mirror Link Car Connector

Download on Google Play

An app developed by FastSoft, Mirror Link Car Connector is easy to use. With a clear and modest interface, you can drive safely while enjoying multimedia entertainment from your smartphone. How to use this app is quite simple—connect your phone to car’s infotainment system and you are ready to go.

Among the best MirrorLink apps for Android, it can be an option to take into consideration. Thanks to its versatility that enables you to connect the phone not only to car’s screen but also home TV and other devices.

Either you need to navigate on a larger screen or enjoy video streaming during the trip, this mirroring app has you covered. The best of all, installing this tool on your Android won’t cause phone slow down or crash. Thanks to its small download size.

7. RockScout


Download on Google Play

Get easier control for music and audio apps with RockScout. This versatile application lets you connect mobile device with car’s infotainment system so you can enjoy full control from the dashboard via MirrorLink. Simply download the app and entertain yourself while driving.

RockScout comes packed with tons of features that promise convenience. Clean and simple design makes it easy to access. Plus, it has huge icons so operating this tool will be easy even if you are driving. Don’t forget a smart technology that knows if you are in drive or park.

With more than 500,000+ installs on Google Play Store, this is one of the most downloaded mirroring app for Android devices. RockScout works on Android 5.0 and above so it’s necessary to make sure your device is compatible with its minimum system requirements.

8. Mirror Link Car Stereo

Mirror Link Car Stereo

Download on Google Play

Featuring fast and optimized performance, Mirror Link Car Stereo is another mirroring app to make your drive more exciting. The free app supports all cars stereo and other devices, including car TV and home TV. User-friendly interface makes it easy to use even for beginners.

Connecting mobile device to car’s infotainment system becomes so simple. Thanks to Bluetooth and USB support that lets you pick a connectivity that suits you best. Configuring this app also comes easy so you can concentrate on driving or talking with your passengers.

As one of the best MirrorLink apps for Android, Mirror Link Car Stereo features manual instruction to help you learn how it works. Read how to use the app before operating for the first time so you won’t find problems connecting mobile device to the car.

9. Sygic Car Connected Navigation

Sygic Car Connected Navigation

Download on Google Play

This app is not capable of mirroring your phone’s screen into car’s infotainment system but it has the ability to adapt the phone to the car system. Thus it enables you to control via dashboard buttons, touchscreen, and steering wheel. With such ability, it can be your personal assistant while driving.

Sygic app offers a powerful navigation system, providing you with accurate 3D maps. It also features voice navigation that promise convenient driving no matter your destination. Plus, this navigating app can control your speed and send notification whenever you exceed the speed limit.

Other highlight features include Car Connectivity, Fuel Prices, and Real-time Traffic Information that helps you reach your destination faster. The versatile app is compatible with a wide range of car manufacturers, such as Honda, Ford, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Suzuki, and more.

10. Android Auto

Best MirrorLink Apps: Android Auto

Download on Google Play

If you are looking for a smart driving companion, Android Auto is a good app to install. It helps you stay focused and entertained, thanks to Google Assistant that becomes its highlight feature. Simplified interface with large buttons allows easy operation from your mobile device.

Just as with the Sygic app, Android Auto doesn’t have capability of mirroring phone screen. But if you wish to stay connected with the vehicle, it has you covered. Not only does it allow you to get updates on route, it also lets you access contact folder and answer incoming calls.

In addition, Android Auto lets you manage the infotainment system in a better way. It supports a variety of media apps like Spotify, Google Play Music, Deezer, and many more. In case you wish to listen to podcasts, this powerful app helps you access your favorite podcast channel.

11. AutoMate

Best MirrorLink Apps: AutoMate

Download on Google Play

Despite the lacking of mirroring screen, AutoMate is a great app to connect mobile device to the car. It keeps you focused and connected while driving.

This app has basic features like maps that prevent you from getting lost; places that lets you find nearby places like restaurants and gas stations, messaging for hands free replying messages, and many more. You can also enjoy voice features that allows you to control through voice commands.

Simply download the app, connect to your car and enjoy a better driving experience.

The best MirrorLink apps should have the ability to promote convenient driving. With mirroring apps above, you can stay focused, connected, and entertained. Some apps also features powerful navigation systems although they are not capable of screen mirroring.

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