10 Best Days Counter Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Days Counter Apps

Missing an important day or event is a nightmare whether it is an anniversary, friend’s birthday, or business meeting. If you don’t want to be covered in guilt and regret you can download the best days counter app to keep track of time.

Days counter apps are made to count the number of days until a specified date. When the day comes, there is an alarm that reminds you about the event. Some apps also help you manage your daily schedule so you can have a more organized life. 

11 Best Days Counter Apps to Keep Track of Time

Do you need an app that helps you count days before D-day? There are several applications that work well on Android and iOS devices. Let’s have a closer look at the list of apps below and pick one based on your preferences.

1. The Day Before

The Day Before

The Day Before is a great app to keep a record of special days. Use it to count down your important exam, business meeting, or friend’s birthday so you can focus on preparation or other things that matter. It also helps you manage your schedule in a convenient and easy manner.

This app has much to offer including a customized calculation method so you can repeat calculation every year, every month, or every week depending on the situation; an alarm from the 7th day before to 1st day before the D-day; and a customized D-day decoration with stickers, backgrounds, and effects.

The Day Before comes with a decorated widget that allows you to see it from the home screen, not to mention it lets you adjust the widget in various designs. For anniversaries, this app offers a share option so you can share the event with family and friends.

Made for every purpose, The Day Before is one of the best free days counter apps to remind you of important event. Organize them according to the group and manage it conveniently.

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2. Time Until

Time Until

Want to make your countdowns stylish and visually attractive? Time Until comes in handy to create beautiful countdowns for various purposes in the future. With small widget and full-sized widget options, checking your countdown is so much easier from your home screen.

Time Until allows you to set reminders before an event so you can have peace of mind. You can also choose different units for the countdown from seconds to years. For better visualization, it lets you access online gallery with tons of free images and live backgrounds.

For recurring events like birthdays and anniversaries, this best day counter app provides repeat option. It also comes with a timeline to visualize events according to the time. Share the event with your friends and family as images or short videos.

Time Until is free to download but it offers a premium version with advanced features including notifications with alarm, ads-free, and more font options and colors. It also supports data backups to keep your data safe.

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3. Sober Time

Sober Time

Are you in a struggle to recover from addictions? Sober Time comes in handy to help you track how long you have been sober and clean. It has been used by thousands of addicts worldwide and has helped them reclaim their meaningful lives.

Sober Time is among the best days counter apps that come with abundant features. Not only can you count sober days, but you can also get access to a vast community that allows you to share and get advice. It also provides daily motivational messages to keep you motivated.

What’s interesting, Sober Time comes with a feature that lets you track money saved from quitting the addiction. It might sound trivia but it works well to help you recover from addictions be it substance abuse, drug abuse, alcoholism, or smoking.

Goals and milestones are other features that track your progress so you know how far you have struggled. Proudly share your progress with just a tap and get appreciation from your friends and family.  Count your clean days and live a better life with Sober Time.

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4. Days Matter

Days Matter

Countdown to important events with Days Matter. Whether you are expecting an anniversary or family’s birthday, it makes sure you don’t miss the special day without counting manually. Simply submit the date of the event and let Days Matter remind you if the time is near.

Besides counting days before the D-day, this modest application can count how many days you have been in a new house or how long you have been with your husband. This is the best days counter app to keep track of time so you don’t have to load it in your brain.

Days Matter comes packed with a bunch of features such as 10,000 years support, various widgets for quick and easy access, and date calculator. It supports 3 default categories including work, life, and anniversary.

For better visualization, Days Matter allows you to customize event background. You can also pin important dates and arrange events in chronological order. Passcode protection is available as an advanced feature.

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5. Countdown Time

Countdown Time

Are you looking for a day counter widget for your Android and iPhone? Countdown Time is surely for you. It tracks upcoming events with high accuracy to ensure your presence in special moments. Coming with a user-friendly design and beautiful, use this application without hassle.

On Countdown Time, you can track many events from company meetings to birthdays and anniversaries. It has multiple themes to choose from, allowing you to pick one that suits your mood. Plus, it comes with hundreds of HD backgrounds to make your event more beautiful.

Countdown Time supports an awesome widget that is fully customizable. Get into each event from your home screen to save time or access daily countdown notifications from the notification bar. If you want to share with friends or family, this app got you covered.

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This day counter app is free to download on Google Play and App Store. You can unlock exclusive content with in-app purchases.

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6. Countdown Widget

Countdown Widget

With more than 5 million downloads, Countdown Widget is one of the best days counter apps to track days left for your special event. It has a beautiful and minimalistic design with a nice home screen widget and reminder notifications.

On Countdown Widget, you can create countdowns for various purposes like birthday, vacation, graduation, wedding, and even baby due date. Configure timer to count not only days left but also weeks, months, and years. Recurring events are also supported on this app.

Have some fun with customizable colors and fonts for every countdown. It also comes packed with multiple themes to suit your current mood. And if you want to share important events with friends, Countdown Widget has a one-tap share feature for you.

You can download this free application for Android but the team offers premium in-app purchases for exclusive features including visual customization, ads removal, and remote backups.

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7. Days Counter

Days Counter

If you need the best days counter app that doesn’t slow your phone down, Days Counter is made just for you. This is a lightweight application to track important days and events so you don’t miss any of them—even it allows you to view days elapsed after an event.

No more forgetting special events like birthdays, exams, or friend’s wedding with this app. You can also figure out how long you have been sober or how many days you have left your hometown. All you have to do is create a day counter and let this app do the rest.

Every counter is customizable. You can either use your own image or choose from pre-installed backgrounds for different events. Feel free to change the font size, color, and type to your heart’s content.

One best part of Days Counter is the customizable widget that can be added to your home screen. Using this widget, you can easily monitor days left before an event without accessing the app. Personalize your widget to make it more attractive.

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8. Alone Days Counter

Alone Days Counter

This is a more specific option to count days. As the name suggests, it counts your alone days, making it a perfect app for the broken hearts. Create your days counter and this app will calculate the days for you.

Not only can you count days alone, but you can also write a diary about your love journey or personal life. If you want to inspire others, share your story without hesitation so other alone people out there can be motivated.

One interesting feature to enjoy on Alone Days Counter is Discover. With it, you can find alone people out there and get in touch with them. You can send them messages in a chat room and share your experience, thought, or feeling.

Alone Days Counter is designed with a clean and sleek interface, allowing you to use every feature without difficulties. For your data safety, it is stored in the cloud so you don’t need to worry about losing it. 

Download this date counter app for free on Google Play Store. If you want to enjoy more features exclusively, the team offers in-app purchases that you can buy.

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9. Since


Keep track of your happy time with Since. Designed for iPhone and iPad users, this application counts days for every purpose. Whether you want to quit smoking or stop eating junk food, all you need to do is to choose a habit and let this app start counting.

Since it has a beautiful design and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. It contains different categories to choose from including junk food, exercise, caffeine, and love. You can combine purposes and this app will still count days excellently.

Furthermore, this best days counter app motivates you with trophies. The more days it counts the more trophies you collect. It just gets better as you can share your achievement with friends and family. Count whatever you need with this flexible day counter.

What if you want to reset the counter? Simply add a new date and Since will reset your counter. However, this action will erase your previous data and your day starts from zero.

One good thing you’ll love about Since is dark mode support that makes the app look beautiful. If you want to use this app in a dark environment or you are simply in the mood for black theme, Since has got you covered.

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10. Countdown Widget

Countdown Widget

Whether you want to count down or count up, Countdown Widget is a great app to be on your list. Feel free to create customized widgets for your home screen to count days left or day elapsed after a special moment. Without adding more loads to your brain, this app gets the tasks done.

Countdown Widget is ideal for every purpose ranging from anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, weddings, and more. Create your event, submit the date, and simply forget it. When the day is near, this app sends you notifications so you will not miss it.

Creating a personalized countdown widget is so much fun with this app. It has 10 countdown styles that are highly customizable. Feel free to change background colors or use your special photos for every event to make it more memorable.

It also comes packed with a curated list of fonts, allowing you to pick one that meets your desired style. Change the design whenever you want to suit your moods. Each widget is automatically available in medium or small sizes.

Countdown Widget makes waiting a bit more exciting. Thanks to attractive visual reminder on the home screen that you can personalize and customize to your heart’s content. This app is available for free on the App Store. The newest version supports Apple Watch with a new iOS lock screen widget.

Download on the App Store

Counting days before or after an event can be tedious. You need the best days counter apps to get the job done so you don’t need to remember it. Different apps come with different features so you can pick one based on your personal preferences.

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