10 Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Screen Mirroring Apps

Screen mirroring has upgraded your experience in watching photos, videos, as well as playing games. This technique enables you to mirror the smartphone’s screen on the computer and vice versa. To make it happen, you need to install a screen mirroring app prior to accessing the files and data on the smartphone. What are the best screen mirroring apps to install on iOS and Android?

Choosing the best apps among dozens of options out there is a real headache. There are many things to consider, otherwise you will end up installing scam apps on your smartphone. But don’t worry! If you are looking for the best apps for screen mirroring, you’ve come to the right place. There will be a list of top 10 apps to download on your iPhone, iPad, and Android. Check this out!

Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android and iOS

Good news for all of you! World’s leading tech companies such as Google and Microsoft have launched screen mirroring apps that are reliable for recreational or professional use. These apps are designed to help you share media files and data from the smartphone to PC or vice versa. Scroll down and find the best app that meets your preference.

1. TeamViewer

Best Screen Mirroring Apps: TeamViewer

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TeamViewer is a free screen mirroring app that boasts easy and fast performance. The software is designed to handle a variety of tasks such as online meetings, desktop sharing, web conferences, and remote control. Additionally, the software allows you to transfer files between computers. It makes no surprise that TeamViewer becomes one of the most versatile apps.

TeamViewer brings a number of features, one of the best is the ability to support multi-monitors. It allows you to connect with multiple monitors at once. It also offers dependable encryption and security features that make it a safe choice for confidential meetings or sensitive data.

The cross-platform software can run on most major platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac. It also supports mobile platforms including Android and iOS. Founded in 2005, the app is now used by millions of active users around the world.

2. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

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As the name suggests, this software is developed by Google. The remote desktop app enables a user to control another computer from a remote area. This process uses a proprietary protocol known as Chromoting. To build a connection, it requires a server component and a client component. Using this software, you can easily mirror the smartphone and PC for easier access.

When it comes to Chrome Remote Desktop for Android and iOS, you need to download client software prior to using building a connection. After downloading the software and setting up the connection, you can enjoy a variety of modes. The software lets you choose between permanent and pre-authorized connection. It also offers Remote Assistance that works great for short remote connection.

Previously, Chrome Remote Desktop was a Chrome extension that requires you to use Google Chrome. But now, it is a standalone program that can be accessed from your browser. Make sure it supports WebRTC.

3. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop

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If you are looking for reliable software from the world’s leading tech company, Microsoft Remote Desktop can be a good bet. Also known as Remote Desktop Protocol, this program offers a graphical interface that allows you to connect devices over a network. In other words, you can easily build a connection between your smartphone and PC.

As with Chrome Remote Desktop, the connection requires client software and server software. The client is available on most major platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It also supports mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS.

Microsoft Remote Desktop ensures the security of your connection, thanks to the 128-bit encryption and RC4 encryption algorithm. Your sensitive data, apps, and files will be secured during the connection. The software also supports clipboard sharing for more interactive sharing sessions. Additionally, this program supports audio and video streaming for a better experience.

4. LetsView


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LetsView is a screen mirroring tool that you need to share videos, photos, and files between smartphone and PC. This app promises more intuitive business meetings as well as a more fun teaching process. Thanks to screen sharing technology that delivers friendliness for easier communication. LetsView is ideal for different purposes such as meeting, designing, teaching, live streaming, or entertainment.

LetsView has been around for 10 years with over a million satisfied users around the globe. For a better experience, it offers an easy connection setup with only a single click. Not to mention this software is completely free, allowing you to get the best out of it without spending a dime.

Good news, this screen mirroring tool supports multiple platforms. Whether you are using Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS, LetsView can run well on your device. Upgrade your screen-sharing experience with LetsView!

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5. Google Home

Google Home

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Aside from Chrome Remote Desktop, Google also developed another best screen mirroring app labeled Google Home. Despite it not specifically designed for smartphone screen mirroring, it can be a great and accessible program to enjoy photos, videos, and media files on a bigger screen. The software is user-friendly and easy to use, allowing you to mirror the screen effortlessly.

Google Home is basically developed to control Chromecast such as playing songs, pausing, adjusting Chromecast settings, and other controls. However, its screen mirroring app should not be underestimated. You can easily view photos, live stream videos, and even deliver presentations on a bigger screen on PC or TV.

The smart application supports multi-platforms. Whether you are using Android, iPhone, or iPad, you can simply download the software on PlayStore or App Store.

6. AirServer Connect

AirServer Connect

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Claiming as the most advanced screen mirroring app, AirServer Connect is among the best apps for screen mirroring. Launched by AirServer, this software supports 4K UHD 60 fps for advanced mirroring moments. Even if you want to play games, this program can easily tackle the task for you. Thanks to 7 years of experience that makes this app outstanding.

AirServer Connect supports a variety of devices such as AirPlay, Miracast, and Google Cast. It also features wireless guests network that boasts easy start and plug in. What makes it better? AirServer Connect is able to display more than 8 connections simultaneously at 1080p. With 100% perfect connectivity, this is a tool you can count on.

The impressive screen mirroring program is compatible with most platforms including Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Even if you have a Chromebook device, this software can run well, too. It’s time to upgrade your screen mirroring with AirServer Connect.

7. Mirroring Assist

Mirroring Assist

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Enjoy viewing your photos, videos, or presentations on a larger screen with Mirroring Assist. This tool enables you to connect a smartphone device to a computer and mirror the screen for a better display. Featuring easy setup, you can easily build a connection via a meeting ID or QR code. Using direct identification, the devices don’t have to be on the same network.

Mirroring Assist is basically a paid program that offers a free trial. It provides different packages such as MSI Package, Single license, and Turn of Bonjour Discovery. This software is ideal for corporations, organizations, or schools. Thanks to a wide array of features that makes the screen mirroring more fun and reliable.

As with other tools, Mirroring Assist is a cross-platform program that runs well on most operating systems except Windows and Linux. It also supports mobile platforms including Android and iOS.

8. AnyDesk


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Launched by a German developer, AnyDesk is among the fast screen mirroring apps that lets you control media files, data, and applications. The software enables you to connect smartphones with computers and provides remote access to the PC. Aside from proprietary control, it also provides file transfer as well as VPN functionality.

AnyDesk comes with tons of features such as chat function, auto-discovery, and remote print aside from screen mirroring and remote access. It also has a reliable security feature, thanks to TLS-1.2 with authenticated encryption to ensure each connection is secured. After installing the software on a smartphone or computer, make sure to give full administrative permission to get the best out of it.

The screen mirroring app supports multiple platforms. It works well on a majority of operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Additionally, it also supports mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

9. VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer

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If you are seeking after a screen mirroring app that ensures the security of the connection, VNC Viewer is a great choice. This free software enables you to establish a connection between smartphone and computer with a password. That said, only you can access and remote the computer from any device.

To enjoy screen mirroring with this program, you need to create a RealVNC account and login. After connecting the devices, your mobile device takes control over the computer. Simply use your touchscreen and keypads on your handheld and the computer will display the same thing.

VNC Viewer has many things to offer, but the best one is end-to-end encryption that ensures your security while establishing a connection. The sessions are automatically encrypted, giving extra protection to your files and data during the transfer process. VNC Viewer is available on multiple platforms including iOS and Android.

10. Samsung Smart View

Samsung Smart View

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Samsung Smart View is a versatile app that allows you to enjoy videos, photos, and other media files from smartphones and PC on Samsung Smart TV. This is one of the best screen mirroring apps, thanks to a lot of features that come along with this app. You can easily play any content instantly on TV and enjoy the entertainment with your family.

Samsung Smart View supports various platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows. Now you can create playlists and get better access to play content from smartphones and PC with this app.

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