10 Best Countdown Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Countdown Apps

You might have a long list of upcoming events and your head is just not enough to remember everything. With this, chances are you will miss important schedules like meetings, seminars, or even birthdays. Thankfully, best countdown apps are now available for mobile devices to help remind you of those events.

Countdown apps are developed to send the notification that tells you about how many days left to an agenda. Given that, you will never forget the day and miss it. There are several countdown apps to download on Google Play Store and App Store, so you might need to check this out!

Best Countdown Apps for Android and iOS

Most countdown apps feature a countdown timer that allows you to count down the days before a big day. Some of them also offer additional features like tasks and reminders so you will get reminder notification before the schedule. If you need a countdown app for Android or iOS, here are the best countdown apps to install.

1. Countdown


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Whether you are looking forward to graduation, wedding, or other big days, Countdown is a great app to count down the days. It is designed with a simple yet attractive interface to make sure its convenience can be enjoyed by every user. To use the app, all you have to do is enter the location and date of the event, and it will do the job.

Countdown comes with inviting features like fun themes and alerts for countdowns. It also supports over 5000 cities from all time zones with all clock changes will be taken into account. That means you can adjust the time according to your location, so this app works almost anywhere all over the world. Once your big day expires, this app will delete the schedule automatically.

This useful countdown tool comes with two types of widgets, where only one widget is available for free version. If you want to enjoy the features at its fullest, the upgraded version comes with a boast of ad-free and unlimited widgets.

2. Big Days

Big Days

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This is an event countdown you can trust to make sure you won’t miss an important agenda. The lightweight and stylish app helps count down and track days before your big day in a simple way. It works well not only for birthdays or anniversaries but also for meetings, appointments, and many more. With the ability to customize with your photos, viewing your countdown board will be interesting.

Besides customized images, Big Days offer a set of features like notification for each event and double click to change color. To view all upcoming events, simply access the list and you will be able to see all events you input. In addition to event lists, this app supports unlimited number of events.

What’s more? Not only does it feature days remaining before an agenda, but also days elapsed after it. All about Big Days gets better with the ability to choose your favorite font. If you like to use it as your countdown app, simply download from the App Store or Google Play Store.

3. Dreamdays Countdown

Dreamdays Countdown

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Counting down the days before your big day is getting more fun with Dreamdays Countdown. This stylish and versatile app works not only to count down but also to remind you about the important event. Unlike other countdown tools that remind you with text notification, this app has voice memos as your reminder. So interesting!

There are several main functions brought by Dreamdays Countdown. It provides you with five default categories that include birthday, anniversary, holiday, school and life. But if your event doesn’t belong to those categories, simply customize the list. It also enables you to set a favorite agenda as cover of the app as well as customize background for each event.

This countdown app offers different color codes to help distinguish between events, not only based on categories but also expiry date. To protect your privacy, Dreamdays Countdown features passcode protection. Last but not least, it has widgets that allow you to keep track of important agenda right from the home screen.

4. TheDayBefore


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Much like Big Days, this countdown app informs you not only days remaining but also days elapsed. This simple app supports various events like anniversary, birthday, wedding, and many more. Featuring a widget, you can take a sneak peek at the countdown from the home screen.

TheDayBefore has a multitude of features like various icons to show events on status bar. These icons can be customized, even with your photos. It also offers three widget options with different sizes, allowing you to choose one that fits your screen. Not to mention it comes with D-day notifications and motion stickers.

And if you love to write, the Story feature will be the best part you like the most. This feature enables you to write a story, be it yesterday’s story or tomorrow’s plan. In other words, it can be your personal mobile diary that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. For iOS users, this app can be integrated with apple watch.

5. Exam Countdown Lite

Exam Countdown Lite

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This is the best countdown app for students! Exam Countdown Lite is a great app that helps countdown the days before your exam, so you can prepare the best for it. Not only does this tool serve as a countdown timer, but also a reminder and exam timetable. If you are looking for a full-featured app, this one is surely for you.

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Exam Countdown Lite works for students at all levels. It stores your test schedules in one place and creates unlimited countdowns. The countdown presents in years, days, and even seconds, so there is no chance of missing the exam. To help organize your exam schedule, this app comes with color codes that can be used for different categories.

Customize each exam by choosing your favorite icon and adding important notes. There is no way to make a mistake when seeing the schedule. Are you interested in using this app? Exam Countdown Lite is available for free and offers in-app purchases. If you want to enjoy more features like detailed notifications and sync-ability with all devices, you need to upgrade to the premium version.

6. Time Until

Time Until

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Do you want to count down with style? Time Until will be a perfect tool to create stylish countdown for any important events. This app features hundreds of images that can be used for free, thanks to the online gallery that can be easily accessed by every user. It also features live backgrounds that make your countdowns more engaging.

What makes it better is a customizable countdown editor and reminder that ensures you won’t miss every single event. This app also supports different countdown units ranging from seconds to years. For recurring events like birthdays or anniversaries, this app will repeat countdowns automatically.

Like other countdown apps, Time Until is equipped with a small and full-sized widget to display on your home screen. Simply choose one that fits your screen and keep track of your event right from the widget. It also supports full-screen mode and dark mode for a stylish look.

7. Countdown Widget

Countdown Widget

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Developed by Sevenlogics, this countdown timer tool helps users count days before the D-day. This app is suitable for all kinds of events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, and many more. It comes with many different units that range from years to seconds. With the support of multiple countdowns, you can easily keep track of multiple events conveniently.

Countdown Widget comes with two widget options: 4×1 and 5×1. Choose one that fits your screen and customize with a range of default images. And if you want to personalize the tool, choose the best photo of your own and set as a background.

Do you expect more from this countdown timer? You get what you want. This app allows you to enjoy your favorite music while it is counting down. You can also use full landscape support for a better view. If you like what it offers, download for free or purchase the premium version that offers ads-free and more options of dynamic widgets.

8. Countdown Time

Countdown Time

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If you anticipate a big event in the short future, Countdown Time helps you keep track of time. You can enjoy the excitement and share with friends or family on favorite social media platforms. With the ability to add beautiful backgrounds, it brings your anticipated moment to life.

Countdown Time features a customizable widget with a sleek and elegant design. It also supports multiple themes and default HD backgrounds to improve your countdown timer. But if you want to use your own photos, you can do it with this app. Not to mention it allows you to personalize events with headings and display modes.

Do you have two or more events ahead? Don’t worry. This app is able to track many events, so you will never miss all kinds of important agenda. With built-in event sharing, you can share moments with friends, family, or community.

9. Days Matter Air

Days Matter Air

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Android and iOS users can count down big days with Days Matter. Whether you want to know the remaining days before your birthday or payday, this app informs you with accurate calculation. Aside from counting days remaining, it also works well to count days elapsed.

Days Matter comes with various widgets that allow you to keep track of days without opening the app. To categorize your event, this app supports 3 default categories, including anniversary, life, work, as well as custom categories. To make your countdown timer more attractive, customize the event background with your favorite images.

One of the best features brought by Days Matter is passcode protection. This feature ensures you are the only one who can access the schedule.

10. Baby Countdown

Baby Countdown 2020

Download On The App Store

Are you expecting a baby? This is a perfect app to count down days before the labor. Mom-to-be can take advantage of many features like pregnancy progress and fetus weight and size from week to week.

Motivate yourself with pregnancy quotes. This app makes your day feel better with daily quotes, and interestingly it can be shared with friends. When it comes to the baby countdown feature, it can be customized as you like.

Choose among 20 default background themes or favorite text colors. You can also choose the countdown style that you like the most. With different counting units, it enables you to pick weeks, days, or even minutes. Baby Countdown is completely free of charge. But if you need to enjoy more features, the developer offers a subscription that starts from $4.99 per month.

Can’t wait to anticipate your big day? Make your wait more memorable with the best countdown apps. Not only do these apps offer customized backgrounds and other attractive features, but it helps you track time so it is impossible to miss important events. Pick one of your favorites!

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