9 Best Hologram Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Hologram Apps for Android and iOS

Your smartphone can literally do anything from creating fantastic videos to editing photos. Another function the mobile device can handle is creating a unique hologram. With the best hologram apps for Android and iOS, you can easily make hologram using photos or videos.

Hologram apps give an image a futuristic look. Not only can these apps help transform your photos, but they can also turn your handheld device into a unique 3D projector.

Best Hologram Apps for Android and iOS

Whether you want to have fun with family or make a creative project for a school assignment, a rich array of holograms apps can help you out. Here is the list of top hologram apps to create the best hologram from your Android or iOS smartphone.

1. Holo


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Holo is a popular app to add holograms to your photos and videos. Optimized with ARKit, this unique app brings photos and videos to the next level. It enables you to add holograms of people or animals and move around to interact with them as if they are in real life.

This is a great app to redefine your stories and content. Thanks to the Augmented Reality feature that lets you upgrade videos and interact with added holograms. Not surprisingly, Holo becomes one of the most popular hologram apps for Android and iOS.

It comes packed with a wide array of features, such as placing hologram of any character into the real world and walk around them. You can also enjoy hologram of people and animals at their life-size to make it feel more real. Explore your new world by moving, resizing, and moving around them.

Additionally, Holo lets you snap a photo or video both in landscape and portrait. Don’t hesitate to share with your friends and family or save to the gallery. With the ability to choose a variety of hologram characters, this app has many things to put on your table.

2. HoloLens 3D Dinosaurs

HoloLens 3D Dinosaurs

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Unleash fierce dinosaurs from your smartphone with HoloLens 3D Dinosaurs! This is a fantastic hologram app that offers simulator of dinosaurs in your Android and iOS devices. There are 13 dinosaurs waiting to unlock, just save the coins and enjoy the game.

HoloLens is more like a joke game that incorporates a 3D hologram simulator. It uses your camera to give a realistic effect. If you are a big fan of dinosaurs, this is a great app to download. Enjoy the game with your friends and family.

This hologram app highlights realistic hologram that looks real. It also features an accelerometer for a better gaming experience. Besides, you can choose different species of dinosaurs, ranging from T-Rex to Triceratops and many others.

How to use it is quite simple. Download the app on your Android or iOS smartphone and launch to enjoy the joke game. As a disclaimer, this app is created for entertainment purposes and does not offer real hologram.

3. Holapex Hologram Video Maker

Holapex Hologram Video Maker

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Another app to make the best out of your photos and videos is here. Holapex is specifically made to convert any image and video into hologram video, allowing you to upgrade snapshots and video records from your device.

Holapex works great with Holapex Light Pyramid holograms and Holapex Vovod. Without the need for complex editing or coding, all you need to do is select a picture or video right from the device. In a few seconds, you can instantly convert the selected picture or video into holograms.

Many users have proven that it works well on Android and iOS. This app receives more than 100 thousand downloads on Google Play Store. With small file size, it won’t consume a lot of resources of your device. If you are interested, be sure your device runs at least Android 4.1 or iOS 8.0.

4. Dino Park Hologram Simulator

Dino Park Hologram Simulator

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Big fans of dinosaurs must download this fantastic app. Dino Park Hologram Simulator is basically a game app that simulates a hologram. Using this app, you can enjoy the realistic effect of dinosaurs. Find your favorite dinosaur species and share the excitement with friends and family.

How does it work? This app uses phone camera to create a hologram effect that allows you to see as if the object is in the air. Despite it not providing real hologram, its realistic effect is more than enough to enjoy dinosaurs in a different way.

Once installed on your mobile device, launch the app and choose your favorite dinosaur. Point the device to any surface and you will be able to see a dinosaur hologram with realistic effect. There are 3 types of dinosaurs to choose from this game, including Raptor, Velociraptor, and Tyrannosaurus.

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This app has been installed over 1,000,000 times on Google Play. For the best performance, be sure your device runs at least Android 2.3 or iOS 6.0. It comes with small file size so that you don’t need to worry about phone memory or resources.

5. Hologram Kitten 3D Simulator

Hologram Kitten 3D Simulator

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If you are more into cats and kittens, Hologram Kitten 3D Simulator is a great app to install. This is one of the funniest and best hologram apps to prank your friends or bring excitement to your family. Although it does not provide a true hologram, it can be completely entertaining.

Hologram Kitten 3D Simulator is basically a simulation game that lets you play with a 3D hologram pet. Without the need for purchasing any device, it works well on your Android and iOS device. The game uses your camera to create a realistic effect.

Thousands of users have installed Hologram Kitten 3D Simulator through Google Play Store. To make it work well on your device, make sure your Android runs 4.1 version or above. If you are using an iOS device, this app requires iOS 4.3 or above.

The app won’t consume a lot of resources on your device. With 27MB of file size, this app can work well on your spec Android or iOS device.

6. Assemblr


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Assemblr is basically a 3D and AR app that allows you to create 3D graphics and augmented reality. Despite not specifically developed as a hologram app, it can give a unique experience of creating hologram from an image of your gallery.

How to make a hologram using this app is quite simple. Start with picking your favorite images ranging from buildings, animals, nature, to characters. Insert pictures, videos or text and create a unique 3D graphics or hologram. You can also build from scratch to make it one of a kind.

Not only does it let you create hologram, but it also lets you make flyers, greeting cards, business cards, and even invitations. Amazingly, your design can be shared on social media platforms. This app obtains more than 1,000,000 installs from Google Play and its size varies depending on your device.

7. Vyomy 3D Hologram Projector

Vyomy 3D Hologram Projector

Download On Google Play

Android users can take benefits from this hologram app. Available only on Google Play Store, Vyomy is a great hologram projector that works well on Android 4.1 and above. It boasts easy steps to convert your images into hologram without the need for purchasing other devices.

Vyomy comes packed with a set of features to enjoy hologram right from your smartphone. The projector allows you to view 3D hologram videos. You can also create a hologram video from your own video. Simply select a video from your gallery and convert it into an amazing hologram.

For your best experience, use Android device with a bigger screen. Entertain your friends or family with this hologram app. With more than 1,000,000 installs on Google Play Store, now it is your turn to enjoy the excitement. No need to worry about phone resources as it comes with tiny file size.

8. Hand Spinner 3D Hologram Pyramid

Hand Spinner 3D Hologram Pyramid

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Whether you like playing fidget spinner, you must not skip this hologram app. This is a great simulator app that allows you to create a hologram hand spinner. It works amazingly on Android devices and has been installed for more than one million times on Google Play Store.

To enjoy hologram effects, you need to use a holographic pyramid. Put the pyramid on your Android device and let it display creative 3D hologram pictures or videos. Now you can enjoy a realistic hologram with beautiful 3D effect right from Android smartphone.

For a better experience, you might need to use a device with a larger screen. How to use this app? Simply download on your device, launch the app, and put a hologram pyramid on your Android screen. Look from the side and you will see a beautiful hologram.

How does it work? The hologram pyramid has four images that are reflected, allowing you to see a fantastic hologram in real life. What makes it better is that it comes with small file size, no larger than 25 MB. Be sure your device runs Android 4.3 or above.

9. Holographic Experience 3D

Holographic Experience 3D

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This is another great app to enjoy an awesome hologram right from your smartphone. Holographic Experience 3D allows you to feel the magic of a real 3D hologram without other devices. The app is available only on Google Play Store and it does not support iOS devices.

The hologram app is packed with a number of features. Feel the excitement of seeing fireworks coming out of your Android screen. You can discover new planets with a real feeling of being in outer space. If you admire the beauty of the solar system, Holographic Experience 3D is worth installing.

The app runs well on Android 2.3 and above. With a file size as small as 37MB, it won’t slow down your device.

Those are the best hologram apps to download on Android and iOS devices. Pick a hologram app of your favorite and enjoy the excitement of hologram right from your smartphone.

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