17 Best Apps Like Mercari and Similar Sites

by Haya Barnard

Best Apps Like Mercari

Buying and selling items on the online marketplace are such a convenience – one of those places is Mercari. However, you should also consider other apps like Mercari to get a better experience, depending on the items you want to buy or sell.

In this article, you will find a series of platforms similar to Mercari. Many of them allow you to buy and sell clothing, accessories, and many more. On the other hand, you may also find platforms that sell secondhand and vintage stuff, furniture, and other specific categories of goods.

Best Apps Like Mercari to Buy and Sell Stuff

Is Mercari safe for buyers? Yes, this platform is safe – it is even one of the safest places for online transactions. The site also equips itself with legit safeguards to ensure that both buyers and sellers have great experiences.

Meanwhile, some other platforms may also offer exciting experiences. So, what apps are like Mercari? Check out the list below and give each one a try before deciding which one you like best.

1. Poshmark


The first name on the list of websites like Mercari is Poshmark. This platform is accessible through your web browser but you will find lots of conveniences by accessing the app.

Generally, Poshmark is one of the best places for those who look for fashion items. Whether you need to buy or sell preloved items, this place will be your go-to online spot.

Lots of users enjoy the experience of using this app due to the quality of items they find in Poshmark. Give it a try, though!

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2. Shpock


Shpock, on the other hand, is one of the best apps like Mercari and Poshmark. If you prefer a total-contactless buy-and-sell activity, this platform is one of the best places for sure.

Other than offering online deals for goods, you can enjoy grocery deliveries, medication services, and even online classes. Thus, Shpock is one of those online platforms that you shouldn’t miss out on in the first place.

However, the service of this platform might only be available across the UK, after all. So, if you are living nearby, you should enjoy the service offered.

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3. OfferUp


Are you looking for an online marketplace that allows you for launching garage sales? Well, the OfferUp app will be your service.

This app is not only for sellers who want to sell second hand stuff but it shows you any garage sale around your location. Other than furniture items and electronics, you can find shoes and clothes too.

Just like any other marketplace, OfferUp is accessible through your favorite web browser. Still, using the app allows you to enjoy more benefits and good things in the first place.

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4. Letgo


Letgo is another buying and selling platform you have to consider. Other than providing seamless accessibility through any web browser, you can access the Letgo app from both iOS and Android phones.

This platform is a perfect place to find stylish secondhand stuff. In case you have items and goods that have no space anymore at your home then Letgo will help you.

It seems like you can sell almost anything on this platform. And if you are on the buyer’s side, this place will give you good deals from time to time.

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5. Carousell


Carousell is simply a perfect spot to sell secondhand items. The system allows you to sell books and furniture pieces to cars and antiques.

Generally, this platform is quite affordable for those who look for a place to sell goods – no commissions and extra charges required.

The website may allow you to browse items seamlessly. However, lots of good deals and offerings are available through the Carousell app. So, be sure to give this app a try.

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6. Vinted


When it comes to sites like Mercari, you should also include Vinted on the list. This platform is considered one of the leading sites when it comes to secondhand fashion items.

It seems like you will get tons of unique and fancy fashion stuff on this platform but with good price tags. Of course, you can sell your item on this site too.

For a better experience, you can use the app that is available on the Play Store and App Store. Vinted, more than anything, is a perfect spot to start your secondhand business – it gives you adequate exposure to international buyers.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store Website

7. Depop


On the other hand, Depop is a great place to look for fashion items online. The website provides a seamless experience both for buyers and sellers. Whether you are looking for vintage, streetwear, preloved, or designer goods, you will find them here.

The app is available for free on both iOS and Android smartphones. It allows you to enjoy all features everywhere effortlessly. In case you plan to sell goods on Depop, this platform is quite user-friendly and straightforward yet fun.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store Website

8. eBay


You must have heard a lot about eBay. This platform is one of the best sites that allow everyone across the globe to buy and sell goods. Finding antiques is quite effortless on this site. This is why you find eBay on the list of the best online marketplace apps that may alter Mercari.

Other than selling secondhand goods, sellers can put their new items in the store. eBay is getting more accessible because it is available both on the Play Store and App Store.

So, in case you want to track your purchase and the shipping, you can scroll through the app instead. eBay, however, charges higher fees compared to most platforms on the list. Still, it is always worth the money, considering your items might not be found elsewhere but on eBay.

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9. Etsy


Etsy is also another e-commerce platform that allows you to sell lots of art pieces. Most items sold through this platform are from independent sellers.

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Thus, you will have found quite a lot of handmade goods and other creative items. The website is very convenient and you can set your storefront quite easily through it. Meanwhile, accessing anything from your phone is also effortless.

More than anything, Etsy is a perfect space that could be an option for Mercari, especially if you are looking for crafty things. And of course, selling any kind of goods is highly possible.

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10. Craigslist


It seems like you will always find what you need by giving the Craigslist site a try. The platform allows you to find a list of items on sale in your area.

The website has been around for years now and even new users can navigate the UI design quite effortlessly. People can post anything they want to sell, considering Craigslist is beyond a “buy and sell” platform.

Since everyone can do anything through this place, scammers can be a threat to new users. Feel free to use the app, though. It will help you to navigate the entire thing more seamlessly.

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11. Tradesy


On the other hand, if you are looking for sites like Mercari and eBay but focusing more on designer items then Tradesy is a perfect place to give it a try. On this platform, you will find lots of popular designer brands – from Zara to Louis Vuitton – at sweet prices.

Tradesy takes the process very seriously. To make sure that the items are 100% authentic, the platform runs a series of checking processes.

If you are selling on this platform, you will get a free shipping kit that will remove the hassle while preparing your items. Feel free to access Tradesy through its app. All services and other conveniences are available on the Play Store and App Store.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store Website

12. OpenBazaar


Are you looking for selling sites like Mercari that allow you to sell anything and get more profits? If so, OpenBazaar is a perfect platform you should take a look at.

Other than buying and selling items through this site, it is also possible to trade or make transactions with crypto money. Generally, this platform is more about small and unknown markets in the first place.

Many of the shops come from India, Thailand, and Slovakia. Besides, the items uploaded on this platform are quite random yet complete, such as games, music, jewelry, and even antiques.

All in all, OpenBazaar is quite a marketplace where you can find various items in one place, pretty much like Mercari.

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13. StockX


Sneakerheads also find the online marketplace reliable to find their favorite pairs of shoes. While many online shop platforms provide a special section for sneakers, StockX is one step ahead because it only sells sneakers.

According to the reviews, this platform is reliable and provides authentic items only. Other than sneakers, you will also find streetwear collections, handbags, and collectibles on this site.

And if you want to track your purchase or sell items effortlessly, you have to download the app on the Play Store and App Store.

More than anything, StockX is one of the best apps like Mercari and eBay specifically for sneakers and streetwear items.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store Website

14. The RealReal

The RealReal

The RealReal is no stranger to those who look for authentic designer goods. This website is even one of the best buying and selling sites specifically for branded items out there.

Lots of internet users will go to this site because it commonly gives lots of discounts. Besides, the transaction runs effortlessly and safely.

If you plan to sell branded items on The RealReal, you better know the deal in the first place. Even though this platform boosts your visibility to sell authentic designer goods, the commission fee falls into the higher-end category. You may expect lots of cutoffs though.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store Website

15. thredUP


So, what other sites are like Mercari? Well, several options may shave prospects, and thredUP is obviously one of those options.

thredUP, on the other hand, promotes an effortless yet fastest solution for online shopping – especially if you sell secondhand items. This site, after all, focuses more on clothes and wearable accessories.

If you plan to sell your items on thredUP, you can simply ask for the shipping label through its app. After that, send your items and the platform will inspect them in the first place before your earnings get into your account.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store Website

16. Shein


Shein is an excellent alternative for the Mercari app you can grab from the Play Store and App Store. The website itself is helpful and easy to navigate.

More than anything, if you are looking for an online marketplace that hosts various collections for both men’s and women’s clothing, Shein is worth your consideration. If you are using the app, you may be eligible for a bunch of rewards, discount vouchers, and much more exciting offers.

Thus, if you are looking for a seamless online shopping experience that ships around the world then Shein should be part of your consideration. Shein is excellent in many ways.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store Website

17. SidelineSwap


Another great place that provides an intriguing experience for online shopping is SidelineSwap. This platform exclusively curates and sells sports apparel as well as equipment.

You will most likely find both new and preloved sports goods on this website. SidelineSwap has been around since 2012- it’s been a decade now. Thus, buying and selling items on this platform is undeniably safe for everyone.

For sellers, you get to pay a lower commission if you’ve handled at least 6 sales. This offer is interesting to try for sure. And of course, you can access all collections seamlessly and effortlessly through its app – it’s available both for iOS and Android devices too.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store Website

Final Thoughts

Mercari surely provides a safe environment for online transactions. However, if you are looking for different platforms with similar experiences then you should try those places mentioned above.

Compared to eBay, Mercari is more streamlined and offers a flat fee. Yet, eBay may expose your business to more buyers – and sellers too.

Poshmark, on the other hand, might be a great option but the charging fee is way higher than Mercari – up to 20% per item. Meanwhile, Letgo is a competitive option for those who prefer buying or selling locally.

So, feel free to try the online shopping platform apps like Mercari and pick the one that appeals to you the most!

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