10 Best Movie Rating Apps for Android and iOS

by Haya Barnard

Best Movie Rating Apps

Do you often spend hours just going through movie lists to find good ones to watch? Did you find yourself quickly turning the TV off because the film didn’t meet your taste? Get yourself the best movie rating apps and find the right film for the next watch.

Providing you with rating and review, those apps come in handy to discover fun films and movies. You can also help others find their favorite by writing reviews, rate movies, and leave comments. And if you need movie recommendations, these apps have you covered.

Best Movie Rating Apps for iOS and Android

Movie rating apps vary based on their main and supporting functions. Some apps allow you to stream movies and films while others only provide ratings and suggestions. Which one would be your favorite? Let’s have a closer look at this review.

1. Flixster


There’s Flixster on the top of the list, a ticketing app powered by Fandango and partnered with Rotten Tomatoes. Although it is not a personal Rotten Tomatoes app, you can stay updated with the latest movies and discover Rotten Tomatoes scores.

There are many other things you can do with this app, such as finding the latest showtimes for nearby cinemas and buying tickets so you can skip the line—checkout fast and securely with Apple Play. And the best part is that you can get guarantee to the right movies at the right time.

Don’t have time to go to the cinema? Flixster allows you to discover movies that are available at home. Go through the list and pick a movie. You can also decide where to watch them either on TV, PC, or smartphone.

With Flixster on your mobile device, you don’t have to spend time watching bad-rated movies. Simply check out the scores on Rotten Tomatoes and decide if it suits your film taste. This app doesn’t require a password but you have to sign in with Apple ID.

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2. Cinematics


Discover updated movies, actors, and TV shows on your device with Cinematics. The movie guide is chosen as one of the best movie rating apps using which you can rate movies and TV shows to help others decide their next entertainment.

Besides providing you with Rotten Tomatoes rating, it lets you find film and movie reviews so you can get the outline before choosing one. Not to mention it has trailers and suggestions for similar movies. Finding a good watch made simple with this app.

On Cinematics, you can also find detailed information about films and TV shows as well as manage them and add to your watchlist. It also gives you the option to search movies by categories like Now Playing, Popular, Upcoming, Top Box Office, and more.

What makes Cinematics more interesting is that you can search your favorite actors to get their filmography, biography, images, and more. No matter your genre preferences, you can always get the right movies to enjoy.

Cinematics is free to use without hidden charges or subscription. It offers in-app purchases just in case you need more items.

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3. Moviebase


Explore, track, and review movies with Moviebase. This is a movie review app on which you can get access and use content from TMDb and IMDb. With all the flexibility and control, it allows you to customize the home screen with your card categories.

Moviebase has content that you need to find worth-watching entertainment including movie ratings, reviews, and comments. With all of this information, you can decide a good film or TV show that you will like. You can also filter movies by rating, genres, or release year.

There are so many cool features on Moviebase you shouldn’t miss out. Let’s begin with a photo gallery that allows you to access high-resolution posters and fanarts. You can also get informed about the cast and crew involved in a specific movie as well as further facts like revenue and budget.

You can tell a good movie from the trailer. Selected as one of the best movie rating apps, Moviebase gives you the chance to watch the latest trailer. This is how you can easily pick a movie from the list.

Not only can you read reviews and ratings, but you can also rate movies and TV shows after seeing them. Give your honest ratings and reviews to help others make decisions. 

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4. IMDb


The IMDb app is especially built as a source for your entertainment. Millions of people around the globe use it to find good movies and TV shows based on ratings and reviews as well as get personalized recommendations for films and shows.

Designed with an intuitive interface, IMDb is super easy to use. You can do many things on this app, such as getting showtimes, buying tickets, tracking your watchlist, and creating your own list of movies. It also lets you watch the trailers before purchasing tickets.

On IMDb, you can discover over 5 million entertainment programs from various genres. Read the latest entertainment news so you can stay updated. It also helps you keep up with the hottest information about celebrities or crew members of specific movies.

There are so many other things to find on IMDb, such as compare watch, save favorite cinemas, browse quotes, and sort movie showtimes. If you want to skip the long queue in the cinema, buy tickets from your phone through this app.

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5. Letterboxd


Are you a film enthusiast? Letterboxd is among the best movie rating apps you should have on your pocket. It works like a social network for movie and film lovers from all over the globe. Simply sign in with your account and enjoy the user-friendly interface.

This film review app boasts tons of features. For instance, you can browse highly rated films and movies starring your favorite actors and actress from various genres. It also gives you the option to access movie reviews to help you decide.

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If you want to share thoughts and feelings about specific movies, Letterboxd lets you post comments on the reviews and lists. And whenever you are curious with cast/crew profiles, it provides you with member filmographies to get to know more about them.

More fun features are available on this app such as profile settings, sorting and filtering, and list editing. Combined with a simple design, finding film recommendations and reviews from your pocket is only a few taps away.

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6. Likewise


Pick your entertainment with Likewise and no more eye-rolling on movies you don’t like. Designed as a recommendation app for books, TV shows, movies, and podcasts, it helps you figure out what to watch and where to get it. Discover interesting stuff to watch with the loved ones.

Powered by AI technology, Likewise learns what you like to provide the best recommendations. It is combined with suggestions from real human to help you quickly find a good movie or series to watch instantly. Explore this app and find attractive things you have never seen before.

In addition to getting daily recommendations based on your personalized taste, you can search through this streaming service or set filters by genres or year of release. It also lets you join communities to join conversations and receive suggestions.

This best free movie rating app is completely free to use without subscription or hidden charges. Whenever you need recommendations for films, movies, TV shows or podcasts, make your own watchlist and enjoy the entertainment.

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7. Movieguide


Moving to Movieguide, this is an old player in navigating families to choose the best entertainment through reviews. It is one of the best movie rating apps that comes in handy to help you pick good movies your family and you will like.

Suitable for every parent, Movieguide offers a series of features. One of the main highlights is quick and easy mobile access to movie reviews so you can decide if it suits your taste. It provides you with movie reviews for both movies in cinemas and on streaming.

Using this movie ranking app, you can browse more information about the movies such as summary and other details. It reviews overall content and ratings in four different categories including language, nudity, violence, and sex. Finding a safe movie for your family is easy with Movieguide.

Another good thing that improves your experience is the intuitive interface. You will be able to see the movie poster with 4-category ratings below. And if you keep scrolling, there’s a summary that helps you understand what the movie is about.

Are you attracted to use this app? Movieguide is free to download and use on Android and iPhone. It doesn’t have hidden charges or in-app purchases so you can enjoy all the features at its best.

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8. Raters


Going through movie lists to check scores and ratings can take hours. If you want an instant solution to find good movies in no time, Raters should be on your list. It is supported by advanced technology that helps you discover fun entertainment through reviews.

Raters has powerful features that make it one of the best movie rating apps on the market today. You can find movie recommendations and reviews for various genres like comedy, thriller, musical, documentary, and more. You can also follow movie enthusiasts to check their reviews.

Technology in Raters help you find people with similar movie taste to you, so you can get personalized recommendations. For more accurate recommendations, this application has a filter feature that allows you to browse by genre, year of release, duration, etc.

Overall, Raters is a useful HD movie finder with which you can always find good movies in your pocket. If you want to get rid of endless scrolling through film lists, this app is made just for you. Raters is available for free but it offers in-app purchases.

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9. Taste


The best recommendation comes from people with similar taste to you. This is why Taste is selected as one of the best movie rating apps to find good films. It helps you discover people with a matching and unique taste to give you film recommendations.

With a boast of beautiful design, Taste has much to offer. It rates movies and TV shows to calculate your taste. It also offers personalized recommendations coming from people who share the unique taste of movies. Thanks to advanced technology that makes it happen.

On Taste, you can see match percentage for movies and TV shows across your streaming services. The higher match percentage it has, the more likely you will enjoy the entertainment. Now you don’t have to spend time scrolling through movie lists and end up playing junk films.

Another thing you can do on Taste is connect with a partner. Find a partner you share interest with and find good movies to watch together. If you are interested in using this app, download it for free and enjoy the features.

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10. Reelgood


Get all the information that you need about movies including ratings, trailers, cast & crews, and summaries on Reelgood. This is a streaming guide designed to help you discover movies and films to watch and where you can watch it.

No matter your favorite streaming service, from Netflix to Hulu or from Prime Video to HBO, this application comes in handy to search, browse, and watch movies across streaming services. You can also track them from mobile device.

This is how Reelgood works. You select a streaming service, get recommendations or browse through curated collections based on IMDb scores, and find a good one. Reelgood comes with alert notifications that keep you updated when new episodes come.

The application supports more than 90 streaming services, making it one of powerful streaming guides available today.

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Good entertainment comes from good movies. If you are done with tons of movie lists, get the best movie rating apps on your mobile device to help you find films, movies, and TV shows for the next screen time. Those apps have everything you need to discover movies based on your taste.

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